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Pallvi Khajuria
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If somebody wants to know about the best kids games for PC, then this article would be very helpful for them. It includes the best kids games for PC. Most of them are highly reviewed in a very broad manner. 

From the start, I would like to share my point of view regarding these games. As these games are very interesting and can be easily downloaded on the pc. There were a lot of games related to the new technology. But I would like to share these best kids’ games for pc.

The list is given below includes 5 best kids games for PC:-

  1. Cuphead.
  2. Overwatch.
  3. Minecraft.
  4. Sea of thieves.
  5. Sonic Mania.

These games are very useful to develop some personal skills. Attention and concentration is the basic need for these games. No wonder why they are on the top list. Kids can enjoy the features of these games in a very excellent manner.

5 Best Kids Games for PC

These games can be very interesting from my point of view. Each game has features that can be upgraded. More information regarding these games are as follows:-


Cuphead: Best Kids Games for PC
Source: Steam

The most known and the most played game is “Cuphead”. It is one of the best kids’ games having some good animations. There were a lot of versions created for this particular game but have different names and logos. Such as- cuphead ps4, cuphead switch, and cuphead gameplay. 

The gameplay is to plan and draw a path for your character. So that he/she can reach the final level. It reminds us of classic arcade machine games. Best gaming skills can be developed in many forms. But most of them are not so easy to understand. That’s why the gameplay is very much needed.


  • More than 2 players can control the animated character.
  • Mild cartoon violence is included.
  • It has a unique title.


  • Smooth controls.
  • Reliability occurs.
  • Functionality is maintained.


  • Levels difficulty.
  • Sometimes advanced skills are required.
  • Violence occurs inside the game.


Overwatch: Best Kids Games for PC
Source: Nintendo

It is a team-based multiplayer game for kids. In this game, every unique character has its functionality and features. Some other names are used for this game as- overwatch steam and overwatch league. Overwatch 2 is the updated version of this game. 

Gameplay mode includes multiplayer for shooting activity. We can escort a payload between points on the map. Sequentially secure the control of points on the map.


  • Team-based combat.
  • Quickplay.
  • Competitive skills maintained.
  • Wide range of characters.


  • Less babysitting is required.
  • Crowd control is good.
  • Stall potential.
  • Defensive options.
  • The frontline cover is better.


  • The range is limited.
  • The learning curve is high.
  • Offensive options.
  • Mobility is not there.
  • Low damage.


Minecraft: Best Kids Games for PC
Source: Minecraft

Some games can make you feel at home and some of them are quite boring. But this game has its visuality in a very good manner. It is a sandbox video game for kids. Having unique levels for defining their functions. Other versions of this game are- Minecraft classic, Minecraft pocket edition, and Minecraft java edition for elders to play. 

All editions required different modes of files. Its gameplay is quite simple and very interesting. We can create and break various kinds of blocks in 3D.


  • Exploring new gaming techniques.
  • Having creative effect.


  • Best Crafting.
  • Best building simulator.
  • Play for free.
  • Master craft is available.


  • World boundary limit.
  • Lack of parental control.
  • Server problem occurs.

Sea of Thieves 

Sea of Thieves: Best Kids Games for PC
Source: Polygon

It is an adventurous game for the kids. Different roles are made to make this game more interesting. As they have to play the role of the pirate to become the legend one. Other versions are- the sea of thieves ps4 and sea of thieves steam. 

Its graphics and physics are too good. That’s why the gameplay includes a pirate who wants to be a legendary one at the end of each level. A 2-D platform is the basic feature of this game.


  • Exploring functionality.
  • Character customization is excellent.


  • Solve riddles.
  • Develop skills.


  • No upgraded version.

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania: Best Kids Games for PC
Source: Nintendo

The games involve some zones with individual functionality. These zones can also be called levels. At each level, we have to pass on some difficulties. Sonic performs as a drop dash which sends the character to roll after a jump. Another name for this game is sonic the hedgehog. 

Multiple characters are the basic gameplay as they have to play their role. After some levels, the difficulty may occur due to the expansion of each character.


  • Optimized.
  • Reliable.
  • Power functioning.
  • New playable characters.


  • Controller support.
  • Play free.
  • New modes are available.


  • Addictive.
  • Difficult to play after each level.

Final Verdict

Video games are a good form of media having some negative health consequences. However, some of them are more interested as per the choice. They are a good source of stress relief as well as mental health. Improves and develops social skills in a very good manner. 

I believe that these games can make your child socially active. As in some places videogames play an important role. Like in schools and colleges further skills can be improved if you know some basic concepts.

Feature Image Credits: Kids-LovetoKnow


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