5 Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers & Addresses | Updated 2023

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If you are unaware, let me tell you here are some of the Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers, as Minecraft’s response to the most popular Pokemon games on the GBA is Pixelmon servers. Some of them have realms resembling the Pokemon cities, and others let you battle, catch, and train Pokemon in your Minecraft Island! 

The pixel servers make you wander in the city, help in battle, and even give Pokemon training. The towns are still blocky even though the Pokemon resemble their anime equivalents. This unusual blending of blocky and animated Minecraft worlds hints at nostalgia. 

Every Pokemon server provides us with a unique feature that you have to apply to your Pokemon. Now let’s find the best Minecraft Pixelmon servers and catch ’em all!

List Of Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers Of 2023

Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers & Addresses

We’ve compiled a list of the best Minecraft Pixelmon servers available for Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft. This list contains the best servers, along with their Java and Bedrock addresses. Please be aware that every Pixelmon server has been modified, and many of them may require you to download modpacks for Minecraft and Forge.

1. MC Complex 

The MC Complex is a huge name to start our list with. It’s one of the few Minecraft Pixelmon servers on our list that use the Minecraft 1.19 update and later. It features trainers, gyms, and wild Pokemon to replicate the anime experience. However, it provides other game types if you decide not to enter its Pixelmon domain. The majority of them feature Pixelmon-inspired structures.

This Minecraft Pixelmon Server also includes some other Minecraft adventure maps in case you need a break. These include superheroes and cartoons, as well as many pop cultures.

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2. PokeSaga

Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers & Addresses
  • Server’s Modpack Pixelmon+
  • Server Address play.pokesaga.org

Intriguing adventures are added to the ordinary open world of Pixelmon in PokeSaga. The fascinating part is that we can access various guilds and world boss fights. The server contains modified maps, Pokemon gyms, brawls, and many active trainers and is one of the best Minecraft Pixelmon servers.

You can explore a variety of Pokemon universes to discover distinct worlds and various game styles. It works flawlessly on most modern machines, and the main lobby there is stunning, with enormous legendary Pokemon statues around it.

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3. Pixelmon Realms 

Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers & Addresses
  • Server’s Modpack Pixelmon Realms
  • Server Address play.pixelmonrealms.com

Beware of being misled by the server’s name; it has nothing to do with Minecraft Realms. The information this Minecraft Pixelmon Server offers might be superior to that found in most official Realms. It features about 800 Pokemons, which span the eight series generations. You can even battle some Pokemon bosses later on in your journey. On top of that, this Pixelmon server has several quests.

Some of them have NPC roles based on the first Pokemon games, making them come into the list of best Minecraft Pixelmon servers. To protect the system from becoming too crowded, it is divided into several smaller Realms. If none of this impresses you, the server has many fresh in-game recipes.

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4. Pokeland 

Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers & Addresses

Pokeland is one of the best Minecraft Pixelmon servers because it follows the same general strategy as others but provides a unique experience. Its main goal is to provide gamers with a Pokemon Earth where players can interact, explore, and find Pokemon.

However, you can buy them online if you can’t find the pocket monster you want. These Minecraft Pixelmon Server developers provide some enhancements that can be purchased. The best part? You can also get these by winning regular competitions. Players can win a variety of thrilling rewards, including cash.

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Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers & Addresses

AnubisMC is one of the best Minecraft Pixelmon servers, and are several features to support its claim. Like many other servers, it has over 800 Pokemons and several anime-specific places. There are also many unique locations, including a Pokemon city and an oasis. Players can take part in ongoing giveaways and server events on Anubis. Even Bedrock gamers are welcome to join the Minecraft Pixelmon Server survival section. However, due to limits on modifying, they won’t be able to obtain any of the Pokemon adventures.

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Wrapping Up

So this was all you had to know about the Best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers. I hope these five best Minecraft Pixelmon Servers helped you and enhanced your experience. You can connect with  Path of EX  to learn about more servers like Survival, Towny, and many more follow us for more updates.

Happy gaming!


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