Best Social Networking Apps for Android 2021

Social Networking Apps for Android

Social Media is a huge part of life and we can’t deny it. After trying so many new and old applications, we have a list of the best social networking apps for Android that you must use.

A life without Instagram, Snapchat is unimaginable. Nowadays our lives, work, career, and in fact everything requires social media. The 21st century has indeed witnessed the change of luxury to a necessity. The mere communication of humankind is entirely based on social media. We all have to agree that are so many social networking apps for Android and all of these are super fun. 

Facebook and Instagram are the most widely used social networking apps for Android. There are numberless options for social media apps. The list of the best social networking apps for Android includes:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest
  5. Reddit
  6. Snapchat

The above mentioned social networking apps for Android are the best among the lot. They are the most used applications existing for a very long time. Read further to know about the features of each of the applications. 

Best Social Networking Apps for Android


Social Networking Apps for Android
Source: PCMag

Facebook is by far the most used applications worldwide. This is very well known that the company owns 3 of the greatest social networking apps. This list includes Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. All three applications are widely used by millions of users. These things are certainly known by all. 

Features of Facebook

  • Through Facebook, you can connect with your friends and family.
  • You can also set status updates and insert emojis to tell your Facebook friends what is going on in your world.
  • You can share photos, videos, and all your favorite memories with your friends and family.
  •  After uploading a photo or video, Facebook will also notify you regarding the likes and comments on your post.
  • You can find local social events near you.
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You can easily download Facebook from the Google Play Store


Social Networking Apps for Android
Source: Google Play

I don’t think that I need to pitch in for Instagram. It is one of the most fun social networking applications. You can share pictures, videos, stories, and much more. Especially with the latest update of Instagram Reels, this app has become a magnet for people who won’t show their talent to the world. Instagram is used by many content creators, influential personalities, and different companies.

Features of Instagram

  • Instagram lets you use special camera effects to bring your video to life, include background music, face filters, and many stickers.
  • You can upload your creative video clips and get discovered on Explore.
  • You can explore millions of videos
  • You can also watch and share Instagram Reels with your friends.
  • Receive notifications when you receive a chat message.
  • Follow your favorite bands, celebrities, actors, athletes, and singers for live updates.
  • Discover brands and small businesses and shop products.

You can easily download Instagram from the Google Play Store


Social Networking Apps for Android
Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very underrated social networking app. LinkedIn is predominately for professional use. This application can help create a network with the people of your industry. If you are looking to increase your professional network, then LinkedIn is the right place for you. All that you are required to do is create a profile and upload your resume. You can add your achievements to your profile as well. 

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Features of LinkedIn

  • Job Search & Recruiting: You can find jobs suited to you and apply with your profile/resume via the app.
  • Business Networking: Follow the activities of your business contacts.
  • LinkedIn Community: Follow the activities of your own posts.
  • Social Networking: Create your own profile and highlight your skillset.

You can easily download LinkedIn from the Google Play Store


Social Networking Apps for Android
Source: TechCrunch

Out of all the social networking apps, Pinterest is one of the most unique social media sites. This application is all about the art rather than the artist. Pinterest focuses on things rather than people. This is the reason why Pinterest is different from all other social networking apps for Android. This site is popular for its aesthetic pictures, fashion, DIY stuff, cooking, and interior decoration. This app had such a great influence on the world that the word “Pinteresty” is used as an adjective for beautiful things.

Features of Pinterest

  • You can discover lifestyle inspiration & explore articles on trending topics and recommended topics in the app.
  • You can invite your friends to collaborate on your next group trip, party, or DIY project.
  • Get out into the world and buy/ make/ do the ideas you have found.

You can easily download Pinterest from the Google Play Store. 


Social Networking Apps for Android
Source: The Verge

Reddit is the kind of social networking app that has everything in it. You can literary find information regarding every topic. Reddit provides you subreddits for DIY stuff, cooking, jokes, tech, sports, and basically anything you can think of. With so many good and wonderful things comes a good share of terrible things. While using Reddit, you need a good eye to look out for the good stuff. 

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Features of Reddit

  • You can discover the breaking news first, viral video clips, funny jokes, and hot memes.
  • Reddit lets you keep up with the most recent trends on the internet. 
  • You get an infinite scroll of content streams.
  • Access to exclusive new features like Chat, Community Group Chat, and much more

You can easily download Reddit from the Google Play Store.


Social Networking Apps for Android
Source: Snapchat

The most unique application in the list of the best social networking apps is Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the most trendy applications today. It is basically a photo chat app that is super unique. Through Snapchat, you can add stories and even send snaps to your friends. Snapchat is dominantly popular among youngsters. You can even connect with celebrities and influencers on Snapchat. 

Features of Snapchat

  • Add lens or filter to your photo (new ones are added every day)
  • You can create your own filter.
  • You can chat with friends with live messages and share group stories.
  • You can watch breaking news, original shows, and community stories.
  • You can also discover new things you have in common with Charms, see how long you have been friends, your astrological compatibility, Bitmoji’s fashion sense, and much more.

You can easily download Snapchat from the Google Play Store.

Final Thoughts:

These were my favorite 6 social networking apps for Android that are very catchy, funny, unique, and super entertaining. Pick the app that you would the most and fun using it!

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