Jake Combos In MultiVersus | Moves, Abilities & Special Attacks

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Dealing with a lot of damage against a rival is a win-win in any case. Players strive to fight their opponent with full zeal. And clearly, Jake Combos in MultiVersus is exactly why they are here for. In this article, you will find a detailed guide on Jake Combos in MultiVersus. Go on to see How your moves and inputs may bring out the best from you!

We have encountered a lot of different combos of various characters till now. Be it Harley Quinn. Bugs Bunny, Velma, or Batman. But the Jake combos are just going to provide you an edge above all of them. They provide you with creativity, power, and a lot of opportunities to go along with the game.

Have a look underneath to learn the in-depth information about all the Jake Combos in MultiVersus. Go on to see how different inputs may upscale your game to another level.

Input guide for Jake

Jake Combos In MultiVersus | Moves, Abilities & Special Attacks

Input legend

  • DC: Dodge Cancel
  • Jab: Side attack on the ground
  • N: Neutral
  • D: Down
  • S: Side
  • U: Up
  • Light (e.g. S-Light): Ground attack in the corresponding direction
  • Air (e.g. S-Air): Aerial attack in the corresponding direction
  • Special (e.g. S-Special): Special attack in the corresponding direction

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Jake Combos in MultiVersus | Special Attacks

Jake Combos In MultiVersus | Moves, Abilities & Special Attacks

Jake combos in MultiVersus

  • Jab 1, U-Light
  • Jab 1, N-Special
  • N-Air, D-Air
  • D-Air 1, N-Air
  • N-Air, S-Air
  • S-Air, N-Air
  • U-Air 1, N-Air
  • N-Air, N-Special
  • D-Air 1, DC, N-Special
  • D-Air 1, DC, U-Special
  • S-Special, N-Air
  • U-Special, U-Air
  • U-Special, N-Air

Make a Note: The numbers are used to mark the individual parts of a move with multiple hits (e.g. D-Air 1 would be the first hit of Jake’s skateboard attack). However, you may choose to be creative of all by combining the combos to deal a greater amount of damage to the opponent. Make sure you choose them wisely and in the right circumstances.

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Jake Moves In MultiVersus

Jake Combos In MultiVersus | Moves, Abilities & Special Attacks

Jake basic attacks

  • Eat Spikes!/Belly Bump – Neutral + Attack
  • Funky Junk – Side + Attack
  • You Axe’d For It!/Mace In Yo Face – Up + Attack
  • Splits!/Where’s My Halfpipe? – Down + Attack

Jake special attacks

  • Rubber Stomach, Dude! – Neutral + Special
  • Giddy Up! – Side + Special
  • Stretchin’ Out – Up + Special
  • That’s Heavy, Dude – Down + Special

Passive abilities

  • Nil – Jake does not have any passive abilities.

Jake is expected to hold great bullying against his opponents. He formulates his best attacks overall with the known Jake Combos in MultiVersus, like side air attack (S-Air) and neutral air attack (N-Air) and is a great holder for his well-wishers.

Watch Jake Combos In MultiVersus

Wrapping Up

This was all about Jake Combos in MultiVersus. I hope you got the best treasure for yourself with the above-mentioned amazing combos overall. Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts and we will get back to you asap.



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