Best Game Characters of This Decade: Top Most Interesting Video Game Protagonists

With millions of video games taking over our lives and hearts, many masterpieces are truly worth their hype and our attention. Just as we love to know about iconic movie characters, the best game characters nowadays are also a big part of cultural marvels. 

But what’s so great about them anyway, and how? Well, here, with video game characters, you have both thrilling adventures and passionate storytelling. But not every game serves the best, and not every character makes us want to keep going. And what makes a story? That’s right– the protagonist–one of the key elements of any great video game. 

So in this article, we take a look at some of the best video game characters of this decade and find out why we love them. Many of them have captured our hearts and given our spirits a boost with their unique personalities and compelling stories. So let’s dive in!

Top 5 Video Game Characters | Most Iconic Game Characters 

Here are the top 5 greatest Video Game Characters from video games worldwide. Our choices mostly depend on the protagonists’ brave personalities, compelling stories, and reliability.  So here are the 5 Best Video Game Characters-

1. Geralt of Rivia – From The Witcher Series

Best Game Characters

When it comes to The Witcher, most of us know it from the TV series, fewer know it from the game, and even fewer know the existence of the book series that inspired it all. But the good thing is we get Geralt of Rivia in all of it. For those of you who don’t know, Geralt, son of a sorceress and a warrior, is a witch doctor and a hired monster hunter. Why do we love him and say he’s one of the best video game characters? His dry wit, agile actions, and that keen sense of justice. 

Throughout the series, players also encounter Geralt’s complicated relationships with the people he meets (especially the ladies) and the monsters he hunts. What makes him instantly likable is his complex and multifaceted character, whose actions and decisions have real consequences.

And Henry Cavill, I mean, come on. 

2. Aloy – From Horizon Zero Dawn

Best Game Characters

Scarlet, the protagonist of the interactive action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn, is a skilled hunter and archer with extensive strength and endurance. Living in a post-apocalyptic world overpowered and dominated by animal robots, she is fiercely independent and curious. This undoubtedly and inevitably really inspires strong women like me. 

Throughout the game, players follow Scarlet’s journey from a third person’s POV, discovering the truths about her past and the world in which she lives. She is an easily recognizable, likable, and surprisingly compelling character whose strength and determination inspire players to go forward and makes her one of the best video game characters.

3. Kratos – From God of War

Best Game Characters

Kratos is the well-known protagonist of the popular Greek-mythology-derived game series God of War. Kratos is a Spartan warrior turned God of War. Originally an exceptionally violent, merciless, fierce, and brutal warrior, Kratos is known for his pursuit of revenge against the gods that have wronged him. 

However, in the latest installment of the series, Kratos takes on a new role as a father to his son, Atreus. This new side of Kratos adds depth and complexity to his character, causing his humanity to resurface. With pride set aside and redeeming qualities flourishing, he has earned the title of one of the most interesting protagonists in recent history.

4. Jesse Faden – From Control

Best Game Characters

Jesse Faden is the protagonist of the 3D Metroidvania game Control, a game where you are challenged to survive a deep and unpredictable world. She is a young woman with psychic abilities who finds herself in the midst of a mysterious supernatural phenomenon. She is a strong and determined character whose curiosity and bravery drive the story forward. 

So why is Jesse a great video game character? Throughout the game, players get to experience Jesse’s journey as she opens doorways to other dimensions and unravels the secrets of the Federal Bureau of Control and the supernatural forces that inhabit it.

5. Ellie – From The Last of Us

Best Game Characters

Ellie, the protagonist of The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II, is a young girl who has grown up in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by infected zombies. She is tough and resourceful but also vulnerable and emotional, which is admirable for such a young character. 

Throughout the game, players get to experience Ellie’s relationship with Joel, the older man who becomes her guardian and mentor, tasked with escorting her to safety to find a cure for the plague. Her growth and development over the course of the game are commendable. And with her maturity, strength, wit, and endurance, she’s a definite star in my eyes and makes it to the list of the best video game characters easily. 

Wrapping Up

The best game characters of the decade, to me, are those who have captured my heart and let my imagination run wild with their unique personalities and thrilling stories. From Geralt of Rivia to Ellie in The Last of Us, these characters have left a lasting impression on gamers around the world. They inspire us to be brave, curious, and compassionate. And they definitely remind us of the power of great storytelling in video games.

So if you are a gaming fanatic and are also interested in designing character games, then read more about it from the studios that help other major companies to release their masterpieces.

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