10 Best Motivational Movies till 2022 to Reignite the Motivational Flame Within You!!

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If you are looking for the Best Motivational Movies, then this article is the one written especially for your need and requirement. I have got the best Motivation Movies till 2022.

There comes a time in all of our lives, when irrespective of how strong we are, we need some inspiring words of motivation. When we hit our back to the wall and feel like nothing is going our way- we need that magical hand to pull us up and just reassure us that it will soon be okay. While sometimes we get our signs naturally, other times we have to work for it. That is why these amazing Motivational movies will help you find your hidden Inspirational and motivational messages.

It is very easy for all of us to watch movies anytime, anywhere. We have a lot of advanced technology tools that will help us quietly. Here are some of the best motivation movies specified as per IMDb ratings and reviews. These movies will give you some unconditional emotions and feelings.

Best Motivational Movies of All Times That Will Reignite the Motivational Flame Inside You

Well, such motivational movies will give you goosebumps and can easily grab your attention without affecting your choice. These movies are listed according to the IMDb ratings and are the best ones till 2022.

1. The Shawshank Redemption

Best Motivational Movies 2022

First to add its name among the Best Motivational Movies of All Times is The Shawshank Redemption.

  • Year of release- 1994
  • IMDb ratings- 9.3
  • Storyline-The story depends upon the 2 imprisoned men who bond together for many years. They both now finding peace and recovery for themselves under the act of honesty.
  • Cast- Tim Robbins, William Sadler, Morgan Freeman, and Bob Gunton.
  • Director- Frank Darabont

2. The Green Mile

Best Motivational Movies 2022

Green Mile is one of the most popular Motivational movies till 2022.

  • Year of release- 1999
  • IMDb ratings- 8.6
  • Storyline- Live guard story full of mysterious events. One charge on him can make a clear difference. False accuse is that he raped a child and kill her. Having some unusual gift with him.
  • Cast- Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, Bonnie Hunt, and David Morse.
  • Director- Frank Darabont

3. Whiplash

Best Motivational Movies 2022

Whiplash is another Best Motivational Movie of all time that is loved by the audience.

  • Year of release- 2014
  • IMDb ratings- 8.5
  • Storyline- One of the best Drummer wants to register at cutthroat music. His dreams get covered one by one with the help of its potential.
  • Cast- Miles teller, Melissa Benoist, J.K.Simmons, and Paul Reiser.
  • Director- Damien Chazelle

4. Scent of a Woman

Best Motivational Movies 2022

Another movie that has gained its rank among the Best Motivational Movies of All Times is The Scent of a Woman.

  • Year of release- 1992
  • IMDb ratings- 8
  • Storyline- One student needs money to fulfill his requirements. So he decided to do babysitting of an old blind man. Without knowing any circumstances of the offer he said yes. Now, what will happen to him?
  • Cast- Al Pacino, James Rebhorn, Gabrielle Anwar, and Chris O’Donnell
  • Director- Martin Brest 

5. Million Dollar Baby

Best Motivational Movies 2022

This is one of the Best Motivational Movies of 2022 list especially for all the women trying to make their way in their professional fields.

  • Year of release- 2004
  • IMDb ratings- 8.1
  • Storyline- A determined woman wants to become a professional in her field. Her trainer supports her very well to make her a boxer.
  • Cast- Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, and Jay Baruchel.
  • Director-  Clint Eastwood

6. Cinderella Man

Best Motivational Movies 2022

Another interesting Best Motivational Movie of All Times is The Cinderella Man. The name is enough to make you intrigued!!

  • Year of release- 2005
  • IMDb ratings- 8
  • Storyline- The story involves a professional boxer who challenged a man with more weight. He wants to become the champion of the rest.
  • Cast- Russell Crowe, Criag Bierko, Paul Giamatti, and Renee Zellweger.
  • Director- Ron Honward

7. Saving Private Ryan

Best Motivational Movies 2022

Another movie that deserves a worthy mention among the Best Motivational Movies of All Times is The Saving Private Ryan.

  • Year of release- 1998
  • IMDb ratings- 8.6
  • Storyline- Some soldiers made a huge group protect one of his troopers from their enemies. Normandy Landings is the place shown in this movie.
  • Cast- Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, and Tom Sizemore.
  • Director- Steven Spielberg

8. A Beautiful Mind

Best Motivational Movies 2022

We all have been fascinated by Cryptocurrencies. Well, if you still are, then this Best Motivational Movie of 2022 is made for you.

  • Year of release- 2001
  • IMDb ratings- 8.2
  • Storyline- A brilliant mathematician declares that he used to study cryptography. After declaring this, his life takes a U-turn.
  • Cast- Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plumer, and Ed Harris.
  • Director- Ron Honward

9. The Pursuit of Happyness

Best Motivational Movies 2022

Another amazing Best Motivational Movies of 2022 list is The Pursuit of Happiness.

  • Year of release- 2006
  • IMDb ratings- 8
  • Storyline- One side a struggling man and the other side his son. Finally, he gets his custody and wants to give him a beautiful life.
  • Cast- Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Brian Howe, and Thandie Newton.
  • Director- Gabriele Muccino

10. Hotel Rwanda

Best Motivational Movies 2022

Last but not the least, another thought-provoking movie that has gained its rank among the Best Motivational Movies of All Times is The Hotel Rwanda.

  • Year of release- 2004
  • IMDb ratings- 8.1
  • Storyline- A hotel manager in Africa wants to give some food and shelter to the refugees near him. Over 1000+ Tutsi refugees are there to treat. The place-name is Hutu militia in Rwanda, Africa.
  • Cast- Don Cheadle, Joaquin Phoenix, Sophie Okonedo, and Xolani Mali.
  • Director- Terry George

Wrapping UP

This concludes our list of the Best Motivational movies till 2022. We hope that you find the message of persistence and resilience from these movies to follow your passion. And all these motivational movies succeed in providing the inspiration you need to get back up and hold the command to your life.

Now, it’s your turn to try on these motivational Movies 2022 list, and let us know your favorite movie from the list in the comment section below.

I hope you found this article useful. Keep visiting Path of Ex for such insights.

Adiós. Que tenga un lindo día..!!

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What are some inspirational movies?

Pay It Forward, Moana, The Incredibles, and many more

Movies about overcoming adversity?

Hidden Figures, Remember the Titans, Rudy, and many more

What are the Inspirational Movies?

A beautiful mind, the life of pi, I am Kalam, and many more


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