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Wandering around the skies, getting hit by the wind, and floating above the earth can never be off the list, and undoubtedly, the flying games available provide us with the best virtual experience ever. Following is the list of 10 best flying games in 2022 that are nonetheless filled with one of the grand experiences with video games based on flying experiences. Go on to know the best flying games available for you, which you must check out for a different kind of experience all along. 

There has been a wide range of flying video games over the years, starting from the arcade classics to the hardest actors, it includes the basic flight simulators to the complex ones.  The below-mentioned 10 best flying games in 2022 sum up your epic ride up to the sky. 

Continue to read further and you will know the 10 Best Flying Games in 2022 that are worth a drive. These include intriguing concepts of flight simulators and are filled with the most amazing virtual experiences up in the sky. 

Top-Rated Flight Games For Your Love Of Flying

Whether you wish to have an enthusiastic ride or a soothing one, the following are the top-rated 10 best flying games in 2022 that are power-packed with amusement. Go on further and unveil the top flying games in 2022 we have for you:

10 Best Flying Games In 2022 

1. Fighter Ace 3.5 (2022) – 83

Starting off the list of 10 best flying games with the epic Fighter Ace 3.5 (2022) – 83. With a mega pilotable Minecraft that features above 90 planes from various air forces around the world, including Japan, Germany, and United States, Fighter Ace 3.5 primarily focuses on dogfight scenarios and team-based missions, and clearly defines the most thrilling experience for the gamers. 

Though it lacks the visual aspect, as one expects, still Fighter Ace 3.5 flying game is worth a try!

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2. Xtreme Air Racing (2022) – 83

10 Best Flying Games In 2022 

Well! Well! Well! If you assume that Xtreme Air Racing (2022) is a watered-down excuse for a simulation, then let’s bust this myth by saying that it is not. Primarily focusing on the concept of aerial racing sport, Xtreme Air Racing is the flying game that allows players to gain an experience with high-speed aircraft. It focuses on flying low to the ground and trying to create an edge over other competitors by providing a different kind of experience. 

3. Star Fox

Continuing with the list of 10 best flying games in 2022, Star Fox is quite an older game on the list of 10 best flying games in 2022, released on Nintendo 3DS, and has a wide range of characters to drool upon. It comes up with an epic “do a barrel roll” phrase. And with one of its thrilling experiences, it defines Star Fox to be the best gameplay for gamers ever. 

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4. X-Plane

10 Best Flying Games In 2022 

X-Plane is one of the 10 best flying games in 2022 that offers unparalleled realism and has upgraded on a lot of factors to make it a trending flying game among fans. It provides an open platform for the players to learn to fly a plane in the cheapest way possible. Players can also purchase peripherals they need to connect to the PC for a better realistic experience of this flying game. 

5. Pilotwings

10 Best Flying Games In 2022 

Introducing one of the original sports games ever in the list of 10 best flying games in 2022, Pilotwings is a blend of air-based entertainment in all manners. It allows the players to switch from landing a plane on runaway to jumping out of a plane and comply with the good landing overall. To sum up, Pulotwings is one of the most intriguing flying games on the list of 10 best flying games in 2022 that allows players to fly in the air and have the good landing possible. Fans are expecting to see the modern vision of Pilotwings anytime soon on Nintendo Switch. 

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6. Falcon 4.0: Allied Force (2005) – 90

With one single plane in the gameplay, Falcon 4.0: Allied Force (2005)- 90 is hands down, one of the best flying games in 2022 that allow open space to players to embed a different range of popular fighter jets within gameplay. It enhances the realistic flight and air mechanics of the players and also teaches them to use a barrage of high-tech weaponry, in order to hit a different target every time.  

7. IL-2 Sturmovik (2001) – 91

10 Best Flying Games In 2022 

IL-2 Sturmovik (2001) – 91 is surely the highly-looked game in the list of 10 best flying games in 2022 that holds an extreme flying culture within itself. It allows the players to pilot 31 types of planes in various battle scenarios, including 32 player dogfights and 16 player cooperative missions all along and surely has the amazing flight mechanics around. 

If the variety of planes is what you were looking for? then this best flying game will be your ideal choice.

8. Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) – 91

10 Best Flying Games In 2022 

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the longest-running game franchises in the list of 10 best flying games in 2022. It is considered some of the most realistic visuals of any video game to date and is expected to grow further because of its high ambitions.  

It was first released in 1982 as a flight simulator, however, then this game on the list of 10 best flying games in 2022 evolved eventually in a well-known Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

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9. Jungle Strike

As the list of 10 best flying games in 2022 goes along, Jungle Strike is one of the popular flying games from the Sega Mega Drive era that challenges the players to fly an Apache helicopter around the world to take out the bad guys and provide a safer world for the good guys. It sums up as an epic series, as the players say, and there can be a major comeback to it anytime soon.  

10. Flanker 2.5 (2002) – 84

10 best flying games in 2022

The last one on the list of 10 best flying games in 2022 is Flanker 2.5 (2002), which is considered the perfect add-on to the previously released Flanker 2.0. It supremely focuses on Russia’s Su-27 and Su-33 aircraft and considers the detailed examination of the capabilities of both the crafts, avionics and weapon systems. Though Flanker 2.5 is considered a cheap option, it is an incredible update that makes it a worthy contender in the list of 10 best flying games in 2022. 

X-Plane, Pilotwings, Star Fox, Jungle Strike, and Flanker 2.5 are the most popular games in the list of the 10 best flying games in 2022. They own one of the suitable flight simulators and stand out as the one with top-rated flying experiences for the players with a good landing overall. 

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Watch 10 Best Flying Games In 2022

Wrapping Up

Summing up the list of 10 best flying games in 2022, I have had the most stunning experience with the IL-2 Sturmovik (2001) – 91 till now. Which one is your current favorite flying game? Do comment in the box below. Let the conversion flow. 

Anyways, I hope all of your questions regarding the 10 best flying games in 2022 are answered well. Path of EX will get back to you with such insightful information as soon as possible. Come along. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Game Has The Best Flying?

1. War Thunder.
2. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.
3. IL 2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad.
4. Arma 3.
5. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.
6. X Plane 11.
7. Superflight.
8. Rogue Sky

2. What Is The Best Flying Simulator?

1. Aerofly FS.
2. GeoFS.
3. FlightGear.
4. FlyInside.
5. Infinite Flight.
6. Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
7. Take On Helicopters.
8. X-Plane 11

3. Are There Fighter Jets In-Flight Simulator?

Microsoft is now gearing up for the launch of its Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition with a handful of new aircraft and locations you can visit.


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