Best New Released Apps for Android 2021

Best New Released Apps for Android 2021

New released apps and games have many different varieties, classes, modes, structures, and styles to show. Most of them are highly used in a very large amount for different purposes.

In this article, I will explain to you some of the best newly released apps for android that is useful for you in your day-to-day activity or performance. Many versions are there to explain but few of them are recommended with abilities and criteria.

This list involves the topmost New Released Apps for Android

  1. IMDb
  2. Dropbox
  3. Duolingo
  4. Grammarly
  5. Doodle

All the above-mentioned newly released apps for android are quite efficient and reliable to perform their particular tasks in every manner. Each of them having temporary or permanent statistics according to the user’s perspective.

Best New Released Apps for Android

Many of us want to make a clear difference between each application with the help of some useful phenomena. Well, a few of them are listed accordingly as per their respective area and properties.


IMDb-Best New Released Apps for Android 2021
Source: Pinterest

One of the most popular and famous android app that is used for downloading various movie trailers, tv shows, celebrity information, and more. Such newly released apps are highly profitable for you to gather any information related to any field or area.

You can get every single event coverage with all its properties, structures, and sight. Receive notifications regarding every downloading section easily. You can also read critics and user reviews.

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  • You can catch new trailers from the year’s biggest movie and TV shows.
  • Know where to watch, stream, rent, or buy movies and shows.
  • You can create your own watchlist.


4.5 stars on Google Play Store

Updated version- 16th of February, 2021

Interactive elements- Users interact

Offered by- IMDb


Dropbox-Best New Released Apps for Android 2021
Source: TechRepublic

Now everyone used to save their data on the cloud and for this purpose, dropbox is the better application to use. It comes under the newly released apps for android with high maintainability and effectiveness. Back up option is available for photos, docs, files, music, videos, and more items.

Many different types of tools are used for editing photos, videos, and files. Offline mode is also available for performing some actions no matter how big the file or image was.


  • Back up and access your photos or files from anywhere.
  • View and share files on the go, from any device.
  • Automatically back up photos and files to dropbox.
  • Quickly scan any document with your phone.
  • Secure and organize your most sensitive documents.
  • Store and sync passwords across your device.
  • Access important files when you’re offline.
  • Keep your life organized.


4.2 stars on Google Play Store

Updated version- 9th of February, 2021

Interactive elements- Users interact, digital purchases

Offered by- Dropbox, Inc.


Duolingo-Best New Released Apps for Android 2021
Source: Mobile Marketing Reads

If you want to learn English for free at your home, the Duolingo app is the best way to do it. Listed on the topmost newly released apps for android. Many formations are used in this single application just for you. Having a friendly interface to solve every relatable problem easily and effectively.

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You can start your lesson as per your choice and field with some incredible examples and information.


  • Learn English and 30+ languages for free.
  • Fun, bite-sized lessons.
  • Practice listening and speaking.
  • Stay on track with your goal.
  • It’s effective for every individual.


4.6 stars on Google Play Store

Updated version- 17th of February, 2021

Interactive elements- Users interact with digital purchases.

Offered by- Duolingo


Grammarly-Best New Released Apps for Android 2021
Source: ShoutMeLoud

We all want to be perfect in grammar at any cost. But at some point, it’s difficult to understand the advanced grammar with our busy schedule. Only for this purpose, Grammarly is developed. The topmost newly released apps are very much praised by users because of their high efficiency and advantages.

Some basic actions are performed in such a way so that no mistake is left behind for any trouble. The proofreader option is also available in this application.


  • Put your best foot forward.
  • Find the perfect words.
  • Project confidence.
  • Make yourself clear.
  • Respond quickly on the go.
  • Edit and correct your spelling, grammar, punctuations, and more.
  • Customizable for your basic need.
  • Improves clarity.
  • Fluent effect.
  • Adjustable tones.


4.1 stars on Google Play Store.

Updated version- 10th of February, 2021

Interactive elements- In-app purchasing required.

Offered by- Grammarly, Inc.


Doodle-Best New Released Apps for Android 2021
Source: Google Play

One of the best easy scheduling applications is here for you for managing your events and meetings according to your performance. You can easily get notified of every single party, function, or any other casual event through these fine newly released apps.

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Some of us don’t need such types of applications. But not all of them are very smart in calculations. So only for this purpose, Doodle is created and appreciated by many users.


  • Find the best time to meet.
  • Suggest dates that work for you.
  • Invite participants to vote.
  • Pick the final option when votes are in.
  • See calendar conflicts right in the app.
  • Free to use.
  • Save time.
  • Doodle’s own web.


4.5 stars on Google Play Store

Updated version- 21 August 2019

Interactive elements- Users interact

Offered by-

Final Verdict

Every recommended application is best in its own way to perform some basic actions as per your need and requirement. However, no one can match equally with the other because of their variant properties and criteria. This article will provide you all the relatable information without facing any trouble.

I hope you find this article very useful and worth reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number 1 app in the world 2020?

In July 2020, WhatsApp topped the list as the most popular global mobile messaging app of 2020, with over 2 billion downloads.

What is the most popular app right now?

Facebook. It is the world’s most popular social networking website and application. Facebook app is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and all other major mobile platforms. The app is used almost everywhere in the world, for social and business communications.

How do I see what apps are running on Android 10?

Then go Settings > Developer Options > Processes (or Settings > System > Developer Options > Running services.) Here you can view which processes are running, your used and available RAM, and which apps are using it up.

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