Garnet Combos in MultiVersus | Moves, Abilities & Special Attacks

Garnet Combos in MultiVersus

One of MultiVersus’s most powerful characters is Garnet. Players can benefit greatly from Garnet Combos in MultiVersus. She is a really entertaining and powerful figure.

Garnet may dominate her opponents by hitting multiple combinations at once. Despite this, she is challenging to master because of her combinations. Garnet Combos in Multiversus will make your gaming easier than ever.

In Warner Bros. Games’ free-to-play platform fighter MultiVersus, Garnet is one of the playable characters. This fierce warrior is an alien rebel that strikes harder than you might expect. It was created by the fusion of two jewels. In this article, you’ll learn the best Garnet combos in MultiVersus along with moves and input legends.

Input Guide For Garnet

Input legend for Garnet combos in MultiVersus are –

  • Side Attack: Side attack on the ground
  • Down Attack: Down attack on the ground
  • Up Attack: Up attack on the ground
  • Up Special: Up Special on the ground

Garnet Combos in MultiVersus | Special Attacks

Garnet Combos in MultiVersus

The best Garnet combos in MultiVersus are –

  • Side Attack, Up Attack
  • Side Attack, Down Attack
  • Side Attack, Side Attack
  • Down Attack, Side Attack, Side Special
  • Side Attack, Up Attack, Up Special
  • Down Special, Down Attack, Side Attack, Side Special, Down Special


Here are some important tips to remember for Garnet combos in MultiVersus –

  • In a match, you should normally employ the first three combos. 
  • This is a result of their simplicity in use and memory. 
  • While it’s on cooldown, you may also perform the simple combo of side attack into side special. 
  • The resulting combination can continue indefinitely as long as they are below 70%. 
  • The last combination on the list is challenging but rewarding. 
  • It makes use of Garnet’s star, which she will go beyond, and then executes a side attack. 
  • Please be aware that not all of Garnet’s available pairings are included in this list.

Garnet Moves In MultiVersus

Garnet Combos in MultiVersus

Here are the best Garnet combos moves in MultiVersus-

Garnet Basic Attacks

  • Gauntlet Strike/Starburst – Neutral + Attack
  • Crystal Combo/Flying Combo – Side + Attack
  • Double Jab/Jumping Jabber – Up + Attack
  • Shocking Slam/Meteor Punch – Down + Attack

Garnet Special Attacks

  • Stronger Than You – Neutral + Special
  • Rocket Fisti – Side + Special
  • Spark Of Love/Flying Crossarm – Up + Special
  • Gem Dash – Down + Special

Garnet Passive Abilities

  • Nil – No Passives

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article on Garnet Combos in MultiVersus has been helpful for you. To know more combos like this one, stay tuned with the Path Of EX website. Happy Gaming!

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