The Best South Park Easter Episodes With Easter Eggs!

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Animated shows are only meant for kids…whoever thinks this has definitely not watched South Park. This animated American sitcom became a massive hit among adults when it was first released in 1997. With its profane and dark humor, this show gained a massive fan following. So this Easter, I bring to you a list of South Park Easter Episodes.

South Park uses surreal humor to satirize a wide range of topics. Most of the content in South Park is directed toward the adult audience. Needless to say with such a huge fan following the show had a good run of 317 episodes over 25 seasons. Over these years, South Park aired a lot of festive episodes. Some of the best festive episodes are the South Park easter Episodes.

With Easter just around the corner, I present to you a list of South Park Easter episodes that are worth a binge. If you are a South Park fan, you can re-watch these episodes. Annnd If you have never watched South Park…trust me, you will become a fan!

The Best South Park Easter Episodes

South Park in its long run has produced so many festive episodes. We see these quirky characters celebrating so many festivals together. So why not Easter? With Easter just around the corner, I give you a list of the best South Park Easter episodes.

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1. Fantastic Easter Special | Season 11 Episode 5

“Eggsactly. But there’s something the Church didn’t tell you. In actuality, Peter wasn’t a man at all. Saint Peter… was a rabbit.”

Fantastic Easter Special is a South Park Easter episode that will leave you laughing throughout. Stan is determined to know the reason behind the tradition of coloring eggs for Easter. When his father gives a vague response, he is dissatisfied and goes to a mall. There Stan asks a man dressed as an Easter Bunny about this tradition, who tells him to “Just go with it.”

What happens next is a series of chaotic events. From being chased by men dressed as bunnies to getting to know about the secret club “Hare Club for Men”.  From here Stan goes on a series of adventures only to agree at the end to keep his mouth shut and dye the Easter eggs without questioning.

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2. Jewpacabra | Season 16, Episode 4

“If someone says they saw a Sasquatch, they are either lying or they are stupid. Now stop lying about a Jewpacabra before stupid people start believing you!”

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This episode revolves around a mysterious creature living in the woods, a Jewpacabra! This creature is said to prey on children during Passover. This year, Passover and Easter are falling on the same week, which makes the risk even greater.

What follows is a series of chaotic and comedic events from Butters going to the forest to catch the Jewpacabra to Cartman deciding to catch the creature. This episode will leave you with tears in your eyes and pain in your stomach, by making you laugh so hard!! You have to watch it yourself to believe me.

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5 Egg-cellent South Park Easter Eggs 

The South Park writers have slyly added many popular culture references throughout the show. Where there are some that you must have seen, there are a lot, that you would have missed. Let us hunt for these Easter eggs together!

1. Captain Picard

In the long run time, the South Park writers have made a large number of Star Trek references. However, I am sure that many of you would have missed this slyly put reference. In Season 4, Episode 8, Something You Can Do With Your Finger, Randy Marsh is enraged that his boy has joined a boy band. He bashes his head into a cabinet and screams “NO…NOOOO!”

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The audio of this clip is actually taken from a scene in Star Trek and the way Randy bashes the china cabinet also resembles how Captain Picard bashed a glass after losing his temper.

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2. ‘They Live’ Fight Parody

South Park has a lot of popular culture references throughout the show. These references are, however, in the form of a parody. One of the most famous scenes of the entire series is in Season 5, Episode 2, Cripple Fight.

It is a fight scene between Jimmy and Tim. Now, what you don’t know is that this fight is a parody of Keith and Roddy’s brawl in They Live

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3. Throwaway Celebrity Cameos

South Park is like no other show in any aspect. I mean it when I say it! 

Every show tries to give its celebrity guests a great cameo. Not South Park. The writers of this show had taken a sacred oath to present the celebrity guests in an absurdly small part. There are many throwaway celebrity cameos throughout the show.

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My favorite cameo, however, is in Season 1, Episode 4, Big Gay Al’s Gay Boat Ride. Guess who was the guest cameo in it? None other than George Clooney…buttt he voiced Sparky the dog! Can you imagine?! 

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4. Alien Sightings

There are many episodes throughout South Park where you would see aliens. Mostly, hidden in plain sight! Aliens first appear in the pilot episode Cartman Gets An Anal Probe. 

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Best South Park Easter Episodes

Aliens have popped up in more than 75 episodes in the entire run of South Park. Mostly hidden in plain sight, you would need to pause the episode to catch them. 

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5. Clash of Fictional Characters

In Season 11, Episode 10, Imaginationland, South Park writers introduced an ultimate clash of fictional characters. We get to see Optimus Prime, Ronald Mcdonald, Strawberry Shortcake, Count Chocula and so many other fan-favorite characters in a single episode.

Best South Park Easter Episodes

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Even in Episode 200 and 201 of the series, the writers reunited every celebrity that has ever appeared on the show. However, these two episodes have such crude comedy and controversial material that they are now banned..yes, you read that right! 

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Wrapping Up

Trust me when I tell you that South Park is not like any other series. It is sarcastic, funny, and most of all chaotic and imaginative! I have given you a list of the best South Park Easter episodes. What better way to celebrate Easter than binge-watching these episodes? 

I wish you have an egg-citing Easter! Do let me know your favorite South Park Easter episode in the comments.


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