Best Sports Apps for iOS 2021

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Sports apps keep you updated about everything that is happening in the world of Sports. From watching matches online to reading the news and following the activity of your favorite play, the sports app takes care of it all. Our list of the best Sports apps for iOS will help you choose the best app for you without wasting a lot of time.

The internet has been booming with people looking for Match highlights and the schedule for matches. I have always had a fascination with the sports car business and I have wondered which entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business? In such a scenario, the sports app will help you. You can connect with the people following the same sport as you, find a match score, watch highlights and also play certain games on the application.

Some of the best Sports apps for iOS are:

  1. SuperSport
  2. FlashScore
  3. 365Scores
  4. FanCred
  5. BBC Sport

While the number of sports apps for iOS are many, these apps make it to the top of the list primarily because of their distinct features. Read on further in the article to find out which app offers what features. We have discussed in detail each app so that it is easier for you to make a choice that works for you the best.

Best Sports Apps for iOS

After a lot of research and trying out the apps, we have created for you a list that will serve your purpose. You can find news updates, live matches, news and also be able to socialize with the people having the same sporting choices as you.

1. SuperSport

Sports Apps for iOS
Source: SuperSport

SuperSport is one of the best sporting apps. With SuperSport you can watch the matches live, remain updated with the latest find, and find everything that there is to know about the Sports world. It gives an insight into the world of football, tennis, and others. The app also lets you follow your favorite team so you get customized notifications.


  • Live commentary for all the users.
  • Real-time notifications on the app.


  • The app supports additional languages.
  • You can stream live events, follow live scores, find match
  • schedules, etc.
  • One of the best user-interfaces to provide a premium viewing experience.
  • You can make a group chat of fans to connect.

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2. FlashScore

Sports Apps for iOS
Source: App Store

If you are busy and do not have the time to watch the match live, Flash Score will keep you updated at all times. The App comes with a text message feature, so even if you can’t open the app to view the match, the app will send you notifications with what’s happening in the match every few seconds. You can save time, yet remain updated with everything that is happening in the app. 


  • The app informs you before the match starts so you don’t miss it.
  • The app covers more than 38 sports and 6000 competitions.
  • Get access to post-match reports.


  • Live commentary of the match via texts.
  • You can get a line-up of the players before the match starts.
  • The app can be synced to various devices.
  • Goals, lineups, red card issues, everything that is happening in the game, you will be notified at the same time as the live audience.
  • Watch the key moments of the match using video highlights.

3. 365Scores

Sports Apps for iOS
Source: Facebook

This app covers more than 10 sports giving you live updates. The main point of difference in the app is that it offers you their services 24*7 proactively. No matter what time of the day it is, you can find live matches happening and watch them without any disturbance and bother.

The app provides you live scores on any iOS device in any language that you prefer. It is used by more than 40 million sports fans. 365Scores is a combination of the top technologies and an intuitive UX optimized based experience so you get the best of the sports world easily.


  • The app covers more than 2000 competitions.
  • You can choose which sport to follow to get customized notifications.
  • Get the fastest live scores and match updates.


  • Create your team and follow each step that they take.
  • The app has different categories for different sports. Just click on the tab and get everything that there is to know about the ongoing status. 
  • Live match tracker. You can get ongoing match details without having to watch it.


  • The app has a high frequency of apps.
  • A lot of users complained of having to scroll down a lot to get today’s matches.
  • The sports news is not updated as often.

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4. FanCred

Sports Apps for iOS
Source: BC Interruption

FanCred is one of the most organized sports apps for iOS users. It is the most popular sports streaming app. You can do live sports tracking and customize your choices. On FanCred you can create your group of fans and connect with them. Choose the sport you like the most and make the most out of the app. It acts like an all-time Sports Social networking app where you can build connections while watching your favorite sport.


  • You can watch live streaming of matches.
  • Connect with the people having the same interests.


  • AllSports News is integrated with FanCred so that you get the latest updates.
  • You can create a private or public chat room.
  • Sharing your favorite videos or images on the app with your group.

5. BBC Sport

Sports Apps for iOS
Source: BBC

BBC Sport is one of the most widely used sports apps. Users all over the world have relied on BBC Sport to get the latest Sports News. You can get the news directly on the home screen and not have to scroll a lot to get the right news for you. The app has made some privacy protocol changes so that all the data that you upload on the app will remain safe. BBC Sport app wants to keep their user safe while using the application.


  • Best user experience.
  • Enhanced account privacy.
  • Share your favorite sports stories from the app with your friends.


  • On-demand match highlights.
  • You can customize your choices on the “My Sport” page.
  • The app has designated channels for all sports.
  • Updated news, scores, live matches.

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We understand that watching a live match is fun, but if you wish to remain updated with the live updates of the ongoing match without having to watch the whole of it, these apps will help you do so. You can get your own sports world inside your iOS device.

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