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Are you looking for the best music games for PC? Then this article is the best solution to your problem. Trust me you will never get bored again if you have any of these Best Music Games for PC in 2022.

The main reason to write this article is to give an accurate answer to your problem. Many versions are available for you to install and can enjoy every beat of the music. How effective is the application to you for installation is very important nowadays? So the solution is here for you.

The below-mentioned music games are listed for you as per their ratings, features, graphics, styles, structures, and modes. Such games are quite interesting and can easily grab your attention.

5 Best Music Games for PC

The answer is very simple for those who asked about the music games for PC. Well, you will find out very soon. Keep reading the article for the whole description.

1. Beat Saber

Beat Saber; Best Music Games for PC in 2022

This game acquires the best visual quality where you can easily slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music as they fly towards you and have to cut them into pieces.

You are surrounded by a futuristic world and you need to survive in it by hitting each beat accordingly.

This game was first developed and published by Beat Games. Its releasing date is the 22nd of May, 2019.

Features of Beat Saber; best music game for PC-

  1. Combinations of music beats are smooth and soothing.
  2. Visual effects are cool.
  3. Complete objectives and challenges every day.
  4. Easy to learn the functionality of this game.

2. Thumper

Thumper; Best Music Games for PC in 2022

Such music games acquire rhythmic violence, actions, speed, and physicality. Inside the game, you are playing the role of a space beetle. Many obstacles and objectives are going to enter in front of your way so that you lose the game.

You need to control your character for the whole gameplay without getting defeated.

This game was first developed and published by Drool. Its releasing date is the 11th of October, 2016.

Features of Thumper; one of the best music games for PC in 2022-

  1. 9 basic levels are given for you to play.
  2. Boss battles, awesome structures, and styles are generated.
  3. Very simple control.
  4. The visuals are quite excellent.

3. RockSmith

RockSmith; Best Music Games for PC in 2022

The easiest way to learn guitar at home or any other place is Rocksmith. This app will help you to grab things easily which is relatable to your gameplay. The gaming method is very easy and simple to handle.

You can easily plug any guitar with your pc and start playing the song with the beat and by this, you will learn it in 60 days max.

This game was first developed and published by UbiSoft. Its releasing date is the 4th of October, 2016.

Features of RockSmith; best music game for PC in 2022-

  1. Free to play the songs.
  2. Easily develop advanced techniques.
  3. Skills can be improved by such music games.
  4. There is no need to purchase any other format.

4. Fuser

Fuser; Best Music Games for PC in 2022

One of the best music games for those who want to explore some rhythmic games according to their criteria and choices. You are going to play the role of DJ with a maximum number of contents. Many varieties of music are going to be played by DJ like- pop songs, EDM, rock, and many more.

It includes both cooperative and competitive players for each level.

This game was first developed and published by Harmonix and NCSoft. Its releasing date is the 10th of November, 2020.

Features of Fuser; one of the best music games for PC in 2022-

  1. Focuses only on the music beat in each level.
  2. Very efficient and reliable.
  3. Maintainability is awesome.
  4. Free to play.

5. Rhythm Doctor

Rhythm Doctor; Best Music Games for PC in 2022

To play this game you need to be mastered in rhythmic music. In this game, you are going to deal with every type of patient. You need to heal each patient constantly and defeat each boss’s viruses and illnesses. 

Every patient is carried away with a unique heartbeat and the functionalities of such patients are highly differentiable.

This game was first developed and published by the 7th Beat Games. It is going to be released on the 26th of February, 2021.

Features of Rhythm Doctor; best music game for PC in 2022-

  1. You can choose your own music.
  2. One hand control system.
  3. Remixed versions are too awesome.

Wrapping Up

Every music game involves a lot of functional abilities and provides necessary advantages to each user. We can say that without music life is boring and with music life is very awesome and meaningful. Every moment is filled with music and if they become a part of our life through such activities then it is called cheery on the cake. Best music games for PC are so much effective for every individual nowadays. 

As per my point of view, no one can beat the position of such games with more abilities and features.

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Which video game has the best music?

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Is it weird to listen to video game music?

No, of course not, it’s completely normal. Video game OST is my favorite kind of music and is constantly heard in my daily playlist.


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