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Dying Light 2 has crossed everyone’s expectations. Accumulating fans from all over the world, it has started its own fanbase. Whether you are a fan of RPG action or just need a distraction from your hectic stressful day, Dying Light is there catering to all your needs. Everyday gamers are unlocking new features and upgrading levels. But to reach at such a height you need to know which basic Combat and Parkour skills you need to unlock in order to reach your full potential.

Parkour skills are one of the most important aspects of Dying Light 2. All the special jumps and unique moves are essential if you need to upgrade your gaming level and get an edge over other players. In this post-apocalyptic world, the more parkour skills you gather the better are your chances to survive. Where on the one hand, it boosts up your Gaming experience on the other it lets you shape Aiden as per your wishes.

After knowing the importance of Parkour skills in Dying Light 2, you must be wondering which are the Parkour skills you need to achieve and upgrade first? Well, don’t worry it will all be cleared after you take a look at our list of Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2.

Leveling Up in Dying Light 2

Leveling up in Dying Light 2 is an essential concept if you want to have a better gameplay experience. Initially, the character Aiden is at a basic level with no advanced skills. But if you want to acquire special moves and skills past the basic Vault Kick and High Jump attributes, you need to upgrade your Character.

Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

The Game Dying Light 2 offers up-gradation or leveling up in 2 different experiences points. 

  1. Combat XP

You can claim Combat XP by Bashing the zombie skulls with blunt weapons and tearing their limbs apart via sharp weapons.

  1. Parkour XP

While on the other hand, you can acquire Parkour XP by jumping from building to building, climbing poles, and hustling through the rooftops of Viledor.

Both of these have are special powers and have their own unique advantages. With GHE inhibitors you can improve and boost your Aiden’s overall HP, Immunity, or Stamina. Increasing HP unlocks more combat-focused skills, while Stamina unlocks parkour skills. There are different ways by which you can achieve Parkour and Combat skills faster.

Now, let’s explore what are the Dying Light 2’s best Parkour skills that you should focus your attention to-

Top 10 Combat Skills to Unlock First in Dying Light 2

Though acquiring Parkour skills is always advantageous for Aiden, not all Dying Light Parkour Skills deserve your time and coins. Let’s see the 10 Best Parkour skills you should unlock in Dying Light 2.

10. High Jump

Jumping seems like no big of a deal. That is why many streamers and gamers skip this basic Parkour skill in Dying Light 2. But they do not realize how important it is. It is not just a basic skill but a basic need since the character requires a High Jump in almost everything. 

Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

Whether he is running from rooftops or climbing up a wall. He needs this Parkour skill to perform daily mundane functions. By acquiring this simple Parkour skill in Dying Light 2, you increase your chances to grow and upgrade at a faster rate in the game.

9. Safe Landing

You need this Parkour skill if you don’t want your Aiden to Crash! Though jumping from one Rooftop to another Rooftop is an easier and more efficient way to travel, it is not always possible. Sometimes you need to use the roads to visit your desired location. 

Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

But going Up and down the buildings, consumes a lot of Aiden’s Stamina and Time. At these times, Safe Landing is the parkour skill that comes to your rescue. Jumping directly without taking on damage is exactly what your character needs. 

Therefore after acquiring this Parkour skill in Dying Light 2, Aiden can easily jump from higher rooftops and land safely to the ground.

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8. Firm Grip

C’mon, you won’t be a Hero if you don’t have that muscular firm grip by which you save the heroine from falling and then live Happily Ever After. Ohh sorry, I got a little distracted there.

Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

But anyways Firm grip is one of the Parkour skills that come in handy many times in the game. 

There are countless moments in Dying Light 2, where Aiden leaps across a gap and barely snags onto the edge. At such moments. If your character fails to hold on, he will be dead before you know it. So, acquire your Aiden with this Dying Light Parkour skill and make him a strong powerful hero.

7. Fast Climb

Stamina is a crucial thing when it comes to Aiden, especially while surviving in a world with so scarce resources. Therefore you have to make sure that your character sustains his stamina by the end of the day. But at the same time climbing walls are also a necessity irrespective of the fact that they consume so much of stamina. That is why in such cases Parkour skill Fast climb provides you the aid you need.

Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

Increasing your pace and efficiency in climbing, reduces your time as well as your consumption of stamina. Isn’t this Parkour skill hitting the brief by targeting two important issues?

Dying Light is full of mysterious alleys and buildings that can provide you will all the required weapons. So, use this Parkour skill of Dying Light and make your Aiden Rich by getting all the extra Money.

6. Slide

Slide your way out from the dreadful Zombies! Surviving in this post-apocalyptic Dying Light 2 world is hard enough. But these additional obstacles and Zombie chases create much bigger problems

Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

In these emergency situations, Parkour skills like Slides help you to escape the zombie chases and make out of them alive. Slide through the obstacles and save your health bar. Moreover, by acquiring this defensive Parkour skill in Dying Light 2, you get an additional feature upgrade.

Combine a kick with Slide and push an incoming Zombie out of your way. This will help you tackle Zombies in both directions.

5. Dart, Dash and Afterboost

10 Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2 For Pro Gaming | Top DL2 Parkour Skills

What if I tell you there’s a way by which you pay for only one Parkour skill and still get the benefit of three. Yess.. It’s possible! By acquiring Dart Parkour’s skill, you can avail multiple advantages like-

  1. Aiden becomes faster.
  2. You can jump higher and further.
  3. You can jump across larger gaps.
  4. You acquire the ability to run on walls for a longer time

While Dart adds a little tactical sprint to your Aiden. This Dash sprint pops a dash of extra speed burst to your character making you faster in low stamina. Also, Afterboost completes the trio by giving us an additional burst of speed after performing certain moves, making us faster after sliding and jumping through the world.

These Dying Light Parkour skills account for one package- multiple surprises. If you want to upgrade your Aiden, Dart, Dash, and Afterboost seem like perfect Parkour skills of Dying Light 2.

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4. Crowd Runner

Tackling zombies from behind is easier, tackling them while they are behind you is a little difficult. But what will you do when Zombies start approaching from every angle and direction. Zombie Chases in Dying Light 2 are no joke, there is a greater chance of getting killed. That is why you need to have Crown Runner Parkour skills to pass your way through these crowding Zombies.

Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

After upgrading this Best Parkour skill, Aiden will no more be stopped by incoming Zombies rather for him charging through them will be much easier.

This is one of the Parkour skills you must have if your aim is to collect Combat XP faster by starting Zombie Chases.

3. Tic Tac

Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

Tic Tac Toe, round and far you go! Well this is a no-brainer that wall running is always helpful. Along with being cool, wall running helps you escape when the streets are blocked . When zombies are after you, you need every possible way and technique to make out alive. So use this cool Parkour skill in Dying Light 2 to wall run and cross gaps that are otherwise impossible to bridge.

2. Horizontal Wall Run

While Tic Tac allows you to run horizontally across a vertical surface. Wall Run lets you walk straight up a vertical surface. Aiden can get partway up a surface that has no grips on it at all near the bottom. 

Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

This Parkour skill is designed to help you cover a horizontal distance expanding your options. If you are a thrill seeker who loves to experiment with different techniques then this Dying Light Parkour skill is made for you.

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1. Wall Combo

Now you know the benefits of both- Wall Run and Tic Tac. So, which one do you prefer? Couldn’t make up your mind? Don’t worry you won’t have to- Because Dying Light 2 offers you another Best Parkour skill that lets you combine both and use them consecutively.

Best Parkour Skills in Dying Light 2

By rotating between the two, players can essentially fly so long as they have a flat surface to do it on. Also, this could let you use shortcuts and save time.

Wrapping Up

Released on 4th February 2022, Dying Light 2 has joined the ranks of Best Action role-playing Games of 2022. It is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

It offers many Combat and Parkour skills that your character can upgrade over his journey and come out as a more stronger and powerful hero. But the above-mentioned Parkour skills are the best ones in Dying Light 2 that are worthy of your time and coins. 


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