5 Best Maps and Navigation Apps for Android in 2022

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A lot of people turn to google maps as a quick navigation tool but there are multiple apps available on the Google Play store to help you find locations easily. These apps will find you your nearest locations and will keep you at the right place at all times. Check out all the Best Maps and Navigation Apps for Android in 2022.

Not every app works best for every location. Relying on a single application might not be fruitful. That’s probably the biggest reason why you should try out multiple apps.

The navigation apps will keep you on the right path. We have tried to create for you a list that you can use at the time of need. These best maps and navigation apps for Android will make sure you are safe and sound at all times.

5 Best Maps and Navigation Apps for Android

Just enter your destination and the app will do all the work for you. This list has been carefully created to help you. After a lot of thought, we have written this article, helping you make the right choices.

1. Waze

Waze; Best Maps and Navigation Apps for Android in 2022

Waze is one of the best navigation apps available for Android users. It comes with great graphics and is easy to use and understand. It comes with live traffic tracking so you can always know how long you are to reach your destination. Get a time estimate and along with that, you can note any time change that may happen while you are on the way. Find out about construction happening on the road, crashes, police, and traffic to remain more vigilant and plan your trip accordingly. That’s why it is one of the best maps and navigation apps for Android in 2022.

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Features of Waze

  1. Find routes with bad traffic, to avoid it.
  2. Know about construction and other barriers that you might encounter on the way.
  3. Get live traffic data on this app.
  4. Play your favorite music, podcast, etc. right from Waze.
  5. Use Waze carpool to save money and travel in a carpool situation. 
  6. There are a variety of voice options to choose from.
  7. Find the nearest gas station to get quick assistance.

2. BackCountry Navigator

BackCountry Navigator; Best Maps and Navigation Apps for Android in 2022

The BackCountry Navigator GPS app is one of the best apps that can help you remain on track especially on the roads you’ve never been to. It has been mostly used by hikers all over the world to stay put. It shows you the way even when you don’t have an internet connection. With offline outdoor navigation, this app is one of the best maps and navigation apps for Android world has to offer. It uses your device storage memory to save maps so you might want to be on the lookout for some device storage on your Android device.

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Features of BackCountry Navigator

  1. It is of its kind offline navigation apps.
  2. You can use Android wear support to get the navigation on the wrists.
  3. Cell coverage is not necessary to use the app.
  4. The content available online is accurate and correct.
  5. Purchasing multiple addons to get advanced features.
  6. Use Topo maps that can be accessed without a cellular network.
  7. Add certain spots as favorite spots and markers on the map.

3. HERE WeGo Maps

HERE WeGo Maps; Best Maps and Navigation Apps for Android in 2022

HERE WeGo Maps is one of the apps that are capable of being better than the best apps available. It makes it very easy for you to navigate within the city. The model of the vehicle does not depend on when using the app. If you are stuck in a lonely place, looking for traffic, this app can be of great help to you. Navigate on the app or book a cab to find your way back home. It gives you multiple options to choose from so you never have to worry about being lost anywhere.

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Features of HERE WeGo Maps

  1. Multiple options are available to choose from.
  2. Take a cab, bike, or any public transport to reach your destination.
  3. Find out about the price of the vehicle you wish to take before you move out of your house.
  4. Compare various recommendations to choose what is best for you.
  5. Voice guidance helps you with hands-free navigation.
  6. Download maps on your device for when you are not connected to the internet.

4. Map Factor

Map Factor; Best Maps and Navigation Apps for Android in 2022

It is the most basic navigation app available on the play store. It is one of the best offline navigation apps with more than 30 million installs. Widely used for its being free and offline, it is used by many. This app uses an open street map to provide you with the basic navigation and map tool. By providing multiple unique features, Map factor offers services in more than 200 countries with a quick speech navigation facility.

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Features of Map Factor

  1. Voice navigation is available in multiple languages.
  2. This app provides customized speed limits that warn you.
  3. You can mark your favorite places and routes.
  4. Make use of day and night modes according to your needs.
  5. Different routes are available for bikes, cars, pedestrians, etc.
  6. Camera warnings help you stay out of trouble.  
  7. Block out certain routes that are full of traffic.

5. Maps.Me

Maps.Me; Best Maps and Navigation Apps for Android in 2022

It is a GPS navigation app for Android devices that you can use at any time. It features everything that you might be looking for in a good navigation app used by more than 140 million people. With turn-by-turn directions, it also gives offline maps so that you never get lost. Even when you don’t have the internet, you can find your way back. It has no in-app purchases and so is available free of cost, though it does contain ads that might come in the way. You can find hiking trails alongside many other places that might be missing on the other GPS, navigation apps online.

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Features of Maps.Me

  1. Use a car, bike, or cycle navigation route.
  2. Travel guides help you explore unique, different places.
  3. This guide can be used to find things to do locally and out traveling.
  4. GPS navigation helps you save space.
  5. Save locations for quick access.
  6. Share locations from the app with your friends. 

Wrapping Up

These maps and navigation apps for Android can be used to make your way through any place. We are assured that this list was resourceful to you and with them, you won’t ever lose your way. Let us know in the comments below what you feel about these apps and how we can be of further assistance to you.  


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