Best Greek Food YouTube Channels You Should Follow

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Greek Food is very well known to every individual because of its taste, flavor, clarity, and texture. One thing which you need to remember is whenever you are preparing any Greek Food, it might be very easy to watch but it is harder than you think.

If you are a big lover of Greek Food or you would like to make a special dish on your own, then you all should follow some of the best Greek Food Vloggers or YouTubers. There you will come to learn major things about the products that are used in food making like- nuts, whole grains, etc.

Some of the best Greek Food YouTube Channels are as follows-

  • Akis Kitchen
  • Dimitra’s Kitchen
  • Greek Cooking by Katerina
  • Vasias Crazy Kitchen
  • Ken Panagopoulos
  • Greek Cooking Made Easy
  • Greek Vegan
  • My Greek Salad

For more information about these Greek Food Youtubers, read this article further. There you will find the appropriate description with their total views, Subscribers, and much more things.

Top 10 Best Greek Food YouTube Channels

The list involves some of the best Greek food Youtube channels in which you will find every source of cooking method in a very appropriate manner.

Best Greek Food YouTube Channels You Should Follow
Source: BBC Good Food

Akis Kitchen

This food channel has been handled by Akis since 2015. Cool, lovely, awesome, and mouth-watering recipes are available on his food Youtube channel. If you all love to eat Greek cuisine with some seasoning flavors added to them, then do visit Akis Kitchen. There you will come to know every detail about Greece products and their effective quantity for every meal.

Some of the best food recipes from his YouTube channel are-

  1. Corn Dog Muffins
  2. Classic Schnitzel
  3. Cupcakes with Sugar Paste
  4. Cinnamon Roll Cookies
  5. Hi-hat cupcakes, etc.

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Source: YouTube
Link of the Channel 
Views36 Million
Joined Date28th of May, 2015

Dimitra’s Kitchen 

How many of you love Greek Food or Cuisine? I think most of you do love this type of food with loads and loads of exciting flavors added to them. Every single recipe is filled with great spices, unique texture, and marvelous ingredients. Greek dishes are one of the most flavored and tricky foods that anyone can cook. Dimitra will tell you how you can make your cooking very easy-peasy and updated specially for Greek dishes. 

Some of the most viewed food videos of her channel are-

  1. Greek Bread Rings
  2. Tiganites
  3. Greek-Style Green Bean & Potato Salad
  4. Greek-Style Roast Leg of Lamb
  5. Tiropita, etc. 
Source: YouTube
Link of the Channel 
Views16 Million
Joined Date27th of February, 2014

Greek Cooking by Katerina

Want to learn more about traditional and modern Greek dishes? Then, Greek Cooking is the best food channel available for you which is hosted by Katerina. She lives in Greece and started her food blog with some basic tricks and tips for cooking. She involves Greek recipes with a twisted formation and only because of this new move her channel grows day by day. 

The most famous Greek dishes on her channel are-

  1. Traditional cod with crunchy batter
  2. Spaghetti bloom with red sauce
  3. Delicious Greek pizza with Italian dough
  4. Greek-style oven-baked meatballs
  5. Fluffy bread buns with spinach and feta filling, etc. 

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Source: YouTube
Link of the Channel 
Views6 Million
Joined Date12th of October, 2012

Vasias Crazy Kitchen

Vasias Crazy Kitchen is the best Greek food YouTube channel where you will come to know more about modern and unique recipes. Every recipe is filled with a large number of ingredients, simplicity, and amazing garnishing. 

Some of the best and famous recipes of his YouTube channel are as follows-

  1. Easter Buns Without Eggs and Mixer Recipe
  2. Delicious Ouzo Leek Meatballs
  3. Oil-Free Food Lenten-Economic & Quick Recipe
  4. Lenting Cake Without Mixer & Oil
  5. Cheapest Quick Dessert
Source: YouTube
Link of the Channel 
Views3 Million
Joined Date13th of November, 2012

Ken Panagopoulos

Traditional Greek recipes and cuisines are so defined and delicious in taste. In this food channel, simple and sober dishes are made so that you can try them on your own without any difficulty. 

Every recipe is a new level to complete where some basic ideas like- how much spices are required, how much steam is required, and many more are under proper observation. 

Based on these criteria, some cool and fantastic recipes are as follows-

  1. Express Roasted Potatoes
  2. Shrimp Tourkolimano
  3. Greek Potato Fritters
  4. Greek-Style Zucchini Fritters
  5. Greek-Style Lemon Rice Soup, etc. 

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Source: YouTube
Link of the Channel 
Views2 Million
Joined Date7th of August, 2016

Greek Cooking Made Easy

As the name suggests, this food channel will provide you easy instructions for cooking and help you to learn the difference between traditional recipes and modern ones. Some twisted and mismatched recipes are included in this food channel. 

Recipes like-

  1. Smoked Cold Cuts and Cheese
  2. Cretan Mixed Legumes Soup
  3. Classic, Easy, Greek Almond Cake aka Nougatine
  4. Baked Feta Pasta
  5. Beer-Braised Chicken, etc. 
Source: YouTube
Link of the Channel 
Views1 Million
Joined Date1st of November, 2016

My Greek Salad

Greek food and cuisine are popularly known because of their simplicity, texture, rich ingredients, and homemade spices. My Greek Salad is that type of food YouTube channel where healthy and conscious food recipes are included with lots and lots of delicious tastes and flavors. 

Some famous recipes of this channel are-

  1. Greek Chicken Soup
  2. Greek-Style Tomato Meat Sauce
  3. Chicken Souvlaki
  4. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings
  5. Greek-Style Green Beans, etc. 

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Source: YouTube
Link of the Channel 
Views36 Thousand
Joined Date28th of May, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What are traditional Greek foods?

1. Olives and olive oil
2. Grilled meat
3. Courgette balls
4. Fresh fish
5. Dolmades, etc.

Why Greek food is the best?

Greek food is the best because of its nourishing, unique cooking techniques, sausages, etc.

Is Greek food healthy?

Yes, it is true that Greek food is healthy and full of traditional flavors.

Final Verdict

All the above-mentioned Greek Food Bloggers or Youtubers are the best to watch and follow. Every single recipe of their food channels is riched with healthy ingredients and awesome taste.  Do visit their official page and learn some new recipes as well.

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