10 Best Instagram Halloween Filters to Try Now!

Instagram Halloween Filters

Halloween brings the spooky festive spirit right from the beginning of October. So, do you know the best Instagram Halloween filters you can try this season? Here is a list of the 10 best scary, cute, and spooky Halloween filters that you will find on Instagram. Try to see how you can look scary without the hassle of getting all dressed up.

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So, which filters should you try this Halloween season? Here is a list of the 10 best Instagram Halloween filters.

Scary Instagram Halloween Filters

Instagram Halloween Filters

Try some of the scariest Instagram Halloween filters this season. Here are my favorite scary Halloween-themed filters on the app. Give them a try!

1. Scary Black Eyes by _mobius

Instagram Halloween Filters

This filter is perfect to get your scary face on for Halloween. This filter changes your eyes to pitch black. Giving you the scary ghostly look.

2. Ghost Scary V1 by Itsrohitcouhan

Instagram Halloween Filters

This is one scary filter that will haunt your dreams. You will be turned into a very scary ghost with this filter. A ghost with ghastly eyes and fangs. This Halloween Instagram filter is sure to scare everyone who sees your photos!

3. SCARY by nhanaa.tasmin

Instagram Halloween Filters

Instagram’s this Halloween filter will turn you into a bloody-thirty Dracula. With added effect for bruises on your face. This looks realistic and scary. Try this one from the Instagram Halloweeen filters.

4. Scary Clown by jonathan_gil_211

Instagram Halloween Filters

The name of the filter is self-explanatory. Be a scary clown this season. While clowns can be intimidating turn yourself into a scary one this Halloween.

Cute Instagram Halloween Filters

Instagram Halloween Filters

Want to look scary but cute these Halloween? Here are some of the best cute Instagram Halloween filters you can try.

1. Bloody Hands by theyhatelaura

Instagram Halloween Filters

This filter is spooky and cute enough for Halloween. This one adds imprints of bloody hands on the side of your face. Making your look cute with a little bit of Halloween spirit.

2. Halloween filters by _santabarbara_

Instagram Halloween Filters

One of the cutest Halloween filters you can find on Instagram. The filter adds cute bats around your eyes. Plus, you can change the color of the bats to match your outfit or makeup.

3. Holographic Mask by cecevagra

Instagram Halloween Filters

This is another spooky filter but in a cute way. You can use this for Halloween to show your festive spirit. Turn yourself into cute & spooky cat women. Not just another cat woman but a futuristic cat woman.

4. Ghost cute by _doris.ng_

Instagram Halloween Filters

Instagram’s Ghost cute will give you adorable ghost freckles. Try this one with your friends this Halloween. Making you and your gang look adorable in a fun and festive way.

Spooky Instagram Halloween Filters

Instagram Halloween Filters

Halloween is a scary holiday. With everyone dressed up as ghosts and zombies. Try these Instagram Halloween filters this season and show your spooky side.

1. Vampyr by renemily

Instagram Halloween Filters

Vampyr is the perfect Halloween filter you can use on Instagram. It will make you look like a vicious scary vampire. Try this filter now on Instagram.

2. Catrina Calavera by anashumm

Instagram Halloween Filters

This Instagram Halloween filter gives spooky gothic vibes. Use this filter to turn into a Gothic Zombie this season. This filter blends spooky, festive, and charming very well. Give it a try and see yourself.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have some of the best scary, cute, and spooky Halloween filters you can try on Instagram. These Instagram Halloween filters will make this holiday a lot more fun and exciting. We will keep coming up with more such trending stuff. Keep visiting Path of EX!

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