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Halloween is all about being with family. It involves playing Halloween games with kids, getting ready with the spookiest looks, and a lot more. Whatever you do make sure you just enjoy the haunting festival to the best. Talking about the haunting, have you checked out the Best Halloween Movies On Hulu? If not, then this is your cue to find out about the great movies you might have missed up until now.   

We all have seen and screamed over movies like IT and A Quiet Place. There’s no denying that these horror movies are a work of art. However, there are many on Hulu that will blow your mind within seconds. You can watch most of them with your family on Halloween night. Don’t worry, they are kid-friendly too!  

Since we have already told you about the best Horror movies on Netflix, this time we brought something for our Hulu streamers. You can be certain that all these movies are exceptional and have done great in their genres. You probably would have heard about these. So, let’s quickly go through the list.  

The Best Halloween Movies On Hulu | 10 Best Choices

Conjuring and Paranormal Activity have crept us over far too many times. It’s time to bring something new to the table. Creepy, but new. All these movies are tota masterpieces and you’ll wonder why you didn’t watch them before. 

1. Pet Sematary (2019)

When Louis Creed and his family moved to a village house, they didn’t know they are going to live alongside a haunting ‘Pet Sematary’. The events begin with the death of their cat who accidentally gets killed by a truck. Poor Louis decides to bury the cat in the mysterious cemetery and since we all know that there is a lot more than this cemetery, we get the actual meaning of the tagline “Sometimes Dead Is Better” by the end of the movie. And when you get its meaning only then you’ll realize why it is among one of the best Halloween movies on Hulu.

Genres- Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director- Kevin Kölsch, Dennis Widmyer
Based On-  Pet Sematary by Stephen King
IMDb rating- 5.7/10

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2. Ghost Stories (2017)

Ghost Stories is a movie where a man looks for paranormal events from all over the world and its creepy vibes resonate beautifully with Halloween. Ghost Stories is among some of the best Halloween movies on Hulu. You’ll be entirely shocked by the terror acts of the unworldly creatures. Martin Freeman, being the lead, is highly appreciated for his acting in Ghost Stories.    

Genres- Thriller, Horror, Supernatural 
Director- Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman
IMDb rating- 6.4/10

3. The Resort (2021)

We all have planned with our friends for visiting a haunting place, but The Resort has made it true. The Resort shows a group of friends who fly to Hawaii just to investigate rumors of a haunting place. The rumors say that there lives a Half Faced girl and they visit just to find her, however, by the end they realize things are far more sinister than they thought it was.  

Genres- Horror 
Director-  Taylor Chien

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4. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (1998)

A sexy TV hostess, Elvira, decides to quit her job and start her own show in Las Vegas. However, she doesn’t have the money but somehow the death of her great-aunt lands her an inheritance. Among many other things, she receives a recipe book that was originally her mother’s. Now, this book is full of spells, and when everybody finds that Elvira is a witch, they burn her at a stake? What spell is going to use now? You’ll find out when you watch Elvira, one of the best Halloween movies on Hulu. 

Genres- Comedy, Horror  
Director- James Signorelli
IMDb rating- 6.6/10

5. Bad Hair (2020)

The next one among the best Halloween movies on Hulu is Bad Hair. The Bad Hair shows an ambitious Black woman who’s from LA and wants to be a super successful VJ. But, the classic stereotypical humans around her say that she doesn’t have perfect hair, skin tone, and blah blah. Now, when she gets a weave she realizes that her new hair might be a little more living. If you don’t know what I mean then you should definitely watch this Halloween Movie on Hulu. 

Genres- Comedy, Horror, Music 
Director- Justin Simien
IMDb rating- 5.5/10

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6. The Grudge (2004)

No one would have thought so much can happen with an ordinary American nurse. The Grudge is a great Halloween choice for the ones who love the American culture. A nurse, Karen Davis works in Tokyo and she finds out about a supernatural evil spirit. The spirit possesses all its victims and is vengeful to its best. As mysterious deaths start to happen around Karen, she must find a way to break the curse and not be one of the next victims of the evil soul.

The Grudge is a classic one amongst the best Halloween movies on Hulu and you must watch it with your family on Oct 31. 

Genres- Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director- Takashi Shimizu
IMDb rating- 5.9/10

7. The Omen (1976)

The horror movies that involve evil spirits are scary, then comes the occult movies that have the creepiest vibes, and over everything are the horror movies that have kids. I am telling you those are the worst of all. 

The Omen is the seventh one on our list of best Halloween movies on Hulu and you’ll never regret watching this one. Robert is a US Ambassador to Great Britain and his wife Katherine and he, long to have a child. However, when she finally gets pregnant, she delivers a stillborn baby. Knowing that it will break her heart, Robert decides to take a healthy newborn as his child and never tells Katherine about the stillborn baby. 

Since some surprising turn of events had to occur, the baby Robert adopted is somehow a little bit of an evil incarnate or maybe a child of the devil. What would that be like? Hmm.. watch and tell us all about it.  

Genres- Horror
Director- Richard Donner
IMDb rating- 7.5/10

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8. Corpse Bride (2005)

With the beautiful voices of Jhonny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, Corpse bride is a great Halloween movie that has won 9 awards, 30 nominations including the Oscars. The storyline of Corpse Bride follows Victor a guy who goes to the woods to practice his wedding vows. However, the corpse bride believes that Victor married her instead, but now what? What about his human bride? Who will he choose between the two?  

Genres- Animation, Drama, Family
Director- Tim Burton, Mike Johnson
IMDb rating- 7.3/10

9. Jigsaw (2017)

10 years after the death of John Kramer aka Jigsaw serial killer, mysterious brutal death bodies are appearing in the city. All the evidence points to John Kramer. But he is dead, or is he? Could it be another killer? Find out by watching Jigsaw, one of the best Halloween movies on Hulu. 

Genres- Crime, Horror, Mystery
Director- Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
IMDb rating- 5.8/10

10. Halloween (2018)

Four decades ago, Laurie Strode barely escaped from the killing spree of Michael Myers (the masked man) and now she’s ready to confront him. The tagline of the Halloween movie on Hulu is “Face Your Fate” which you can also use as a great caption for Halloween posts on Instagram. You must see this one of the best Halloween movies on Hulu and tell us all about your views on it. 

Genres- Crime, Horror, Thriller
Director- David Gordon Green
IMDb rating- 6.5/10

Wrapping Up

That was all about the Best Halloween Movies on Hulu. If you liked these suggestions then do watch them and tell us how they were. Scary enough? Did you think someone was sitting behind you? Or watching you from that window? Tell us all about it. 

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