50+ Best Movies On Disney Plus

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There are many Best Movies On Disney Plus that to find the very best is hard. Disney plus is one of the best streaming sites to watch your favorite stuff from Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars with a lot of many original series and films in it. It is one of the paid streaming sites that offer great content but if you are looking to watch all the movies and series totally free in 2021 you can look at Tubi 2021 movies. 

Disney plus has a great streaming competition to all other streaming sites that offer the same catalog. You have to go through a long list to choose the content you want to watch according to your mood. Imagine that you are going on an adventure of navigating the versions of digital films that have a great impression on generations for ages.

Many streaming services have recently released the upcoming new TV series and show for January. Netflix and HBO Max have come up with a huge list of TV shows and movies to watch.  We also provided you a list of top couchtuner alternatives to watch TV series and movies

Just go and check out the other streaming sites that offer the Star Wars movies and compare them with the movies that are available on Disney plus. That all movies should worth your time and should be interesting for you. I can bet you, you won’t find the best on any other streaming site that is only available on Disney plus.

50+ movies on Disney plus

Aladdin (1992)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Disney Plus

Here is the original film animated in the best version that can never be replaced by any other film. It is performed by the best of all times Robin Williams. You can’t compare it with others in music, hand-drawn compositions, or any other thing you want to compare. 

101 Dalmatians (1961)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Plugged In

It is one of the best-loved movies in Disney plus. This is basically based on the novel by Dodie Smith that has one of the iconic villains Cruella de Vil. She literally turns her puppies into a fur coat. How cruel and vicious is that? She is one of the irreplaceable creatures of this era.

Alice in wonderland (1951)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- HelloGiggles

There are many versions of Lewis Carroll’s book over the years but the fact is that the very best version is designed in the Disney Classic.

Anastasia (1997)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Disney Plus

Disney owns the Fox catalog. This is the story of a princess who left her royal family just to discover her legacy as she grows up. It is a reminder of Bluth’s heart that is so big and the daring style that is shown. 


Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Britannica

It is one of the best scary animated feature films that is framed by Disney. The tragic moments define the legacy of this movie. Watch it two to three times and understand what Disney is trying to show in this film. It is so graceful as it captures all the natural beauty of the world. 

Beauty and the Beast(1991)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Empire

Beauty and beast is a timeless movie that never goes out of trend. It is a piece published by Vulture’s Bilge Ebiri in 1991 and was screened at the New York Film Festival. The animation is  great and it was a turning point for Disney at that time. Beauty and a Beast is a wonderful fairy tale that is not just a blockbuster but also became a cultural event. 

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Big Hero 6(2014)

This movie is an Oscar winner. This is technically a Marvel movie and a Disney movie. The story of this movie is based on a team of young heroes that has a big heart and some action sequences. The group was formed in the place of San Fransokyo. This is one of the best collections in the animated series.

Cinderella (1950)

Best New Movies On Disney Plus
source- Britannica

Cinderella is just a concept of a Disney princess, finding true love and magic if they believe in that. It technically exists out of the version. This is just a glass with the glass slipper. 

Coco (2017)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Anna Woods – Film Critic

This is directed by Lee Unkrich. It is an Oscar winner best-animated film. This is the story of a 12- year old named Miguel. It is based on the journey of the land of the dead. 

Dumbo (1941)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Britannica

In this movie, you will believe that an elephant can fly in one of the classics in Disney. It is one of the most beloved movies of the time. The story of this movie is based on a story of an abandoned elephant who is bullied everywhere but still, he finds his purpose in life through his physical abnormality. 

Fantasia (1940)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Heavy.com

It includes eight animated segments that are set to perform music by Philadelphia Orchestra. This is one of the most ambitious projects in the history of animation. It is appreciated by all ages and defines that art doesn’t need any explanation to be defined to kids. 

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Frozen (2013)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- PopCultureGuy

Still a favorite for many. Frozen is a phenomenon made around $1.2 billion worldwide. You can’t get enough of this and can watch it again and again on Disney plus. It is one of the biggest animated shows of all the time. 

Ice Age(2002)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Cinema Crazed

Only one part of Ice Age is available on Disney plus right now. It is the most loved of the times. It’s the first part that started it all. Everybody loves their characters- Manny, a crazy sloth Sid and Diego a saber-tooth. 

Hercules (1997)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Time Out

After a kind of dark period for Disney after the successful release of movies like Lion king, Tarzan Pocahontas, and the hunchback of Notre dame it is great to remember these movies like these and watch them again.  It is a kind of goofy and kind of fun movie.  

The Incredibles (2004)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Vox

Movies like the Incredibles, dash, Elastigirl, and violet are considered the best modern superhero movies. Any list that doesn’t contain movies like that is just incomplete. It is just an adventure movie based on a family of superheroes. It’s great to rewatch it again on Disney plus.

Inside out(2015)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Letterboxd

This is based on the story of a girl who is emotional and being an emotional girl is considered ridiculous and melodramatic. In this movie, it is explained how to understand a human condition rather than arguably making it something big and an issue for any person.

The Jungle Book (1967/2016)

Best New Movies On Disney Plus
source- The Utah Statesman

This is the only movie that is worth your time to watch both the animated version and the original remake. The animated version has a nostalgic effect on us and it’s perfect from the original one. 

The Lion King (1994)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Gone With The Twins

People love to watch this movie again and again. It was a great comeback for Disney in the ’90s. It has a successful Broadway edition and lifelong fans. 

Moana (2016)

Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- TicketSource

It is one of the modern Disney films and the most empowering movie of the time. The story of a girl is described here who is willing to live all alone by herself in a strong masculine society and she finds a place to live in the modern Disney era.

Sleeping Beauty(1959)

50+ Best Movies On Disney Plus
source- Disney Plus

It is a beautiful piece of filmmaking and it is a lovely film released in 1959. It was a major turning point for the company that made history in all the fairy tales. 

Some other best movies to watch on Disney plus

  • Snow White and the Seven dwarfs(1937)
  • Tangled(2010)
  • The Simpsons movie (2007) 
  • The toy story trilogy(1995-2010)
  • Up(2009)
  • Wall-E(2008)
  • Wreck-it Ralph(2012)
  • Zootopia(2016)
  • Ant-man(2009)
  • The Avengers Saga(2012-2019)
  • Avatar(2009)
  • Black Panther
  • Captain Marvel(2019)
  • Captain America(2014)
  • Doctor Strange(2016)
  • Dumbo(2019)
  • The Fault In Our Stars
  • Freaky Friday(1976/2003)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy(2014/2017)
  • Hamilton(2020)
  • Hidden figures
  • Home alone(1990)
  • Iron man(2008)
  • Millions(2004)
  • Miracle(2004)
  • Newsies(1992)
  • Queen of Katwe(2016)
  • The Rookie(2002)
  • The Sound of Music(1965)
  • Splash
  • The Star Wars Saga
  • Willow(1988)

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