The Best Kindle Ebook to Buy in 2020

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Shivangi Gupta
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Are you still wondering which is the best Kindle ebook to buy? Or is it becoming difficult for you to shift from paperbacks? If yes, then don’t worry because we are here to tell you all about the best Kindle eBook available in the market. 

If you love reading, then you will agree when we say that there is no greater pleasure in life than sitting on a comfy sofa with a nicely brewed coffee and your favorite book. With these amazing pleasures comes the hardship of carrying your favorite books everywhere, every time.

We know that many people still prefer the old classic backpacks (because of the smell! Oh God!), but if you travel a lot, then carrying so many books all together can be a huge task. Why compromise and leave your favorite party dress for making space for just one book, when you can carry a whole library with you! You heard it right. A whole damn library.

Ebooks are the new compatible libraries that you can carry all around the world without any hustle. 

The ebooks and Kindles go way back to 2007 when Amazon’s first Kindle came out. From that time to now, Amazon has come up with so many amazing Kindle ebook options for you to buy from. 

The best kindle eBook that you can buy today

Amazon Kindle (2019)

Best Kindle Ebook
Source: The Verge


Resolution167 (Pixels per Inch)
Dimensions6.3 x 4.5 x 0.3 (Inches)
Weight6.1 Ounces
Claimed Battery Life4 weeks
Physical Page Turn ButtonsNo
Built-In LightYes
Water ResistanceNo
Screen Size 6 (Inches)
Positive PointsSolid Lighting OptionsAttractive ScreenComfortable Design
Negative PointsTedious MenusSo-so text resolution

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Best Kindle Ebook
Source: The Indian Express

The Amazon Kindle is one of the best Kindle ebooks. This Kindle is the most basic one which comes at a very affordable price. If you are looking for a budget-friendly Kindle, this one is a catch for you. This Amazon Kindle retails for $89. 

The Amazon Kindle has a touch-screen display. This lightweight Kindle offers you all kinds of books, classics to recent updates. 

The Amazon Kindles also offer you special memberships like Goodreads and Kindle Unlimited. At a small price, you get all the things possible. This is the most used Kindles of all because of its variant features and affordable prices. 

Especially, if you work all day and get time to read only at night, then this is the best Kindle for you. The Kindle has front-facing lighting which will let you read without worrying about people being disturbed. 

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018)

Best Kindle Ebook
Source: Business Insider


Resolution300 (Pixels Per Inch)
Dimensions6.6 x 4.6 x 0.3 (Inches)
Weight6.4 Inches
Claimed Battery Life6 weeks
Physical Page-Turn ButtonsNo
Built-in LightYes
Water ResistanceYes, IPX8
Screen Size6 Inches
Positive PointsWaterproofBluetooth for AudiobooksScreen 
Negative PointsPower Adapter Sold Separately$10 Price bump over Predecessor
Best Kindle Ebook
Source: Amazon

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is a supreme Kindle with so many new features and better looks. The Kindle Paperback is a flat-out Kindle. If you are an active e-reader, then the Paperwhite is the best Kindle ebook you can have. 

This Kindle was launched in 2015. Amazon released the updated version of the Kindle Paperwhite in November 2018. 

In the upgrade, the paperwhite has got Audible integration and many other premium features. 

This has become very difficult to read in today’s busy world, and even if you take time to read concentration is always compromised. With audiobooks and ebooks, you can just sit and relax with your earphone on and listen to all your favorite books.

This device is available at the price of $129.  

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Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019)

Best Kindle Ebook
Source: The Verge


Resolution300 (Pixel Per Inch)
Dimensions6.3 x 5.6 x 0.13-0.33 (Inches)
Weight 6.6 Ounces
Claimed Battery Life6 weeks
Physical Page Turn ButtonsYes
Built-In LightYes
Water ResistanceYes, IPX8
Screen Size7 Inches
Positive PointsSleek Metallic DesignWater ResistantSharp, Well-lit Display
Negative PointsExpensiveNo Charger Included

The Amazon Oasis is the iPhone of Kindle. No Comparison but the Kindle Oasis seems to be a lot like the iPhone 12, one of the most expensive and it comes without a charger! 

Keeping the negative things aside, the Amazon Kindle Oasis is the most classy and sleek-looking Kindle. If you need aesthetics around you while you read, the Oasis is for you. This Kindle might not give the old paperback feel while reading, but it will definitely make you feel very chic and elegant.

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Being the most expensive Kindle, the Oasis offers you all kinds of premium features and good looks.  

The Amazon Kindle Oasis is available at a price of $269.99.

Feature Image Credits: TechRadar


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