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Jhanvi sharma
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Looking for some educational apps for Android and iOS. But feeling confused and indecisive? Don’t worry, we understand your worries. That is why we have an amazing list of the best educational apps for Android.

A lot of information is available online so we don’t have to waste our time scrolling down every time through social media posts and doing chit chat. A lot many sources are available for providing a lot of information and you can make your skills more powerful by grasping things from many sources. 

Education is a huge term when it comes to involving it with your mobile apps. It makes a great composition. You can take several educational tools and Softwares that are being used by many institutions to guide students as well as faculty. As during these times when we are in a pandemic, it’s necessary to use these resources to study so that in the future we don’t face any kind of problem. 

There are many learning apps available that are designed in a way to learn easily from them. All users can use them easily. These educational apps for Android are designed in a way that if you wish to learn genuinely and have a passion to learn anything then you can learn a lot from these apps. You can surely start something new from these to improve your knowledge skills and a lot more. 

Although android has taken a large area of human usages like a business, information, technology, and many other things. Similarly, like that the education sector is another thing that is taken by android too. Many education sections are available by many androids.

Now, for studying you don’t always need books and all that stuff. You can easily start with audiobooks, contents, e-books in all different apps you wish. Many online courses are also available and highly trained and professional teachers are there to expand your knowledge. So use these educational apps for Android to expand your knowledge.

List of the Best Educational Apps for Android

There are many educational apps for android devices available in the play store. They all are not worth believing. So here some best apps you can easily rely on them. Go and check out these apps and find the best one for you. 

1.TED Talks

TED Talks is the most important and is so amazing. Its content is great about anything. If you don’t find anything that is hard to find on any app you can easily find that on TED. You can easily browse your content from here and it’s easy to use. You can enjoy all the video contents of different issues here so it’s the best educational app for Android.

Some important points about TED Talks

  • There are around three thousand TED Talks available with all different features.
  • You can also save videos that you love to see and synchronize that in the app.
  • There are subtitles available in over 100 languages 
  • You can save your files and bookmark them anytime.
  • You can also make your favorite playlist and enjoy it one by one.

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2. Deepstash- Motivation, Self-improvement, and care

Best Educational Apps for Android

It is a kind of medium that meets Blinkist meets. Or it is just like the social media feed that has all your things that matter. You can select here all the topics you want to improve or you want to know more about them. You will get a related story or ideas like that in the form of daily news. You can organize and save them in stashes that you can access anytime. 

Some Important Features of Deepstash

  • You will get a summary of all the ideas you want to know like the insights of the articles or crisp of fewer than 100 words. This format is called an idea.
  • You don’t have to spend much time on this all it takes 5 minutes to read it daily. You will also get daily recommendations and save everything you find interesting and then apply.
  • By saving all the content you find interesting it will learn what you like and gives you all the stories every day. The more you will save the more it will know about your interest. 
  • Your recommendations are refreshed multiple times.
  • It’s totally free
  • You will not see any unnecessary ads and distractions. 
  • This is open for everyone. 
  • You can easily focus on your content and get a clean reading experience.
  • Click a free account by logging with your Facebook or Google and you are there.

3. Memrise Learn Languages Free

Best Educational Apps for Android

If you are thinking of learning any language then Memrise learns language free is just the best for you. This the most suggested app and so handy for language learners. You can learn easily and fastly from here. You can try this and learn various languages like Dutch, Arabic, Bangla, Spanish, English, Chinese, Swedish, Korean, German, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, and many other languages with this app. 

Some Important Features of Memrise Learn Languages Free

  • Many different languages are available on the app.
  • There are many examples to follow so that you can speak fluently.
  • There are tons of memory techniques and tips for first learning.
  • Many practice tests and examinations are also available as a reading app.
  • Many videos from different native speakers are there for you.

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4. Quora

Best Educational Apps for Android

It is just the best question and answers app for android devices.  A lot of people share different experiences here and you will get all your answers here. It’s one place to answer all your queries. You can learn from this while studying and also when you’re on your job. Many different answers are available from many different people. You can read it anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to worry about anything because Quora will provide you with all different views and ideas.

Some Important Features of Quora

  • Many topics and contents are there that you can follow
  • Many different answers are available who share their different views on the topics.
  • You can share your own views too.
  • It’s user friendly and has an active search engine
  • There are also bday and night modes available

5. Wikipedia

Best Educational Apps for Android
Source: The Verge

It’s known to us for the ages. There is no one there that doesn’t know about Wikipedia. You can easily rely on wikipedia when you search for anything on Google. But one thing I want to tell you is that maybe you don’t know or not aware that it has its own app too.

You will see daily updates on various content on Wikipedia. Many times it tells you the source of the information and you can rely on that. Every student can find all the details of every issue of history, literature, science, and other topics.

Some Great features of Wikipedia

  • There are around 40 million articles available on all different issues.
  • You can all the articles in around 300 different languages.
  • It is the easiest solution for all the problems related to academics.
  • It is considered the largest source of information. 
  • There are no charges for the information and no advertisements on the content.

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