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Gifting someone is more than just the price. It is a way to show the feeling of being special. Do you also feel the same? If yes, we have got the list of the Best Gifting Apps for iPhone in 2022.

Think about the time, when you used to spend hours, wandering in shops and searching for the best gift. But thanks to the developers who came up with the idea of gifting apps. No matter if you are giving gifts to your partner, friends, or anyone from your family, you can do it with the Gifting Apps. But, you need to trust the best app, so as to make your gifting moment a special one.

According to the user’s rating and the internet’s saying, the Best iOS Gifting Apps for iPhone in 2022 are mentioned below. But among so many available options, why only these are the best? What unique features do these apps have? Why choose these? You will get to know about all these through this post. Below is the guide for the features, pros, size, compatibility, and a lot more.

Best Gifting Apps for iOS Users in 2022

Choosing a gift is difficult but choosing the correct gifting app is much more difficult. Read along the post to know about the below-mentioned apps and what they can offer you at the time of special occasions.

1. Amazon

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Amazon: Best Gifting Apps for iOS

Talking about an online gifting store, and how could we forget Amazon.

If you want to compare prices and Shop a range of products and review them as well, don’t think twice and go for Amazon. Here, you can track your orders easily and get updates for your purchased gifts. All you need to download the app and start shopping your selection of fashion, books, a lot of other accessories, and much more, and let your loved one feel special.

Gifting doesn’t mean that you have to buy costlier stuff. That is why, it has got the features to search by preference, low to high, and according to the categories.

No need to fuzz if your special one is living in any other country than yours, Amazon can deliver gifts internationally as well. This is really an amazing Gifting App for iPhone users 2022.

1.Size124.5 MB
2.CompatibilityRequires iOS 12.0 or later.
3.PriceFree PurchasesShopping

App Store Rating: 4.7*

2. Artifact Uprising

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Best Gifting Apps

Second, among the Best Gifting App For iPhone is Artifact Uprising. It is all about Photobooks, gifts, as well as prints. It’s the next one on the list of best gifting apps and you will know why in just a few seconds.

Ever thought of gifting a book made of photos of your loved ones? or a wall customized with picture frames with pictures filled with memories?

But don’t know how?

You can do it all with Artifact Uprising.

Artifact Uprising app lets you move photos from any device of yours into real life. It has got a range of different features for an additional touch to your moments. These include Gallery Frames, Modern Metal Frames, Metal Tabletop Frames, and a lot more. You can choose from Everyday Print Set to Wood Block & Prints in this iOS Gifting app 2022.

Well, you can give gifts to yourself as well.

1.Size274.4 MB
2.CompatibilityRequires iOS 9.0 or later.
3.PriceFree PurchasesShopping

App Store Rating: 4.7*

3. Giftster

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Best Gifting Apps

Giftster is not just another gifting app, it is one of the most popular Gifting Apps for iPhone in 2022

If you want a gift for birthdays, a Christmas holiday, or a wedding, get it right every time with Giftster. Giftster had made gifting easy not only for one person but for the whole family. It is a place where you can create groups and invite your family members to get connected with them to decide what you can plan to buy as a secret combined gift.

You can add occasion in the app. Why????

By this, it will remind you about the event so that you can buy the best possible gift prior to that occasion. And What if you love something but want to buy it later on? For this, you can mark gift ideas as reserved. So that when you want it, you get it without any regret. Gifster deserves to be on the list of best gifting apps in 2022.

Isn’t it great?

1.Size40.4 MB
2.CompatibilityRequires iOS 10.0 or later.
3.PriceFree PurchasesShopping

App Store Rating: 3.7*

4. Givingli

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Best Gifting Apps

Is today, your partner’s birthday? or Is it your anniversary? But you are not prepared for it? Haven’t decided how to surprise your partner?

Just pick up your phone and open Givingli. Start the day by sending them beautiful digital greetings. You can choose from hundreds of cute and creative graphics, all designed by indie artists all around the globe to express your true feeling in front of your loved ones. This app can Customize your greetings with video, stickers, text, drawings, and a lot more!

It is your choice if you want to send the greetings via Video Cards or as text. Now, you can send the same message to Multiple Recipients. Isn’t it cool?

What next?

This app can do extra as well. You can add a digital gift card as optional stuff as well. Get the card from top brands like Uber Eats, Sephora, and dozens more.That is why it is one of the Best iPhone Gifting App

1.Size153.7 MB
2.CompatibilityRequires iOS 10.0 or later.
3.PriceFree Purchases$0.99 – $14.99 per item

App Store Rating: 4.7*

5. Slice

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Slice App: Best Gifting Apps for iOS

Does your partner love pizza? Then grab your phone and order one from the Pizzerias near you after reviewing the ratings and location.Also, see what other foodies have to say about that particular pizza from Slice.

This has got everything for a pizza lover. From pepperoni pizzas to the deep dish one, you can enjoy it quickly in few taps with toppings of your demand. Just like a magic wand, your order, just for few minutes and that’s it!!!! And what if you want to reorder your last pizza? Don’t complicate, just tap on reorder and bring on your Italian love.

Just what I need in life. I swear it is my favorite app among all the best gifting apps for iPhone in 2022.

1.Size71.1 MB
2.CompatibilityRequires iOS 13.1 or later.
3.PriceFree PurchasesShopping

App Store Rating: 4.9*

6. Winni

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Best Gifting Apps

Why Winni is one of the Best Gifting Apps for iOS 2021?

There is nothing better than cakes and flowers on any occasion.

And If you too are in search of an app to send gifts or cake or flowers with fresh petals to get it delivered at someone’s doorsteps. Not only this, you can send chocolates, soft toys, Customized mugs, floral bouquets, greeting cards, and a lit more along with the best cakes and fresh flowers on Winni. And after using it yourself why it is among the best iOS gifting apps for iPhone in 2022.

1.Size153.7 MB
2.CompatibilityRequires iOS 10.0 or later.
3.PriceFree Purchases$0.99 – $14.99 per item

App Store Rating: 4.7*

Wrapping UP

So these are the top Gifting Apps for iPhone in 2022 according to the user’s reviews and personal experience. All these apps are unique in themselves and are available on the App Store.

According to my personal experience, the best among all these apps are Amazon and Giftster. It has got everything that one could ever demand from a gifting app. Amazon has got everything for everyone, from men to kids. And Gifter is a helpful app if you are secretly planning to buy a combined gift. But this doesn’t mean that rest of the apps are not good to try.

Well, iOS users now it’s your turn to try hands-on these high-rated gifting apps and opt for the one that suits your demands the best. I hope you found this helpful.

Keep visiting Path of Ex for such insights. Do share your thoughts, reach out for any suggestions, and comment below your favorite app from this list.



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