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With modern devices and advanced software, it has become super easy to gain new knowledge. Nowadays, students have access to an enormous amount of information. It also concerns writing papers when students need to research a new material instead of looking for an essay or thesis writing service to get quick help. You can find information about almost everything online. You can find data about other cultures and peculiarities of life abroad that were unknown before. With modern devices, the process of translation became automatic. Almost all important materials are translated into hundreds of world languages.

You can get so much knowledge, and you can do it completely for free. You do not need to go anywhere and conduct complicated research work. You have everything near at hand. Once you want to know more, you have dozens of advanced educational platforms to visit. Moreover, you can do it any time you want. Just find your motivation and get to know this world better.

Best Educational Platforms for Learners

The Internet provides limitless resources for every student who wants to learn more. It is extremely easy to simply open a certain page on the internet, and reach an immense amount of information. You do not even need to have a big bank account to learn more. Your motivation and desire to learn are the key factors. Sure, many educational platforms require fees. Still, you can find a bunch of helpful educational platforms with information offered at no charge. Besides, the small monthly fees you pay for access to top educational platforms bring you unlimited information on any subject you tend to learn more about.

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Coursera is an exceptional and well-known educational platform for students. You can select numerous online courses and learn a lot of new information once registering at the website. Once taking courses, you can get special certificates to demonstrate that you gained new knowledge and skills. The online courses are offered by professors from various universities in the world. You can gain an exceptional experience once learning from top universities’ tutors.

3. is an educational platform that offers a wide variety of online courses. This platform is named one of the biggest ones that offer online education. You can gain any course you like for a small fee or even for free and learn the wanted subjects at the website. The navigation and menu make the entire education process very convenient. The list of the offered online courses is really impressive.


TED offers access to the world of the most debated information and discussions. You can find an endless number of talks about everything that matters for people these days. This is not a special portal with online courses. Still, this is the exact place where you can learn about the most important people, events, and trends in the world. You can find almost every topic discussed on the platform. The TED talks cover nearly every aspect of humans’ life.


Wikipedia may not be the exact source you can cite in the reference list of your research paper. Still, it includes an enormous amount of information about practically everything. This is an effective tool to learn fast about some event, phenomenon, person, country, culture. etc. Other writers have already written short summaries on the topics you search about and placed them on


This is the exact platform for those who tend to go further with their education. Everyone who plans to go to university can find information about practically every aspect of student life in the checked universities. You can find information about courses, guides on campus, rankings of courses, scholarship details, etc. Besides, you can find information about your local universities and about studying abroad as well.


Skillshare is the exact platform you reach to gain more skills. The platform brings online classes offered in a not very college-like style. The entire educational part is mostly focused on letting students gain new creative skills or improve the existing ones. The number of subjects is enormous. You can learn arts, filming, writing, design, and more. The educational materials are based on information needed to help students to master new skills fast. You can find both paid and free courses on the platform.


Udemy is practically a huge portal that unites over 100,000 various online courses. You can find nearly any subject to learn on the platform. It starts with simple courses to teach productivity and ends with complex programming courses. The platform allows teachers to teach their classes in any form they prefer. Thus, students often get various video, audio, and text materials, together with various quizzes and other information.

There are numerous advanced educational platforms you can reach to learn more. Besides, many platforms offer short summaries and brief explanations about almost everything in the world.

Once you want to get information on anything, you simply need to visit the website and read about it. It is quite fast and convenient with modern devices and software. If you need some additional information or tend to gain new skills, the educational platforms can offer you effective and quite fast online courses. You can take the online courses you choose once, paying some small fee or even free of charge.

Besides, you always learn new material in a comfortable home atmosphere. You are also the one to choose the courses among the huge list offered. For instance, such platforms like Udemy offer over 100,000 online courses in total. Thus, you can always find the special courses that will suit your interests perfectly.


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