Best Instagram Follower Tracking Apps 2021

Best Instagram Follower Tracking Apps 2021

We all certainly use many Social Media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and more. While using Instagram, have you seen some changes in your follower section and wonder how is it shifting numbers. You can now track numbers with some amazing Instagram follower tracking apps.

Thanks to the growing technology, we can now track anything and everything with just an app on our phones. It always bothered me when I saw the followers list on Instagram go down without any reason. After struggling a lot between different apps, I managed to list out some of the best tracking apps.

The list of the best Instagram Followers Tracking Apps include:

  1. Follower Plus
  2. Iconosquare
  3. IG Analyzer
  4. Crowdfire
  5. Ghost Followers
  6. Pixlee
  8. Squarelovin
  9. Later

All these applications offer different features. You can use these apps on Android as well as iOS devices. Don’t go anywhere just now because we have some great features about these apps.

Best Instagram Follower Tracking Apps 2021

Read along with the list to find out the best tracking apps that meets your requirements. You can easily download these apps from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Followers Plus

Followers Plus- Best Instagram Tracker Apps For iOS 2021
Source: Pinterest

It is the best tracker through which you can see who unfollowed you on Insta. It is perfect for tracking users’ private accounts. With the help of the scrolling feature, it is visually manageable, convenient, and efficient. You can easily track new followers and unfollowers with this application. 

It allows you to see a list that who you follow but don’t follow you back. and users who follow you but you don’t follow them back. You are authorized to see who has followed you on IG, as well as removed their likes and comments. 

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  • Compatability- iOS only.
  • Key Feature- Personal accounts’ monitoring.
  • Pros- Free to use, accurate tool, tracking ability for past as well as present appearances, and innovative scrolling.
  • Cons- Only Instagram is under control by this application, and the payable option is there for accessing advanced features.


Iconosquare- Best Instagram Tracker Apps For iOS 2021
Source: Twitter

This becomes one of the official partners with Instagram and Facebook. It provides valuable statistics and penetrations to optimize the online appearance of your trade. It appears with analytics which involves follower expansion, commitment statistics, society examination, Instagram story hypotheses, and much more. 

Its reasonable price is 29 dollars per month. Iconosquare is perfect for companies that want to improve their social communications strategy without overcompensating.

  • Compatibility- iOS.
  • Key Feature- Social monitoring for business.
  • Pros- Dashboard is awesome, gives in-depth analysis, provides great answers, and free-trial for 14 days.
  • Cons- Support very few social media platforms.

IG Analyzer

IG Analyzer- Best Instagram Tracking Apps For iOS 2021
Source: App Annie

IG Analyzer will display the new updates in real-time and your present followers, who you’re watching, etc. This tracker app supports you to quickly find and unfollow somebody who has unfollowed you already. Automatically, you will receive notifications that alert you to any new unfollowers. 

This app tracks your participant’s progress while using and generates useful plans. It provides some analytical knowledge, such as ordinary likes per post and remarks per post.

  • Compatibility- iOS only.
  • Key Feature- Instagram Growth is monitored.
  • Pros- Free trial for 7 days, real-time updation, send alert notifications, and helps users for further process.
  • Cons- Paid variations are available for advanced assessment.


Crowdfire- Best Instagram Tracking Apps For iOS 2021
Source: The Money Venture

It has been downloaded by many users over 5 million times. It is used as a corporate or individual account. The free IG tracker app can automatically offer items or photo references from other sections to help users to expand their clarity and gain more followers. 

It allows users to manage their posts, cover their appearance, record notes of their brands, and minister content linked to their business from the Internet. 

  • Compatibility- iOS.
  • Key Feature- Curation of content.
  • Pros- Free version is available, reports are obtained in detail, payment is safe and secure, various platforms are included like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and suggest articles automatically.
  • Cons- Disadvantages for free use on Instagram, and slow process.
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Ghost Followers

Ghost Followers- Best Instagram Tracking Apps For iOS 2021
Source: Google Play

Do you guys know about ghost followers or fake fans on Instagram? Have you ever questioned how you can quickly and suddenly get 10,000 IG followers every 24 hours but very few likes in your posts? Now, I tell you guys that they are ghost followers or lurks who constantly remain still on Instagram. They don’t participate in any partnership. 

How you get rid of these ghost followers on Instagram? There is only one solution available online that you can create Ghost accounts with the help of humans or social bots. Also, scammers often create false IG accounts. You can easily clean these ghost followers with the help of this tracker app.

  • Compatibility- iOS.
  • Key Feature- Ghost followers are identified and removed.
  • Pros- Free, safe, secure, tracking ability, and removal capacity.
  • Cons- 60 users can unfollow per hour.


Pixlee- Best Instagram Tools For Tracking On Android 2021
Source: Magento Marketplace

This is one of the best free Instagram tools which help in monitoring your daily top-performing posts and create ideas for new content. Pixlee involves an inherent broadcasting feature that gives performance records every week. And and and… one more thing I am going to add in this is you can use its own data to find any social media influencers. Also, you can correlate with advocates for your daily business posts.

Hashtag stats and tracking are available for us to recognize your most engaging content. It gives a way to track your Instagram followers every day.

Price- Use for free. 

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Source: G2

So here, another Instagram tool you can use is It automatically creates- 

  • PDF reports such as the majority of your supporters.
  • Post and bio commitment rates.
  • Most stylish photo filters, and more. 

You also get many options to transport your data into a beautiful format. It helps you to keep a fine track of your efforts and performance. offers a free trial for 14 days that can be continued at your request. This assures that you can examine it for free. So that your surety is done properly within the given period. 

Price: 9 dollars for a month.


Squarelovin- Best Instagram Tools For Tracking On Android 2021
Source: kindpng

This is one of the few devices that offer the analytic features for Instagram free of cost. You all can use it to get a rhythmic outline of your current posts and majority. Also, if every single record of your content broken down by hour, day, month, or year, it can easily be updated on time. Additionally, this app offers penetrations on your audience’s choices and concerns, and at what moment we post our picture.

Even you can figure out the best # and filters for your use, which depends on the trending list and followers criteria.

Price: Free to use. 


Later- Best Instagram Tools For Tracking On Android 2021
Source: Later

This is another Instagram tool that will help you to grow your enterprise by updating your IG retailing approach. The unique feature in it is the Linkin-bio thing, which enables you to link your Instagram posts to a precise URL, such as product sites. You can then easily track any website snaps, page representations, and click-through prices from your profile. How many sales for a specific post or pictures are updated in front of you generally.

However, Later offers an easy plan for individuals, the paid packages still give you access to multiple useful IG analytics such as- Instagram Story insights.

Price: 9 dollars for a month.

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