Top 8 Best Korean Food YouTube Channels You Can Follow

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Korean food is commonly known as the healthiest food because of its simple and traditional recipes. If you want to learn these techniques, then you need to watch some of the best Korean Food YouTube Channels. 

A proper Korean dish consists of a bowl of soup, a bowl of stew, a bowl of rice balls, and complimentary food on the side. Every recipe is made up of unique ingredients and is riched with lots of sweet & spicy flavors. 

The Best Korean Food YouTube Channels are-

  1. Maangchi
  2. Honeykki
  3. Seonkyoung Longest
  4. sweetandtastyTV
  5. Keemi
  6. Future Neighbor
  7. Aeri’s Kitchen
  8. Angela Kim

Now, I will provide you every single detail about these Korean Food Youtube Channels. In the description, you will come to know some basic things like- subscriptions, views, recipes, and much more.

List Of The Best Korean Food YouTube Channels

Before we start discussing the famous Korean Food Youtube Channels, you need to know that the channels are listed down as per their high-quality content. Some of them may have fewer subscribers but content-wise they are awesome. 

Top 8 Best Korean Food YouTube Channels You Can Follow
Source: The Spruce Eats


YouTube Link

This food YouTube channel is hosted by one of the best Korean food experts- Maangchi. Her channel is full of Korean recipes, cooking techniques, spices, and ingredients. She enjoys every moment while cooking in the kitchen and does some creativity with her recipes.

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Source: YouTube

Her channel brings out the best Korean recipes filled with amazing spices. Recipes like- traditional Kimchi, Fluffy homemade bread, Korean Fried Chicken, Vegetable Pancake, etc are mostly considered in her food videos.

  • Subscribers- 5.44 Million
  • Overall Views- 581 Million
  • Total Videos- 423
  • Joined Date- 3rd of April, 2007


YouTube Link

Honeykki is one of the best Korean Food YouTube Channels and is hosted by Kulki. Her channel involves awesome and indulging recipes with proper instruction. The host of this food channel uploads new videos every Monday and Thursday. If you want to learn new Korean recipes in a twisted manner, then Honeykki is best for you.

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Source: YouTube

Follow every instruction that is available on her food videos and prepare your own Korean dish within a few minutes. Some famous recipes from her channel are- Kumquat Victoria Cake, Bread Loaf, French Toast & Dakgalbi, etc.

  • Subscribers- 2.17 Million
  • Overall Views- 263 Million
  • Total Videos- 419
  • Joined Date- 24th of November, 2013

Seonkyoung Longest

YouTube Link

In this Korean Food Channel, you will come to learn major cooking skills and useful methods too. This amazing channel has been hosted by Seonkyoung since 2011. Apart from any local or identified Korean dish, she tells you more about ingredients, spices, and flavorings. In her vision, these 3 things are so important to express your feelings in front of others. She does a live cooking show on her channel.

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Source: YouTube

Her channel involves some famous recipes like- Tom Yum Kung Recipe, Vegan Gyoza Recipe, etc.

  • Subscribers- 1.78 Million
  • Overall Views- 165 Million
  • Total Videos- 610
  • Joined Date- 2nd of November, 2011


YouTube Link

As the name suggests, this food channel is filled with sweet and tasty recipes with appropriate instructions which you can follow. Simple recipes are very easy to make, but when it comes to a Korean Dish. Then trust me you need proper guidance and an ingredients list too. 

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Source: YouTube

This channel involves some unique and upcoming recipes like- Korean Dumplings, Seaweed Rolls, Rice Balls, Vegan Stir-Fried, etc.

  • Subscribers- 1.18 Million
  • Overall Views- 167 Million
  • Total Videos- 542
  • Joined Date- 21st of November, 2005


YouTube Link

Keemi is a well-known Food YouTuber who always wants to answer a simple question- “How to cook?” This question has been asked by so many viewers on her channel and she does answer them with her cooking videos. Her cooking videos are so easy to understand. You all can write down the whole recipe plus ingredients too that are used to make a particular dish.

Source: YouTube

Some unique and exotic recipes of her channel are- Seafood Ramyun, Cheese Corn Kimchi Fried Rice, Korean Army base Stew Recipe, etc.

  • Subscribers- 900K
  • Overall Views- 201 Million
  • Total Videos- 666
  • Joined Date- 7th of September, 2015

Future Neighbor

YouTube Link

This food channel is all about Korean recipes, cooking techniques, new & molded dishes, and unique ingredients used to make a proper dish. Every week you can enjoy cooking with your family. You just have to follow each step that is mentioned in her food videos.

Source: YouTube

Her recipes are so good-looking and impressive. Some of them are- simple Crab Egg Drop Soup, Spicy Korean Tofu, Spicy Korean Fish Cake, etc.

  • Subscribers- 371K
  • Overall Views- 33 Million
  • Total Videos- 401
  • Joined Date- 26th of December, 2016

Aeri’s Kitchen

YouTube link

This food YouTube channel has been hosted by Aeri since 2008. Authentic and modern Korean recipes are included in this channel with accurate ingredients quantity and quality. Each recipe is so easy to make and you can try them without facing any difficulty or problem. Wonderful Korean Cuisine is also included by the host of this channel.

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Source: YouTube

Some cool and simple recipes are- Folded Spicy California Rolls, 3 Korean Side Dishes Series, Korean Thistle, etc.

  • Subscribers- 187K
  • Overall Views- 17 Million
  • Total Videos- 320
  • Joined Date- 26th of March, 2008

Angela Kim

YouTube Link

Angela Kim started her career as a food blogger and now most of us know her as a famous Korean Food YouTuber. Every week she shares food videos of many different recipes like- Christmas recipes, seafood recipes, soup recipes, Pancakes, and much more. 

Source: YouTube

Also, she includes DIY food, trip photos, lifestyle, and unique recipes in her food channel. 

  • Subscribers- 105K
  • Overall Views- 15 Million
  • Total Videos- 430
  • Joined Date- 7th of November, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

What is typical Korean food?

1. Chimaek
2. Hangover Stew
3. Samgyeopsal
4. Soft Tofu Stew
5. Jjajangmyeon, etc

Is Korean food healthy?

Yes, Korean food is considered to be healthier and tasty according to the major sources.

What is so special about Korean fried chicken?

Korean Fried Chicken is superiorly different and totally reflects Asia-Style cooking technique with proper transparent crust.

Final Verdict

All the above-mentioned Korean Food YouTube Channels are the best to watch as they provide you exciting recipes and cooking methods. Some of them have unique food content and some of them have great experience in the same category. 

Do share your views and thoughts with me in the comment box. 

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