10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

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As we know, it can be difficult to get a good rural internet connection, however, Internet Service Providers are the best option for remote broadband access. Due to the expansion of the fiber and cable network, rural areas are now becoming the internet zones with multiple top internet providers. I know you might be thinking about HughesNet, Starlink, or Viasat only, but there are various options available for you. This will help you to get the reliable and fastest internet connection. So let’s get started with the best internet for rural areas that I have mentioned below.

The moment we think about the internet connection in rural areas, we began to look for the fastest download speed, data caps, and better connectivity plans to enjoy streaming without any buffering issues. You might think these options are hard to find in remote regions and may cost you more. Let me tell you, there is always a solution to a problem. I have researched your queries and prepared the list of affordable and fastest internet providers.

If you want to know more about the best internet for rural areas, go through the internet providers list that is accessible in your region. Choose any of them and enjoy the best internet connectivity.

Best Internet for Rural Areas 

10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

As we all know, a quick, stable network connection at home is required by everyone. Satellite internet is the first thing that comes to our mind when we begin to search for the best internet for rural areas. Today, people in remote regions have far more internet possibilities than ever before, thanks to increasing fiber and cable TV expansion. It has given rise to innovative internet advancements to eliminate the technology gap.

There are so many internet providers in rural areas. To know which one is best, here are my recommendations for the main providers most likely to be accessible in remote locations. It is based on characteristics like accessibility, bandwidth, price, data caps, and customer satisfaction.

1. Viasat | Best High-Speed Internet Provider

10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

Viasat is a telecommunications firm headquartered in Carlsbad, California, with activities throughout the United States and internationally. Viasat is a powerful supplier of high satellite internet services and secured networking technologies. Viasat provides the best high-speed internet to the locations where standard domestic internet providers do not reach. That is why Viasat ranks as the best internet for rural areas.

ViasatBest High-Speed Internet Provider
Download Speed12–100 Mbps
Data Cap12–150 GB
Connection TypeSatellite

Pros of Viasat-

  1. Speed up to three times quicker than traditional DSL.
  2. People can sign up for the download speed up to 100+ MBPS.
  3. Price Lock Guarantee. 
  4. Avoid any unexpected price rise.

Cons of Viasat-

  1. Limited coverage up to 50 states.
  2. Expensive internet provider.

2. CenturyLink | Best Affordable DSL Internet Provider

10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

CenturyLink has possibly the largest service area of any internet service provider. It primarily covers urban and rural areas across 36 states. The majority of that connectivity, roughly 77 percent, comes through CenturyLink’s DSL connection. It implies that several people in rural areas in CenturyLink’s service centers will probably only be suitable for DSL. CenturyLink is the best internet for rural areas with its affordable plans.

Century LinkBest Affordable DSL Internet Provider
Price$50-$65 per month
Download Speed100-940 Mbps
Data Cap1TB
Plans$50-$105 per month
Connection TypeDSL, fiber-optic

Pros of CenturyLink-

  1. Faster Connectivity with 24/7 support.
  2. Fast- In-home Wifi.
  3. Connects you with streaming providers.
  4. No bundling and no contract.
  5. Greater Customer satisfaction.

Cons of CenturyLink-

  1. The fiber network is available in limited areas.
  2. Limited data cap.
  3. No internet option for cable.

3. Kinetic by Windstream | Fastest Download Speed

10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

Kinetic by Windstream possesses the best and the quickest DSL speed. It also provides the highest-fiber optic network percentages of any remote ISP. Kinetic by Windstream is considered the outstanding and best internet for rural areas. Kinetic provides internet connection in 18 states throughout the Midwest, South, and East of the United States. Despite being generally accessible in rural and suburban regions, fiber technologies are used by roughly 1/3 of Windstream’s networks.

Kinetic by WindstreamFastest Download Speed
Download Speed50–1000 Mbps
Data CapUnlimited
PlansStarting from $29 per month
Connection TypeDSL, fiber-optic

Pros of Kinetic by Windstream-

  1. Best for streaming and online gaming.
  2. Provides DSL, fiber optic, and cable internet.
  3. Discount for low-income households.

Cons of Kinetic by Windstream-

  1. Limited coverage.
  2. Prices are uneven, with significant differences.

4. T-Mobile Home Internet | Best 5G Home Internet

10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

T-Mobile is the second-largest telecommunications company in the United States with around 108.7 million users. 5G is a top pick for your device, however, it can also enhance home web access, particularly if you live in a remote region. T-Mobile now boasts the most 5G connectivity, with 30 million residences covered throughout 40 states. So, I must say T-Mobile is the best internet for rural areas.

T- Mobile Home InternetBest 5G Home Internet
Download Speed25–100 Mbps
Data CapUnlimited
PlansStarting from $50
Connection TypeWireless
AvailabilityGreatest coverage

Pros of T-Mobile Home Internet-

  1. No data caps or contracts.
  2. Equipment with no extra money.
  3. Fastest internet.

Cons of T-Mobile Home Internet-

  1. Internet speed varies considerably.
  2. Lengthy connection times for a few servers.
  3. Several router functionalities are missing from the modem.

5. Ziply Fiber | Affordable Home Internet Provider

10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

Ziply Fiber delivers multigigabit broadband connections in selected rural regions in the Northwest, with high-speed internet plans available. The multigigabit program was just given out to 170,000 houses, with intentions to extend it to all residences inside its developing fiber network. Ziply is considered one of the fastest-growing internet service providers in the Northwest. Check the amazing plans of Ziply Fiber as it provides the best internet for rural areas.

Ziply FiberAffordable Home Internet Provider
Price$20-$300 per month
Download Speed50-5,000Mbps
Data CapUnlimited 
PlansStarting from $20- $300
Connection TypeDSL, fiber-optic
AvailabilityLimited coverage

Pros of Ziply Fiber-

  1. No data caps.
  2. No Contract conditions.
  3. 30-day money-back guarantee.
  4. 25x faster upload speeds.

Cons of Ziply Fiber-

  1. Limited offers.
  2. Limited Fiber coverage.
  3. Limited availability.

6. Rise Broadband | Best Fixed Wireless Internet Provider

10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

Rise Broadband is a major wireless internet company that serves approximately 6% of US homes, some of which are located in remote regions. Coverage is available in 16 states, with the greatest maintenance in Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Texas, and Utah. Rise Broadband’s fixed wireless network, identical to satellite internet, does not need strong connections to the home. It provides access to those in remote locations where cable, fiber-optic, or even communication systems are unavailable. Rise Broadband offers amazing service and is the best internet for rural areas.

Rise BroadbandBest Fixed Wireless Internet Provider
Download Speed25–50 Mbps
Data Cap250 GB–Unlimited
PlansStarting from $35-&75
Connection TypeFixed wireless

Pros of Rise Broadband-

  1. No direct cables are required.
  2. High data offerings than satellite.
  3. Best for online gaming.

Cons of Rise Broadband-

  1. Maximum speed only upto 50 Mbps.
  2. Service disturbances in bad weather.
  3. $11 monthly hardware fee is mandatory.

7. AT&T Internet | Fastest DSL Internet

10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

AT&T is the fastest and most affordable fixed wireless internet connection. AT&T brings the best internet for rural areas as well as to small businesses. An external antenna and an inside Wifi network router are used to connect business. AT&T provides an access to download and stream anything without any buffering issues.

AT&T InternetFastest DSL Internet
Download Speed75–100 Mbps
Data Cap1 TB–Unlimited
PlansStarting from $55
Connection TypeDSL

Pros of AT&T Internet-

  1. No data caps.
  2. No annual contract.
  3. No hardware fees.
  4. 24/7 security for fiber subscribers.

Cons of AT&T Internet-

  1. Low streaming quality.
  2. Limited coverage.

8. EarthLink | Provides Best Customer Service

10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

According to New York Times, Earthlink is the second-biggest Internet provider behind America Online. Earth Link internet provides you with unlimited data to enjoy a high-speed internet connection. Despite the unlimited data with high-speed internet, Earthlink provides the best customer service. Although utilizing connections from AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, Verizon, and Viasat, this Internet receives great rankings for consumer service. This is an outstanding option for providing the best internet for rural areas.

EarthLinkProvides Best Customer Service
Download Speed3–1000 Mbps
Data CapUnlimited
Plans$49.95 per month
Connection TypeDSL
AvailabilityLimited coverage

Pros of EarthLink-

  1. Amazing customer service.
  2. Choices for fiber and wireless internet.

Cons of EarthLink-

  1. Limited availability.
  2. Plans vary for different locations.
  3. Maintenance and interruptions are not managed by Earth Link.

8. HughesNet | Affordable Internet Provider

10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

HughesNet provides the best internet for rural areas with the best plans plus greater value. It has lower entry costs and provides little comfort from the heavy price of satellite internet. HughesNet provided additional data (50 GB) irrespective of the plan a customer chooses. This is known as the Bonus Zone. This 50 GB of data is provided between 2 AM and 8 AM.

HughesNetAffordable Internet Provider
Download Speed25Mbps
Data Cap15–75 GB
PlansStarting from $64.99/mo.
Connection TypeSatellite
AvailabilityGreatest coverage

Pros of HughesNet-

  1. No price increase for two years.
  2. Ability to upload extra data as well as free Bonus Zone data
  3. Plans and prices are completely transparent.

Cons of HughesNet-

  1. Max download speed is only 25Mbps.
  2. Data caps are low.
  3. Price varies for a few plans.

9. Xfinity | Best cable Internet with Extra Value

10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

Xfinity is an amazing broadband service that serves as an internet provider with loads of studies on its rates, download speeds, and data caps. Xfinity has the most reliable download speeds. It is the best internet for rural areas. Although its prices range according to the different locations. However, its speed remains constant throughout the US. Xfinity also provides competitive prices over other internet providers.

XfinityBest cable Internet with Extra Value
Download Speed50–1200 Mbps
Data Cap1.2 TB
PlansStarting from $19.99/mo.
Connection TypeCable 
AvailabilityAcross the US

Pros of Xfinity-

  1. Fastest download speed.
  2. Competitive prices.
  3. Availability across the US.

Cons of Xfinity-

  1. Prices vary according to different locations.
  2. Poor Custom service

10. Mediacom | Cheap Cable Internet in Rural Areas

10 Best Internet for Rural Areas to Get High-Speed Internet

Mediacom as a cable operator can offer far greater speed than DSL, satellites, or wireless service. However, its coverage is less. Mediacom is the fifth biggest internet service company in the United States. Mediacom serves almost 22 states, most of which are in the midwest and south. In almost every way, its internet plans are ordinary.

MediacomCheap Cable Internet in Rural Areas
Price$19.99-$80 per month
Download Speed60-1,000Mbps
Data Cap200-6,000GB
PlansStarting from $19.99/mo.
Connection TypeCable

Pros of Mediacom-

  1. Fastest download speed.
  2. Lowest promotional Prices.

Cons of Mediacom-

  1. Most of the plans have annual price increases.
  2. 60Mbps package comes with limited data.

Wrapping Up

As you know the internet in rural areas is worse compared to the city. To overcome this problem, the above-mentioned internet providers can help you to provide fast and reliable internet. Whether you want to play an online game or want to stream high-resolution videos, install these internet providers and get the best internet for rural areas. I hope you find this article useful. Keep visiting Path of EX for all the trending stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get high-speed internet in rural areas?

To get high-speed internet in rural areas, you can choose any of the internet providers like Viasat, CenturyLink, Kinetic by Windstream, HughesNet T-Mobile Home internet, and many more.

How to get fiber optic internet in rural areas?

To get fiber optic internet in rural areas like CenturyLink, Kinetic by Windstream, or Ziply Fiber.

Is Satellite Internet a good option?

Yes, satellite internet is an excellent option in rural areas.

What is the best rural internet for gaming?

The best rural internet for gaming is AT&T Internet, T-Mobile home internet, and Kinetic by Windstream.

How can I use high-speed Internet in rural areas?

You can use high-speed internet with the help of the top Internet Providers.


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