9 Best Space Documentaries to Watch Right Now

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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If you are looking for movies with both science and emotions, then Space Documentaries is your answer. There is a whole collection of best Space Documentaries for you to watch right now. 

The fascination that one gets from knowing about this universe cannot be explained in words. The stars, planets, their moons, and how can I forget? The marvelous Nebulas. WOW! It’s the only expression that one can imagine having seen them. A whole lot of time and science evolved us into what we are today. But you know what we are? The stardust that made this whole freaking universe!

Out of all the space movies, these are the top 9 Best Space Documentaries we sorted out for you-

  1. Apollo 11
  2. How The Universe Works
  3. The Year Of Pluto
  4. Unacknowledged
  5. The Last Man On The Moon
  6. The Farthest
  7. The Search For Life In Space
  8. Challenger: The Final Flight
  9. The Martian

These movies are more than just documentaries, they are life-inspiring stories. That’s why you cannot miss the list of Best Space Documentaries ever.

9 Best Space Documentaries on Netflix & Amazon Prime

Have you ever heard Space is Hard? Doesn’t matter if you are a space fanatic or not. From asking questions like – How can man reach outer space? How can man reach the moon? What are black holes? To now actually know the answers and seeing the high definition pictures on our phones. This whole journey is nerve-wracking and amazing. As challenging and impossible as these stories may seem, a bunch of extraordinary minds made these happen, alive and going.

1. Apollo 11

Best Space Documentaries: Apollo 11
Source: History

Released in 2019, this documentary on the man’s first step on the moon is a must-watch on the Best Space Documentaries list. Directed by award-winning Todd Douglas Miller, this American documentary covers the whole journey of the five astronauts right from the day of launch till they are back on Earth.

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This documentary grossed over $15 million and was awarded Sundance Film Festival, British Academy Film Award, and Independent Spirit Awards, to name a few.

IMDb rating8.2

2. How The Universe Works

Best Space Documentaries: How the Universe Works
Source: Morty’s TV

This is an ongoing docuseries with 9 seasons. This should probably tell you how addicting this series is when we tell you its first season was aired in 2010, and its ninth season premiered in March 2020. Narrated primarily by Mike Rowe, this series covers the subject from the Big Bang to Dark Matter to the world of Nebulas.

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It gives you the basics of the entire system and raises that intrigues us to know more about the universe. So if you want to be someone who knows-it-all, this one’s for you.

IMDb rating – 8.9

3. The Year Of Pluto

Best Space Documentaries: The Year Of Pluto
Source: Documentary Heaven

The Year Of Pluto is a 58 min long documentary by New Horizons on the dwarf planet that gives you more than just a glimpse of Pluto and its 6 moons.

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It dives into the story of the planning and executing the launch of a spacecraft reaching Pluto and how it explored the Kuiper Belt. This documentary got science lovers excited, and we are sure it will astonish you too.

IMDb rating- 8.4

4. Unacknowledged

Best Space Documentaries: Unacknowledged
Source: tv.apple.com

We rarely see ourselves and people around us believe in aliens. A lot of us don’t even bother thinking about them. This documentary is released in 2017, narrated by Steven M. Greer, who discloses multiple authentic pieces of evidence of UFOs and aliens, and their visits to Earth.

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He also explains how and why this news is always kept hidden from the mainstream media and the people of this planet. We can say it does bring a whole bunch of news that is entirely new to our conventional perception of aliens. 

IMDb rating- 7

5. The Last Man On The Moon

9 Best Space Documentaries to Watch Right Now
Source: YouTube

In December 1972, Eugene Cernan, an American astronaut, a naval aviator, an electrical engineer, an aeronautical engineer, and a fighter pilot. This non-fictional piece is based on him because he was the last man to step on the moon.

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This movie is a lot more than just a space documentary, as the trailer itself says, ‘A story of love, loss and burning ambition.‘ We can tell you are definitely in for a treat if you’re watching this.

IMDb rating- 7.4

6. The Farthest

Best Space Documentaries: The Fartherest
Source: American Astronomical Society

The documentary released in 2017 is based on two space probes created to go out of our Solar System. Launched in 1977, the hype created by Voyager I and Voyager II always went beyond our home, for the desire of exploration into this massive yet undiscovered universe.

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Written and Directed by Emer Reynolds, which makes it a must-have in your Best Space Documentaries to watch. 

IMDb Rating- 8.1,

7. The Search For Life In Space

Best Space Documentaries: The Search for life in the space
Source: Cosmos Documentaries

Hello from the children of planet Earth‘- this is how the theme is introduced to the viewers. For more than a decade, scientists and astronomers have looked for a tiny ray of hope, of life beyond our beautiful Earth.

In this documentary, a team of astrobiologists discovers the possibilities of life within and beyond us. It is an effort made in the path of answering questions like- How are we made? Where did we come from? Where are we going?

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The Search For Life In Space will help you give a fresh perspective on the subject and explore some new possibilities.

8. Challenger: The Final Flight

Best Space Documentaries: Challenger: The Final Flight
Source: Rocket Rundown

In January 1986, a Space Shuttle Orbiter named Challenger disintegrated and exploded during its launch, killing the seven-member crew instantly. Christa McAuliffe, a schoolteacher and an astronaut from New Hampshire, a crew member, was the First Female teacher in space. She died within 73 seconds of the launch thirty-seven.

This documentary covers this tragedy that scrutinized Nasa’s reputation and gave a setback to all Americans.

IMDb rating- 7.9

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9. The Martian

Best Space Documentaries: The Martian
Source: Forbes

The Martian is a fictional space movie directed by Ridley Scott, starring Matt Damon. It’s a story about an astronaut who is left behind on mars alone. And he manages to keep himself alive and healthy (Spoiler Alert- he eats potatoes grown from his poop ).

But that’s not it; it is an inspiring story that will instigate the hidden willpower in you. It was a financial success with a box-office collection of $63.2 crores.

IMDb rating- 8

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Final Thought

Universe has given us so much to learn, to adore, to live, and to be. If you look at Earth from outer space, you will find it as a teeny-tiny dot, and it will make you realize how small and forgettable is our existence. Still, after watching these Best Space Documentaries, you will surely find a different meaning to your life and more reasons for learning from all the great people who made impossible things happen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Space Documentaries true?

Yes, most of the documentaries are true. But you can easily get confused in Space Documentaries and fictional movies based on space like Interstellar and Avatar.

Where can I watch Best Space Documentaries?

You can easily watch documentaries on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Are Best Space Documentaries free to watch?

It depends on the platform on which you are watching. If you are watching it on YouTube, then it will be free for you to watch it. But if you are watching Netflix or Amazon, or Hulu App, you would have to pay for the subscription.

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