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Do you have an event to organize? Are you confused about how to keep things on track? Don’t worry, we got you. In this article, you will find the best event apps for Android and iOS.

You know, it is always hard to conduct or organize an event, especially business conferences. I have had my good share of bundlers in this matter. My personal experience has taught me to be always prepared for the worst. After tumbling down the stairs many times, I have managed to get hold of some of the best ways to organize an event.

The list of the Top Event Apps include:

  1. Event Board
  2. CrowdCompass
  3. Whova
  4. 10 Times Events App
  5. BusyConf
  6. Eventbrite
  7. Slido
  8. Basecamp
  9. SpotMe
  10. InEvent

The above-mentioned apps are the best Event Apps available on the internet. Read further to know more about the features, pros, and cons of these applications.

Best Event Apps 2021

Read along with the list to find out the best event app for yourself. You can easily download these applications from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

1. Event Board

Event Board: Best Event Apps for Android
Source: Team Support

 EventBoard will give your business a new look. You no longer need manual communication of emails or paper diagrams, this app will take care of your scheduling. With this event app, you can create a proper event schedule for any meeting, conference, webinar, etc, and upload them on the upcoming events tab. It gives a real-time update of what meeting is happening in which room so there are no overlaps.


  • Easy to manage and transparent.
  • The app interface has attracted a lot of users.
  • Using privacy options lets you choose what to show and hide.


  • Meeting check-in enables all to register and come to the event. 
  • Book last-minute meetings if any room is available.
  • EventBoard integrates with your existing calendars like Google calendar and others. 
  • Build floor plans and agendas on the app.
  • Check a mobile guide for your event.
  • Report problems in meeting rooms directly on the app.

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2. CrowdCompass

CrowdCompass: Best Event Apps for Android
Source: MMCT Tech

It is the most ideal event app if you manage a lot of events. It helps you increase the attendees’ attendance and ensures everyone is aware of the latest developments. It is great for any size of event gathering, ranging from 50 to even 50,000. Management of entries is not difficult on the app. With the Crowdcompass event app, you can plan conferences, meetings, events, and even trade shows. Not just the organizers, the attendees have also shown considerable interest in the mobile application due to its features.


  • Find all the information about the event from the registration page.
  • Export all the event details, your entry pass, etc. as a pdf.
  • Share your desired documents directly from the app. 


  • Get customized notifications about the event.
  • Easy to use and manage for the host and the attendees.
  • No limit to the number of participants in any event.
  • Upload event banners, surveys, program list, speaker bio, etc, directly on the app.
  • You can get the location of the event location integrated with maps.


  • There are no analytics post events.
  • It can be confusing to use the app due to its comprehensiveness.

3. Whova

Whova: Best Events Apps for Android
Source: Whova

It is that one app that takes care of everything Event planning. From making a schedule to inviting people, with Whova, you can remain carefree. With its modern and trendy design and outlook, it attracts a lot of attendees and also makes it easier for the host to manage the event. It is as digital as event planning could be. It is a very powerful event management app that makes it very easy for people to register. This award-winning event planning and management app has seen multiple downloads.


  • You can manage various events from this app.
  • There will be easy registration and Time-saving event marketing.
  • The attendees get an email about the event before it begins.


  • All the information about the event is available at your fingertips.
  • The attendees can message each other on the app.
  • Session surveys are available on the app.
  • Whova offers fast customer support when reported.


  • You require to make certain in-app purchases to make use of advanced features.
  • There might be some communication problems between the host and the app.
  • It is not flexible to edit the event details.

4. 10 Times Events App

10Times: Best Event Apps for Android
Source: Google Play

The 10 times events app is the new type of Event planning app that will help you with easy premium event management. You can create an event and also find out if any similar events are happening in your vicinity. Create and manage your event the way you seem fit. It helps you connect with event managers of your likes and also contact the attendees directly. An unlimited number of people can be invited to the event.


  • Develop strong connections through the app.
  • Connect with the people interested in the same event as you.
  • Event ratings are available.
  • Make use of multiple filters available to get customized results.


  • Manage your calendar to coordinate your events in line.
  • Location sensors will help you find where the event is happening.
  • Share your details with the event organizers for better communication.
  • Set preferences on the app and get curated events for yourself. 
  • Make a post and share it with other community members.
  • You can put forward your queries for other event-goers or hosts to answer.

5. BusyConf

BusyConf: Best Event Apps for Android
Source: Accessify

Busyconf as the name might suggest is one of the best apps for organizing conferences. On this event app, you can schedule your conference and make the most out of it. It is very easy to use and extremely straightforward. The tools will help you create an event portfolio as you want and also keep your calendar sorted.


  • Create a mobile schedule to keep a track of the conference timings.
  • You can collect abstracts and papers directly on the app.
  • There is a streamlined registration process.


  • This app can also help you find sponsors.
  • A review committee can be set up on the app to manage the conference entries.

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6. Eventbrite

Eventbrite: The Best Event Apps for iOS
Source: TechCrunch

Attending and organizing events is easier than ever with Eventbrite. You can find out the events happening around you and explore more. From independent to corporate events, this app will help you with everything. By simply searching for the type of event you are interested in, you can get information about all the similar events happening around you. Its integration with maps helps you reach the right venue without any confusion.


  • The search option happens to look for events in the field you are interested in.
  • Find what events your friends are attending.
  • The app is available in multiple languages.


  • No need for printed tickets. You can directly show an e-pass for an event.
  • Share tickets with your friends directly from the app.
  • Find upcoming shows and events.
  • Save your card details for faster payments.
  • All types of events can be managed here. Concerts, conferences, festivals, free events, etc.
  • The details of the events can be found on the first page. 

7. Slido

Slido: Best Event Apps for iOS
Source: LinkedIn

An event app that helps you get a real-time view of what your attendees want from the event. Along with being an event management app, it offers a great interactive experience, making it the first choice for a lot of event planning companies. You can get surveys, upload polls, etc. to create an event that everyone loves.


  • Data analytics help you create the perfect event.
  • Very simple to set up and work in.
  • You can ask questions related to the event publicly.


  • You can do event briefings on the app.
  • Anonymous questions can be asked about the event.
  • A meeting can be made interactive by the integration of Q and A sessions.
  • The app has an integration with Google slides.


  • The event hosts can delete any questions asked and also edit the event details.
  • The data export feature of the app is not very impressive.
  • There are not a lot of free polls available.
  • The subscription to the app is a little expensive.

8. Basecamp

Basecamp: The Best Event Apps for iOS
Source: Basecamp

Basecamp should be your go-to event app if you have a big company having multiple events on the same day. It is an online management tool that has a cloud feature. It is an app that helps with collaboration and coordination between the attendees and the hosts. As a project manager, you can manage small team meets also through this app. Widely used and liked by the people in the corporate world for project management.


  • People can be added to move forward with the conversation.
  • A message board can be managed on the app.


  • It is the best for concurrent events of the same brand.
  • With a collaborative feature, documents can also be shared and edited with access.
  • The project calendar helps you keep track of deadlines. 
  • The to-do lists will help in better management.
  • Create different sections for different meetings and projects.


  • The number of email notifications can be overwhelming.
  • You can’t be used to schedule charts.
  • It can be difficult to manage documents in the right sequence.

9. SpotMe

SpotMe: The Best Event Apps for iOS
Source: Crozdesk

Spot Me is a great event app with a management tool to help you plan your event better. It comes with better branded enterprising services. You can manage and plan various types of events here along with creating virtual events and meetings. It helps in creating a community on and off the app, connecting people with the same interests, and establishing communication between them. This communication tool can also be used by the host and the attendees of the event.


  • This app supports live streaming.
  • Virtual lobby helps manage the number of people attending the event.
  • Work with big brands across all industries and create better events.


  • It is an engagement platform too.
  • Online registration helps in keeping a proper count.
  • Analytics help you understand how the event went.
  • Record the event and establish a playback feature. 
  • Event marketing can also be done.

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10. InEvent

In Event: The best Event App for iOS
Source: G2

An event app that offers the maximum customization options. With Inevent you can create the most ideal event for your brand. It offers software, hardware, and dedicated support to its customer base, helping you in creating a wholesome event that will be remembered for a long time. This app takes pride in providing its services to over 400 companies in 138 countries. They are the best that you can go for to create corporate events, trade shows, meetings, exhibitions, workshops, etc.


  • Generate leads and market the vent from Inevent.
  • It increases profits, efficiency, and cost benefits in events.
  • You can manage virtual and hybrid events from the app.


  • The admin interface is very friendly and attractive.
  • Recording an event and then using it to be played later can be easily done.
  • Finds you, potential customers.
  • It is a very flexible app, offering a lot of customization options. 


  • Due to a lot of features, it can be difficult to understand and use the app.

Final Verdict

These are my favorite event apps that can help in every situation. You can download and use them your yourself. Do let us know in the comment section below, which application turned out to be your favorite!

Feature Image Credits: Bizbash


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