5 Best Simpsons Easter Episodes to Binge-Watch in Easter 2022!

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The Simpsons debuted as a regular animated show in 1989. But oh boy! It was not just any other show. With its quirky characters, the show became an audience favorite…so much so that it ran for 722 episodes, becoming the longest-running American sitcom. In its long run, the show broadcasted a number of festive episodes. Simpsons Easter Episodes, even though less in number, are a treat to watch!

The show had us laughing for so many years with its simple yet perfect analogies and parodies. The show depicted American life through satire. If it is American, it has to be grand and festive! So there is no celebration that the series has not shown. We see Simpsons celebrating Valentine’s and every other American festival! So how could they miss Easter?

Easter is just around the corner. If you have no plan of your own, I would suggest you watch the quirky yellow family of Simpsons. Let me give you a list of Simpsons Easter episodes you can binge-watch. These episodes will surely make your Easter Egg-cellent!

5 Best Simpsons Easter Episodes to Watch in 2022!

The Simpsons are this yellow, chaotic, and effortlessly funny family. Most of us have grown up watching them. They have become a type of comfort for us. So let us celebrate this Easter by watching some eggciting Simpsons Easter episodes.

1. The Last of the Red Hat Mamas | Season 17, Episode 7

Best Simpsons Easter episodes

If you want to know which is the best Simpson Easter episode, look no further! The Last of the Red Hat Mamas is not just the best Simpsons Easter episode but hands down one of the best episodes from the entire show. Now, in a show with around 722 episodes, this is kind of a big deal. 

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Like every year, Mayor Quimby is hosting an Easter celebration at his mansion. 

There is an Easter egg hunt. All the children take part in it. However, Maggie does not gather any Easter eggs, which makes her sad. To cheer up Maggie, Homer decides to take other children’s eggs for her. This makes Hugs Bunny (who is refereeing the hunt) very displeased and leads to a fight between Homer and Hugs. 

Meanwhile, Marge is trying to be friends with the Mayor’s wife, but Homer’s fight ruins her moment. This upsets her. The next day, she meets a member of the Cherry Red Tomatoes, and impresses her. She is soon invited to become a member of the group. But this group turns out to be bad news as they are planning to rob Burns’ mansion. At first, Marge tries to stop them, but when her participation depends on this robbery, she casts her morals aside and goes with them.

If you have not seen this episode, trust me, you are missing out on a lot of fun. Spend your Easter catching up on this episode, and you won’t regret it!

2. Simpsons Bible Stories | Season 10, Episode 18

“Why aren’t we ascending into Heaven? Oh, right…the sins.” – Marge

I have already told you that there are very few Simpsons Easter episodes. The Simpsons Bible Stories is one of these Easter episodes. However, there is only one scene of Easter in the entire episode. 

Best Simpsons Easter episode- Simpson Bible Stories

The Simpsons are listening to an Easter sermon by Reverend Lovejoy. This sermon turns out to be quite long and boring, transcending them into a dream. Not just any dream, a Biblical dream! Each member of the Simpsons family has a Biblical dream of their own making…How could it not be funny?

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Let me paint you a picture here…Marge and Homer as Adam and Eve! Yes, that is what Marge dreams about! 

Then we have Lisa dreaming of herself and Milhouse as Mariam and Moses. She also imagines the other kids of Springfield Elementary as the Israelites in ancient Egypt.

Next up, we see Homer dreaming. He is none other than King Soloman! He imagines himself solving disputes among his subjects by coming out with rather absurd solutions.

Lastly, we see Bart’s dream. In his dream, he is King David, who has killed Goliath. To take revenge Goliath II kills his oldest friend Methuselah. 

Even if there is only one Easter scene in the entire episode, it is the base on which the episode stands. Can you imagine all the Simpsons with their absurd dreams?.. How can that not be funny? This has to be one of the best Simpsons Easter episodes. 

3. Husbands and Knives | Season 19, Episode 7

There are many popular culture references in The Simpsons. Interestingly, the Simpsons Easter episode Husbands and Knives is based on the popular 1992 film ‘Husbands and Wives.’ Taking a page from the movie, this episode shows how Bart considers himself not a good watch for his wife, Marge.

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The episode revolves around how Marge is embarrassed about her physique and tries to become slimmer. When she goes to an intense gym, she finds herself rather uncomfortable and wishes to start her own gym. She wants to make a gym for ordinary women like her. She ends up starting a women-only workout center known as Shapes. It is a parody of the gym Curves, which was a real fitness center chain in Florida…well who would put such a brilliant reference if not the Simpsons writers?

Marge’s gym becomes an instant success. Homer and Marge take a vacation, and Homer starts to believe that he has to lose weight to keep Marge in his life. The full episode then revolves around how Marge accepts him for how he really is and not what he thinks she wants him to be.

4. Dark Knight Court | Season 24, Episode 16

A plague is sweeping through Springfield. A bluebonnet plague. Springfield’s ladies are wearing colorful Easter hats to celebrate the resurrection of… Jesus Christ.” – Kent

It would be an understatement to say that the ‘Dark Knight Court’ episode was one of the best Simpsons Easter episodes. The whole episode is based on the theme of Easter. The story starts in Springfield. They are celebrating Easter in Springfield. 

5 Best Simpsons Easter Episodes to Binge-Watch in Easter 2022!

Bart gets falsely accused of pulling an Easter prank when the Easter eggs come out of the bells. For the whole episode, we witness Lisa defending Bart and protesting for a trial for him. All of Bart’s enemies testify against him. However, the next day Lisa finds out who is behind the prank, Willie. Bart is cleared of all the charges!

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5. Fears of a Clown | Season 29, Episode 14

This episode deserves an honorary mention in the list of Simpsons Easter Episodes. The writers have not introduced Easter in the plot of the story. However, they have slyly introduced Easter in the introduction as a billboard… you have to give credit to them for their creativity!

While there are many Simpsons episodes on Christmas, there are only a few Simpsons Easter episodes. From the ones we have, there are a few that only have a single scene throughout the episode. Fears of a Clown is one such episode.

This episode is a take on Stephen King’s novel It. The Springfield Elementary School’s faculty pranks Bart. To seek revenge, he glues clown masks on their faces. However, this does not end well, and the whole town starts fearing clowns. 

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Wrapping Up

Easter is the celebration of defeat of death, and Simpsons are the celebration of defeat of boredom. While you are at home and have no plans for Easter, why not celebrate it by watching these funny and sarcastic episodes. These episodes will surely bring a smile to your face!

These are all the Simpsons Easter Episodes I know. If I have missed any, do let me know. Watch these quirky episodes with your family, and let me know the episode you loved the most in the comments!


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