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Srishti Thukral
Srishti Thukral
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Are you still hooked streaming Amazon prime on Discord? Well, you should try your hands on Rocket League. With only 5 years of coming live, Rocket League has managed to grow its fan base tremendously. Uncountable players come live on Discord to play Rocket league and try different sorts of levels and servers. And if you are one of them, you might be wondering about the best Rocket League Discord Servers in 2022. Read along and your problem will be sorted.  

Playing Rocket league online or with a whole local gang of friends is merely the same thing. It is all in the choices that make a difference. However, Rocket League fans don’t always require a large amount of money to binge on the same. They can always download Discord on their desktop and connect themselves on the server. 

Following below are the 6 Best Rocket League Discord Servers in 2022 that you need to try your hands on. Figure out your choices and read out loud the list of Rocket League Discord Servers to make a feasible choice .  

Top 6 Rocket League Discord Servers of 2022

As you will go on further, you will be introduced to the 6 best Rocket League Discord Servers. Go through the dropped-down information and choose the one that suits you the most. 

1. Official Rocket League Server

Active Members: 593,000

Official Rocket League Server

Official Rocket League Server is a server that introduces you to a new set of players and join their community. This is one of the most popular Rocket League Discord Servers with more than 593,000 members. Players might go well along with recent updates on esports events like Rocket League Championship series as well which is a win-win indeed.

Rocket League Official Server also owns a trading platform in its server that allows the players to either buy or see their Rocket League Items. It also includes the channels in order to look for a team member to play Rocket League along. 

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2. Rocket League Hub

Active Members: 50,000

Best Rocket League Discord Servers

If you are looking for a newly added, recent Rocket League Server, then this is it. Rocket League Hub is an upcoming Discord server with nearly 50,000 players in it. It involves a coaching center and a lot of tournaments. With this, players get an opportunity to win prizes and connect with the experienced players at a deeper level. They learn, grow, and groom themselves with this Rocket League Discord Server.  

3. Rocket League Garage

Active Members: 200,000

Best Rocket League Discord Servers

Rocket League Champions, we got you. You might be aware of fansite Rocket League Garage, this Discord server is owned exclusively by them only. With more than 200,000 members, Rocket League Garage has managed to mark its territory powerfully. This discord server owns a different platform for car designs to ease out for the users while surfing for the same. They can take the required inspiration from that section and design their dream Rocket League car. 

There are many hosted giveaways and trading sections to offer multiple items and things to the Rocket league gamers. This allows the gamers to customize a stunning car for their league. 

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4. RL India

Active Members: 3,000

Best Rocket League Discord Servers

Indian gamers, Jump in! You might be striving for your likewise gamers to play with. RL India is your Rocket League Discord Server. Though it doesn’t have many active members (with only 3000 players), it does eliminate the timezone concerns.  

A channel named ‘Plays of the Day’ seems to be an amazing platform for sharing the Rocket league highlights of the day with other members of the server. 

5. Rocket Planet

Active Members: 203,000

Best Rocket League Discord Servers

Another one in the list of best Rocket league Discord Servers  is Rocket Planet. With over 203,000 members, this Discord server aims primarily on trading, giveaways, and multiple channels to play Rocket league together. It also has a total of 36 staff members in order to comply with the moderation. Their primary job is to escape cyberbullying

6. Rocket League Sideswipe

Active Members: 190,000

6 Best Rocket League Discord Servers in 2022 | Must Try!

Lastly, Rocket League Sideswipe is the mobile spinoff of Rocket League, making it a powerful one among the top Rocket League Discord Servers. RL Sideswipe players working with mobile can always go ahead for Rocket League Sideswipe from Psyonix. 

With this discord server, one can use general chat, search for a team member, do a content promotion, and look for the gameplay highlights. With more than 190,000 team members, Rocket League Sideswipe has managed to be one of the top Discord Servers operable on Mobile devices.  

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Wrapping Up

Path of EX will never let you drown, not in this life at least. We just gave you a range of amazing Rocket League Discord Servers in 2022. Go through the same, analyze your requirements, read the possible features in each Discord server and make the right choice today. You need to be a champion in Rocket League today, My friend!

For any suggestions or confusion, you can always write to us in the box below. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 



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