The 5 Best Men’s Luxury Watch Models of 2021

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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One thing grown-up men should always remember is the fact that one of the most important standout pieces in a man’s wardrobe is his choice of a wristwatch. If you’re looking for a new timepiece that will fit you and your style, the sheer volume of brands spread all over out there can be very overwhelming.

In the middle of all of this, you may start asking yourself, which ones would be more suitable? But, as long as you end up with a watch that best suits both your style and current budget, there are no wrong answers. So here are a few examples of the best kinds of men’s watches you can look at and collect if you do indeed have the budget for it.

First, let’s focus on a few brands. Learning about these brands will help you zero in on what you should expect and what you should look for.

1. Hublot: Big Bang Unico Titanium

Hublot: Big Bang Unico Titanium; The 5 Best Men’s Luxury Watch Models of 2021

Back in 2005, Hublot released the Big Bang. And since then, this model has successfully come to embody most of the while Swiss watchmaking industry in the third millennium.

A perfect example is the Hublot Big Bang Unico Titanium. This is a fantastic watch that comes with a skeletonized dial, a black strap made of rubber connected to a deployment clasp, and all dolled up with a satin-finished bezel.

One of the coolest features of this watch is that there is no need to panic when you accidentally drop or hit your watch on a hard surface. That’s because this watch comes with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with a matte skeletonized case back that helps prevent unwanted scratches and cracks.

2. Alpina: Alpiner Quartz

Alpina: Alpiner Quartz
Source: Pinterest

This brand was acquired by Citizen in 2016. And since then, the adventure-themed watches of Alpina have become more and more interesting. One good example is the entry-level Alpiner Quartz. This is now available with a GMT option right on the strap or on a bracelet with a satin or polished finish. That of course comes with a grey or blue dials.

With the need to present its eco-credentials, this brand can feature the Seastrong Diver Gyre line. These models of watches are limited to only 1,883 pieces. Its Gyre has a Sellita automatic movement. This also features 300-meter water resistance and can come with either a 36mm or 44mm case, including a Nato-style strap. Both models are made from recycled plastics found on and collected from the oceans’ moving currents. 

3. Andersen Genève: Jumping Hours 40th Anniversary

Andersen Genève: Jumping Hours 40th Anniversary
Source: Watches by SJX

The brand was able to gain recognition from watch collectors all over the world. Back in 1985, Svend ANDERSEN developed the smallest calendar watch (6.5 x 17.4mm) that was ever produced. This watch was roughly the size of a match head. And because of that, he was awarded a world record from the Guinness Book of Records.

A good example of a watch that you can get out of this brand is the special 40th-anniversary version of the much-praised and sought-after Tempus Terrae world timer. This is powered by a movement based on the 2 crown mechanism that was developed by Louis Cottier back in the 1950s. Its most stand-out feature is a “blue-gold” dial that is made by carefully heating regular 21-carat gold with touches of iron.

Now that we got all the brands out of the way, top brands that aren’t as known but still better than the mediocre ones, here are a few examples that are a little bit more specific. Straight to the point.

4. Hamilton: Khaki Field Silicone Strap Watch

Hamilton: Khaki Field Silicone Strap Watch
Source: WatchGecko

It has been said that Hamilton was able to develop the very first field watches at a time where pocket watches were all still a thing. Having this made checking the time a little bit easier whenever people were too busy scrambling through trenches and foxholes.

A more modern version today features an all-silicon strap that comes with a fabric textured look and texture. And to wrap that all up, it also features a PVD coated stainless steel case.

5. Gucci: Silver GG2570 Watch

Gucci: Silver GG2570 Watch
Source: BE FORWARD Store

If we’re talking luxury, we can at least include one here that’s a bit mainstream. But can still carry its own when it comes to high-end fashion and luxury. Gucci is well known for a lot of kinds of products, from handbags to footwear and makeup accessories. But more importantly, they’re also well known for the watches they can produce.

If you’re planning to get one, a good model to get is this classic 1970s Italian designer reference, the Gucci Silver GG2570. This particular field watch brandishes the brand’s signature red and green striped band design, all tied up in a rounded stainless steel case.

So, are luxury watches a good investment?

In the end, a question like that might pop up in your mind. Are these things indeed worth the investment? Sure, most of the designs might become dated in a few years ahead in the future. But think of it this way. Besides the fact that these things are on the top end of luxury and dependability because they’re made to last for decades and decades, things that make you happy and content are always a good investment. So get out there and get your dream watch today!


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