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If you are looking for the best music games for android, then this article is very useful for you in every manner. Such games are often known as music video games. 

The gameplay of such music games is meaningful and interactive with the players. Music games have a variety of forms to explain all the properties and functionalities of the gaming mode. Every level involves different kinds of music to be played by the users.

The list includes the Best Music Games for Android

  1. Dream Piano
  2. Beat Shot 3D
  3. Piano Games Mini
  4. Rock Hero
  5. Groovepad

The above-mentioned music games are highly recommended by users. Interactive activities are the best way to get attention from others. Only because of such reasons these games are given.

Best Music Games for Android

Many versions and formations are there to explain music games for kids, adults, and elders too. Such games define each property very briefly and efficiently.

Dream Piano

Dream Piano-Best Music Games for Android
Source: Sensor Tower

One of the best piano music games developed for users. It contains different types of songs that are specially added as per the famous categories. Every week, the addition of new songs is done by the editor. You can choose your own favorite song from the list.

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It is similar to the other piano games with modified features. You just have to choose the song and tap every single tile to complete the level.


  • Simple graphics are there to make users more addicted to this game.
  • Different from other music games.
  • Free to play.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • Numerous songs are available for every user.

Beat Shot 3D

Beat Shot 3D-Best Music Games for Android

Best music games for android are very much in range, but some of them are quite interesting and recommendable. The gameplay is very smooth and simple. You just have to tap onto the blocks for every rhythm. Every instruction and rule of this particular game is defined properly.

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No tiles are going to be skipped while playing the game, otherwise you will lose it and you have to start from the beginning.


  • 3D graphic effects and visuals.
  • Realistic gaming platform.
  • Free to play.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • Fully functional game with EDM music quality and sound effects.

Piano Games Mini

Piano Games Mini-Best Music Games for Android

Different types of music games are available at the play store. But in this game, some modified features are included like- mini-games. Wonderful piano songs are available for each round. Every mini-game is related to the rhythm and you just have to follow the same agenda as you did in the dream piano music game.

Piano games are highly praised and appreciated by many users because of their simple and soothing quality.


  • More than 25+ mini-games are inside in this single application.
  • The system is supportive for every player.
  • Free to play.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • Piano music is of high quality.
  • Offline as well as online modes are available.

Rock Hero

Rock Hero-Best Music Games for Android
Source: Facebook

One of the most ultimate music games with proper rhythmic music at each level. Different versions of this game are available in the play store like- rock hero 2, drum hero, music hero, and many more. In this particular game, you can easily choose any type of music from your mobile device to make this game more interesting and fun-loving. 

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The gameplay is very simple and smooth. You just have to hit the notes at the right time to complete the level.


  • Three different styles are available for the player.
  • Free to play.
  • Nine incredible songs are there to give a great impact.
  • Awesome graphics and cool effects.
  • You can easily control the whole system properly.
  • Three difficult levels are also available.


GroovePad-Best Music Games for Android
Source: Google Play

In this music game, you can easily create your own choice of songs for each level. One of the best music games for android installed by many users and praised at the highest level. Unique and eccentric songs are there to grab your attention easily. 

It is an easy-to-play music maker application having guaranteed to bring out the hidden artist inside you. 


  • Simple and functional music play application.
  • Free to play.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • You can easily make music anytime and anywhere.
  • The graphics are so smooth and clean.

Final Verdict

All types of music games are having different types of quality, quantity, functionalities, system adaption, modes, music, and features. But some of them are equal to each other. There is only one difference in the name which defines its unique abilities. Music games are highly made for those who want to explore and bring out the best artist from them.

Music video games are constantly used by many users whether they are fond of this game or not. In the entertainment field, such games are highly recommended.

In this article, you will find the best music games for android. Such applications are very helpful for you to learn music efficiently. 

Are rhythm games good for you?

Games that train rhythm skills may serve as useful tools for retraining motor and cognitive functions in patients with motor or neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., Parkinson’s disease, dyslexia, or ADHD).

Do rhythm games help musicians?

Video games and rhythmic ability:
This helps develop one’s understanding of rhythm and concepts of time, which are important for mastery of any musical instrument. An added bonus: this also helps develop hand-eye coordination.

Can you play games on Spotify?

Setting up Spotify on your console allows you to stream your own music while playing, whether investigating another world, racing cars, or defeating zombies. Kick back with the great soundtracks from other video games or Spotify’s Top Gaming Tracks playlist for a mix of current hip-hop and rap.

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