Best Educational Games 2021

Best Educational Games 2021

Are your kids prone to using mobile phones all the time? If yes, then we have a great solution for you. Hook your kids to some of the best Educational games. In this article, you will find the best educational games for Android, iOS, and PC.

Educational Games serve the purpose of proving knowledge and brainstorming. There are many games available on the internet. You can easily download these games from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

  1. Coloring and Learn
  2. Kids Educational Game 5
  3. Duolingo 
  4. DailyArt 
  5. Two Dots
  6. Math Blaster
  7. Reader Rabbit
  8. SpaceChem
  9. HyperRouge
  10. Universe Sandbox
  11. Lightbot 
  12. PBS KIDS Games
  13. Marble Math
  14. Toca Blocks
  15. Brain Challenge

These games are very beneficial, especially for your child. Read further to know more about these amazing educational games.

Best Educational Games 2021

Read along with the list to find out the best games for your kids. Pick and choose the best educational games that suits your requirements.

Coloring and Learn

Coloring and Learn- Best Educational Games for Android

One of the best realistic educational games in history having 250 pages of content for all ages. Two basic modes are available for this particular app as- free mode and glow coloring mode. The gameplay is very simple and understandable as you just have to color the given picture with your imagination and color schemes. 


  • You can decorate your artwork with more than 100 beautiful stickers.
  • Improves your imagination level.
  • Easy to understand each step and formation.
  • Free to play.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • Some other activities are also included like- drum, pop balloons, magic lines, learn colors, sea, pixel art, and aviator.
  • The design is very simple and smooth.

Kids Educational Game 5

Kids Educational Game 5- Best Educational Games for Android
Source: APKFab

New and advanced educational games app for kids to learn and understand each sign, picture, design, and many more things. This basic application contains 12 different types of designed games for kids. Logic games, pattern games, objective games, and other forms of educational games are included in this single app.


  • Free to play.
  • Easy to understand each level and gaming part.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • The design is smooth and easy to handle.
  • Improves your memory, concentration, and logic skills.


Duolingo- Best Educational Games for Android
Source: Google Play

Many lessons and topics are there which cannot be easy to understand by any individual. Only for this purpose, Duolingo educational games come in this field. You can easily learn English from this particular app. Short lessons and pronunciation of English are included to improve your skills in a very good manner.


  • Free to play.
  • Advanced activities are included in each part.
  • Very effective for every age of people.
  • You can learn any language through this app.
  • One of the best educational games for android.

Daily Art

Daily Art- Best Educational Games for Android
Source: YouTube

Art is one of the best frameworks for our daily life. For those who want to explore many art-related things, then this app is best for them. Having fantastic images, and cool biographic cells are included to make this app very interesting and effective. Every type of language is available for your understanding. Modern, as well as contemporary masterpieces, are added to make short stories about them. You can easily share information for every particular artwork. You can learn how it was found and define each property accordingly.


  • Collect many masterpieces.
  • You can easily copy the whole description of any artwork.
  • One of the best educational games for android to teach you the entire history very easily.
  • Free to play and learn.
  • No advertisement issue.

Two Dots

Two Dots- Best Educational Games for Android
Source: Google Play

This game is very simple and smooth for every player. The gameplay is to test your coloring skills and speed. You just have to connect one dot with another to make rectangles or squares. About 2875 addictive levels are there to make this game more interesting. One of the main reasons for playing this game is it increases your concentration, logic skills, and competitive spirit. 


  • It is included in the list of best educational games for android.
  • Online as well as the offline mode is available.
  • Free to play.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • Other names are also included like- two dots cheat or two dots symbol.

Math Blaster

Math Blaster- Best Educational Games for PC
Source: Apps Like

One of the best arcade-style educational games is math blaster. Such games are specially developed to improve your basic mathematical skills. It includes minigames like- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and many more. Maths is the first step to reach out the best calculation methods in your day to day activity.

This game was first developed and published by Davidson and Associates. The releasing date is 1983.


  • You can complete your educational goals easily.
  • Free to play. 
  • Every level is easily handled.
  • No realistic problems are there to face.
  • Users can easily enjoy this educational game constantly.

Reader Rabbit

This game teaches us some basic languages related to our interests and area. Helps to improve our skills day by day. Reading, writing, spell checking, grammar checking, and many other features are provided by this particular app. You just have to play the character of the Reader Rabbit who solves each level very smartly and quickly. This cool stuff makes your game more interesting and impactful.

This game was first published by Encore Software. Its releasing date is 1983(old) and the new releasing date is from 2018.


  • The gameplay is so simple and smooth.
  • Easy handle platform.
  • Free to play.
  • Backgrounds and animations are quite excellent.
  • You can easily complete your daily report.


SpaceChem- Best Educational Games for PC
Source: Steam

One of the most ancient education games is space chem. Because of its features, designs, platform, and structure. You are given the role of an engineer inside the space chem. Construction of the building, elaborate each plan, and handling your side partners is the basic functionality of your character. Every single role is important for your character for defining his inner strength and abilities.

This game was first developed and published by Zachtronics. The releasing date is the 3rd of March, 2011.


  • More than 50+ puzzle games are inside this particular game.
  • Graphics, visuals, designs, and structure are quite efficient for use and highly praised by users.
  • Free to play.
  • No functionality issue.
  • Memory- 1GB


HyperRogue- Best Educational Games for PC
Source: Steam

One of the best tactical puzzle educational games in history. Each level and version of this particular game is quite appreciable and highly praised by users. You are going to play the role of a lone adventurer, who collects every treasure from his side by defeating his enemies on the other side. Enemies can be bigger and stronger than your character. But you don’t have to lose hope in the entire game.

This game was first developed and published by Zeno Rouge. The releasing date is the 17th of January, 2015.


  • Single-player game.
  • Steam achievements gameplay.
  • Partial controller support for each player.
  • Include some level editors.
  • Free to play. 
  • Easy to understand its properties and functionalities.

Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox- Best Educational Games for PC
Source: Steam

You can easily create and destroy an unimaginable space scale with lots of space simulators. This game is included in the list of the best educational games for PC. The main focus of this game is to give some relatable information regarding space, spaceships, the universe, galaxy, and many more things too. 

This game was first developed and published by Giant Army. The release date is the 24th of August, 2015.


  • Partial controller support is there to meet any problem.
  • Free to play.
  • Easy to understand its gaming rules and phenomena.
  • At each level, some relatable information is given to the user for his/her use.


Lightbot- Best Educational Games for iOS
Source: Twitter

This is one of the educational games for learning software as well as hardware concepts. The Lightbot game is highly ranked and played by many users at a high level. This game is available on both platforms(offline and online). The gameplay is you have to control a robot who wants to turn on the lights on each maze. Different types of symbols are there to command the robot as per your thinking and strategy.


  • Involves 50 different levels.
  • Free to play.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • The graphics are awesome.
  • Every type of language is available for you.
  • Improves technical as well as mental skills.


Are you looking for some fun-loving and educational games, then PBS KIDS is the best application for you. More than 200 free games are included in this single app. Games like- odd squads, let’s go Luna, Xavier riddle, and many more. You can easily explore new ideas, new cities, and new worlds according to our latest technology. This game makes a positive impact on children. Both offline and online modes are available for them to easily understand the gaming phenomena.


  • Creative design is used to make a good impact.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Free to play.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • It provides a safe and healthy environment.

Marble Math

Marble Math- Best Educational Games for iOS

So many of us are not able to understand maths easily. Only for this purpose, this special game is developed to make a good hand of yours on math. One of the best educational games in the field of gaming and mathematical concepts. A series of numbers is generated in front of your screen and you have to solve each number given on the maze. This game requires both math skills and game skills to solve each level effectively.


  • Include concepts of- addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, factoring, and many more.
  • Free to play.
  • No in-app purchases.
  • Specially made by game designers.
  • You can easily customize views and abilities.

Toca Blocks

Toca Blocks- Best Educational Games for iOS
Source: BlueStacks

One of the most unique world-building games, that helps you to create new worlds. They can easily play in their created worlds and can easily share their reviews with family and friends. Imagination is the very first key to playing this game. Educational games are highly recommended by those who want to start their career in the same field. Each version of this particular game is defined to provide basic knowledge of every level or mode inside the game.


  • Combination of new patterns to build new blocks or buildings.
  • Free to play.
  • Easy to handle.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • Graphics are quite simple and smooth.

Brain Challenge

Brain Challenge- Best Educational Games for iOS
Source: Gameloft

Mental exercise games are highly recommended and mentioned for the users. It is included in the list of best educational games for iOS or iPhones. The gameplay is simple, you just need to solve puzzles in each level. Four main categories like- logic, math, focus, and visual are included in this app. Two basic modes are also there to define its categories. One is the free mode and the other is test mode.


  • Additional modes are also involved inside the game.
  • Free to play.
  • Easy to handle.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • A brain chart is given for you to find out the daily result of yours.

Feature Image Credits: Skidos

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