Best Food And Drinks Apps For iOS 2021

Food And Drinks app is the best thing on our phone. In this article, I have selected the best food and drinks apps for IOS users. 

Our Smartphones are the best device ever made. We can do a lot of things from our phones such as we can pay bills from our phones, we can talk to friends anytime we want, and we can also order food from our smartphones when we are hungry.   

It is very difficult to decide from which food and drinks app we should order our food. In this article, I have selected the best food and drinks apps for iOS users. All the apps given in the list are very simple to use. In the third app Budget Bytes, you can see budget-friendly recipes. There are more than 500 recipes in the Budget Bytes application.

List of the 5 Best Food And Drinks Apps For iOS 2021 

  1. Sandwich Factory 
  2. Starbucks 
  3. Budget Bytes 
  4. Uber Eats – Food Delivery
  5. Panda Express 

The above-mentioned information is just an overview of the article. These apps come with various other features. To know more about these apps read further. 

5 Best Food And Drinks Apps For IOS 2021 

All the apps have ratings of more than 4.4 on AppStore. These food apps will surely help you to satisfy your craving. 

1. Sandwich Factory 

Food And Drinks Apps For iOS
Source: Google Sites

Sandwich Factory is an excellent app for ordering the best sandwiches and other delicious food items. The app has a complete menu of Sandwich Factory. There is a variety of delicious food on the menu which makes it very hard, to choose what we can order.

The app has a feature of Real-time tracking in which you can track your orders. You can also save multiple addresses in your account in the app. 

Sandwich Factory has ratings of 5.0 on the AppStore which makes it the best food and drinks app ever. 

2. Starbucks 

Food And Drinks Apps For iOS
Source: KirBie’s Craving

If you enjoy eating in Starbucks like me then you need to install the Starbucks application. The app provides you so many features such as when you have to pay in the Starbucks Cafe, just skip the line and pay from your Starbucks app.

You can place your orders from the app and pick them from the nearby store. Starbucks app allows you to manage your digital Starbucks card. You can also add the money to your Starbucks digital card with the help of this app.

You can see your past purchases in the application. There is also one more thing in the application that is you can earn rewards. Just use your app, pay from it, and get exciting rewards of free food and drinks. 

The Starbucks app has ratings of 4.8 on the AppStore.

3. Budget Bytes 

Food And Drinks Apps For iOS
Source: BudgetBytes

Are you looking for a food and drinks app that provides you recipes under a small budget then, the budget bytes app is best for you. There are more than 500 recipes on the app by famous food blogger Beth Moncel. The Budget Bytes app gives you the complete step-by-step instructions from Beth herself. When you are making your recipe, Beth’s voice is always there to assist you.

The recipes in the app are specially designed for low budgets and it is very easy to make these recipes. You can also filter the recipes according to your budget. The Budget Bytes app is available at $2.99 from the AppStore. 

The Budget Bytes app has ratings of 4.8 on the AppStore. 

4. Uber Eats – Food Delivery 

Food And Drinks Apps For iOS
Source: Uber

According to Forbes Uber Eats is working in more than 20 countries that is why it is such a popular food and drinks app. In this app Just search the name of your favorite restaurant or cuisine such as Burgers, Pizza, etc, and place the order.

After placing the order you can track it through the Real-Time feature. If you get your orders badly packaged then just go through the app after that you will easily get your refund.

There is also a premium version of the app is Eats Pass in which you get free delivery and 5% off on orders more than $15. To get the monthly subscription Eats Pass, you have to pay $9.99 per month.  

Uber Eats has ratings of 4.5 on the AppStore.

5. Panda Express 

Food And Drinks Apps For iOS
Source: Amazon

In the Panda Express app, you can order directly your favourite food whenever you want. Ordering food from Panda Express is so easy. Just open the app, select your favorite food and drink, and then get your order in minutes.

You can also save your favorite dishes in the app so that you can quickly order them. In case you are not at your location or not available to pick it, then no worries, just tell them through the app that you are unavailable to pick your order, and when you are ready then pick it from the store.

The Panda Express app has ratings of 4.6 on the AppStore. 

Feature Image Credits: Manchester’s Finest

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