Best Music Apps For Android 2021 That Can Be Your Perfect Music Companion

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Bhaviya Koul
Bhaviya Koul
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Music keeps us company when everything seems down for us. The Android devices have a variety of music apps available for you to choose from. But, most of them are paid, Just like Spotify. So, if you want to listen to music of any genre endlessly, then we have got a list of the Best Music Apps For Android 2021 in this post.

With time, the music apps have been updated accommodating various features that the listeners have wanted to be added. Now no matter what genre of music you want to listen to, we have it all for you. Our list has been made keeping in mind everything that you might need for a music application.

No matter what genre you love, the Best Music Apps For Android 2021 has got a lot for you. From vintage songs to the Trending one, you can find anything anytime on these hampers of technology. You can make LiveXLive, Google Play Music, and other similar apps as all your favorite music companions.

Whatever your expectations from a music application are, our list will cater to it. We have a list of the music apps for Android that will help you listen to your favorite song whenever you want.

Best Music Apps For Android

This list of apps has been well tested and researched upon. They have multiple features and will be of great help to you.

S. No. AppsGoogle Play Store Rating
2.Google Play Music4.3/5

1. LiveXLive

Live X Live : Music app for Android
Source : Google Play

LiveXLive has been on the Google Play store longer than you can think.

This app has been developed off the old Slacker radio. It is at the top of the Best Music Apps For Android as it is one of the most compact and wholesome music apps to exist. The app has been revamped to support the new users’ needs. It is now a combination of the company’s live music and Slacker Radio’s top-rated DJs.

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  • Hundreds of music channels
  • Watch your favorite shows and events live on the app
  • Personalized music recommendations for you
  • Three different plans to choose from.


  • Informative DJs
  • Get Optional news updates
  • Offline listening to music with a subscription
  • Easy to use and understand interface
  • The app is well organized through menus.


  • No family pack
  • Does not have lyrics

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music : Music app for Android
Source : Computer World

The authentication that comes with Google can be very well described through this mobile application. It provides free audio depending on your choices. From online to offline services, this app has it all for Android users. It starts radio instantly based on your choice of music and preference. With Google Play Music, all your music needs come to an end here. It is filled with music of all genres and types.


  • Store up to 50000 songs for your ease of listening.
  • Choose a music playlist depending on your activity.
  • Curated playlists.


  • Subscribe to a podcast that you like.
  • Add your songs to the pre-existing online library of the app.


  • A lot of ads.
  • This app only gives the option of downloads when paid.

3. Tidal

Best Music Apps For Android 2021 That Can Be Your Perfect Music Companion
Source : Google Play

Tidal gives you high-rate music.

With the best music, on Tidal, you get a prime music listening experience. This is also one of the most artist-friendly apps, offering easy payouts for them. On Tidal you can also find exclusive albums and tracks, quality editorial, tickets to shows, etc. With this app, you do not need to worry about anything that you might be interested in, in the world of music and so this app very rightfully is one of the best music apps for Android.


  • Get high-quality lossless music.
  • Find exclusive sports and concert tickets.

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  • Find music-related editorial on the app.
  • View live streams of shows exclusively on the app.
  • Access to the best music-related podcasts.


  • This app is not available for free.
  • Not a very pocket-friendly app for users.
  • You cannot find lyrics to the songs.

4. Deezer

Deezer : Music app for Android
Source: Google Play

This app is one of those music apps that has everything that other music apps offer. From downloading songs, to customize your playlist, Deezer has it all for its users. You can only find lyrics to almost all the songs available online. It is not doing anything extraordinary, just doing the basics in a simple and accessible way. 


  • Get access to a free mobile version.
  • Play live radio on the app.
  • Find various types of original content.
  • Create your playlist having your favorite songs, like songs, banned songs, albums, etc.


  • Find lyrics on the app.
  • Hear unique podcasts.
  • Get notifications about new releases.
  • The app has sections that can let you listen to trending songs of various other countries.


  • High-resolution audios not available.
  • You can replay radio shows.
  • The mobile app does not have great downloading features.
  • Audio richness can only be experienced using headphones. 

5. Qobuz

Qobuz : Music app for Android
Source :

If you do not like degraded music quality, Qobuz is the app for you.

It makes sure whatever music, podcast, or album you are hearing, is of prime quality. If anything that you can be sure of while using Qobuz, it is that you will get to hear high-quality audios. This app also ensures that you are provided with not just the best new songs, but also the ones released years back. The song library is so huge that you will be astonished. 


  • You can listen to songs online and also purchase them for offline hearing.
  • Shuffle the songs, repeat, etc. with one click.


  • The app hosts more than 70 million songs.
  • History list helps you find all the songs you’ve heard previously.
  • View the cover art in large size too.


  • The app does not support music videos.
  • Qobuz does not create “radio” stations depending on your choice of music.
  • You cannot share playlists from the app.
  • There are no lyrics on the app.

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Final Verdict

We are hopeful that this list of the best music apps for Android will be of great help to you. Each of these apps has a different feature to offer and we are confident that you will like them. Let us know in the comments below if you have used any of these apps and tell us your experiences with them. 


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