5 Best Cases Where Image To Text Tool Saves Your Time

Image To Text Tool

In today’s technology-driven world, everything has become fast and convenient especially digitalized.

To catch up with these trends, people should adopt the usage of these technologies as it helps to enhance their daily productivity.

Thanks to the OCR technologies which has made our life much easier.

Whether it’s a firm, a historic museum, or a university notice board anyone can simply take pictures and convert the text into digital usage or convert old documents into digital documents.

What is Image to Text Tool?

It’s a software derived from OCR technologies and the main purpose of an image to text tool is to convert pictures or images into text readable or editable format.

In other words, it also extracts texts or characters from an image.

With the latest updates in this technology, these tools are now more efficient and accurate as they now consist of machine learning and intelligent data processing.

Hence the use of these tools has also grown to a vast extent.

Image To Text Tool

Uses of an Image to Text Tool

  • It is widely being used in vehicle testing authorities to pass out number plates
  • It’s widely used in offices to convert old into new digital documents 
  • It‘s widely used in airports, passport offices to efficiently recognize images and extract important data and insert in the central databases
  • It can be used in classrooms for saving time and easily understand the handwriting while noting down notes from other classmates
  • It is widely used in shopping stores while saving time to scan the barcode of the products and automatically generate invoices while cross-examining the price list of the product
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Apart from these uses further we are going to elaborate 5 cases where images to text can save time 

5 cases where Images To Text Tools can save time 

  1. If a student is attending a seminar and during the seminar, he/she finds out some information valuable like a platform or company looking to hire new fresher’s. 

This company is certainly giving a presentation and during that he/she is willing to get the official email address of the company from the presentation screen.

Hence the student can simply take the picture from the presentation screen and later on using an image to text tool, the student can extract the email address of the company from the picture.

This will not only let the student extract an email address but also extract other informative material from the picture along with saving their time. 

  1. In a government organization of national identity cards a data entry officer is asked to create a new international identity card of a citizen along with inserting all the old credentials while looking at his/her old identity card.

Hence the data entry officer can simply take picture of the old identity card and using the image to text tool he/ she can extract the old credentials.

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Further, the data entry officer can utilize those extracted old credentials from the image to add them to the central database.

However, these type of organizations run special software’s which are specifically designed to directly fetch the data, then directly merge or organize the data and enter it into their central data processing software where required.

Hence it increases the company’s work efficiency and saves time.

  1. A person travels to a new country along with his family and while residing their family asks to take them out for a dinner, the person decides to take his family out for dinner at a famous local restaurant.  

All a sudden they come up with a menu in a local language which they can’t understand and surprisingly there is no guide to translate the menu.

This is where the image to text can come to the rescue, as one of them can just take a picture of the menu, use the image to text tool, drop the image on to the tool and extract the text to translate it into English.

Additionally, these tools are developed to support different languages so anyone can use it also as an image to text translator.

This can save time and money.  

  1. A person working in a museum finds out few old discoveries along with their transcripts in old styles and damaged pieces, now the thing is he has to safely organize the objects along with converting those old transcripts into new ones.

This is where he can use an image to text tool to take the pictures of the old transcripts and drop it onto the tools user interface, as a result, it will extract the text from the image and use it for further editing purposes and shape it in new output.

  1. A student who is facing dyslexia finds it difficult to read out and copy down notes from the board and now the class is going to get over.
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The next teacher is about to come and take the class hence he will ask for erasing the blackboard, in this situation the student is short of time.

At this moment the student can take advantage of the image to text tool, but before that he has to take a picture of the blackboard and then use that picture to drop on the image to text user interface and it will show exact words enlisted on the blackboard.

This tool can help the student save time by taking as much as a picture he/she wants and convert it through the tool for any further use.  

Image To Text Tool


New technologies like the image to text tool are meant to be used to enhance the work efficiency of a company or flourish the productivity of a student’s academics.

It’s up to the person how and where to use precisely to get the best result out of it.

But by looking at its usage and benefits certainly one has to try to take the advantage of this time-saving tool.    

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