Best Editor’s Choice Apps for Android and iOS 2021

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Best Editor's Choice Apps for Android and iOS 2021
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Internet is filled with different kinds of applications varying in features and more. In this article, you will find out the best editor’s choice apps for Android and iOS.

I always felt intrigued for learning about the best applications in all genres. With a little research and personal preference, I managed to bring out the list of the best Editor’s choice apps for all users.

The best application according to the editor’s choice is Spotify. Spotify is widely used many users. The list of the best Editor’s choice applications includes:

  1. Spotify
  2. Adobe Lightroom
  3. Travel Deals
  4. LumaFusion
  5. Skype
  6. Headspace
  7. Snapseed
  8. Quik

The above-mentioned applications are best in their respective fields. Read further to know more about these applications.

Best Editor’s Choice Apps for Android and iOS

After some study and research, I have brought forward the best applications of all genres. Read along to know about the features, pros of these applications.


Best Editor's choice Apps for iOS 2021: spotify
Source: The Best Spotify Playlists Right Now | Complex

Spotify is the most trending and the top pick for the best editor’s choice apps for iOS 2021.

This app allows you to stream from more than 60 million songs and podcasts in multiple languages. You can listen to any podcast about education, games, lifestyle, health, and many more.

The interface is clean and has got lyrics option too. Even it keeps on updating your playlist depending upon your taste and what’s trending in the music world. You can download as many songs as you want.

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But its paid variant is more liked by its users more than the free one. As the free one has got a number of lacks.


  • You can make your own playlist.
  • Search via Mood, Genre, Activity, Artist, Album.
  • Easy streaming.
  • 60 millions+ songs and podcasts.
  • Have lyrics options.
  • Can connect to other devices like Bluetooth speakers.
  • Affordable.

Rating on Apple app store: 4.8*

Download: You can download it directly from the app store or from Spotify’s official site.

Price: It is a free app but has in-built purchases.

Adobe Lightroom

Best editor's choice Apps for iOS 2021: adobe lightroom
Source: 9to5Mac

The next pick for the editor’s choice apps for iOS 2021 is Adobe Lightroom.

You can capture, edit and share your pictures from this all-in-one app.

This power app enhances your photography skills with fineness with its tools. It’s HDR mode makes your pictures look professional. You can use tools like sliders and apply pre-defined filters. Its unique feature of dragging sliders to improve light and color is just phenomenal.

You can adjust the light, color grading, saturation, and other similar stuff with easy steps. It had its pre-defined filters yet you can customize it unlimitedly depending on your taste.

After completing the edit you can compare your before and after picture without losing the edits.

This app uses AI to store your picture in separate folders in its creative cloud storage. You search any image using the searchable keywords. These are automatically applied to your images to sort them like mountains, sky, etc.


  • You can capture, edit, and share from one app.
  • You can crop, rotate & adjust with straight lines.
  • It has preset filters but can be customized unlimitedly.
  • You can use retouch to have full-resolution photos.
  • It has its own creative cloud storage.
  • You can compare your edits.

App store rating: 4.7*

Download: You can download this app directly from the App store or enjoy it online from

Price: It is a free app and has in-app purchases that cost $2.99 to $70 per item. Travel Deals

Editor's choice apps for iOS
Source: ZelloApps

If you are a travel freak who loves to go to the unknown or far-fledged area either solo or in groups, Travel deals can help you out. Travel deal is the highest rated travel app on iOS. It manages your bookings on the go for hotels and whole vacations. If you intend to spend holidays, planning weekend getaways, or thinking of a business trip, this app will be a great companion for you.

This app has 27 million hotels, holiday rentals, apartments, homes to choose from. You can refine your search by city, landmark, hotel name, and filter it by price, review score, and a lot more.

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You are free to cancel out most of the bookings with zero cancellation charges. You can do paperless confirmations for last-minute stays with no booking or credit card fees.

It’s easy to use features and user’s satisfactions made it the editor’s choice apps for iOS 2021.


  • It is a great app for travel deals with 27 million options worldwide.
  • You can search by city, attraction, landmark, or hotel name.
  • free cancellation on most of the rooms.
  • It offers paperless confirmation and no booking or credit card fees.

App store rating: 4.7*

Download: You can easily download it from app store.

Price: It is a free app.


LumaFusion: best video editing apps for iOS
Source: TheAppWhisperer

The ultimate video editing app that is best for iOS is LumaFusion. This one among the editor’s choice apps for iOS 2021 is exclusive to iOS.

LumaFusion is the most popular pro video editing tool. It offers you power at your fingertips to create videos of any length. This gives you Phenomenal results with an elegant UI. You can create time-lapse as well as slow-motion videos in mere seconds with simple clicks.

Its in-built library lets you to use copywrite free audios for background. It allows you to color correct and adjust the white balance, saturation, and other effects.

The app is fully functional with tutorials, overlay helps, and a detailed user guide helps you to be the pro in a short time with fewer problems.


It is at the top in the list of the best editing apps for iOS because of its ease to use and incredible features. These are:

  • You can create projects by screen recording or by editing the imported videos in any ratio either it be landscape, portrait, square, widescreen film.
  • You can duplicate, color tag, add notes, sort your projects, and search them for easy management.
  • It has dozens of royalty-free music, loops, sound fx, videos, and backgrounds to be used.
  • You can have a desktop editing feel with its 6+ video/audio tracks for photos, videos, audio, titles, narration, music, and sound effects.
  • Even it has the feature of previewing the project on an external monitor.
  • You can create both time-lapse and smooth slow motion with 120 and 240fps files.
  • It has useful color correction tools.
  • You can add unlimited keyframes to animate any effect or color.

App Store Rating: 4.8*

Price: General pricing is $29.99 and has in-App Purchases. The VIP access options include:

  1. Storyblocks Monthly – $9.99
  2. Storyblocks Yearly – $69.99
  3. FCPXML Export – $19.99


editor's choice apps for androids 2021
Source: Best Designs

The top one in the list of the editor’s choice apps for androids 2021 is Skype.

If you are living far from your home and miss talking to them, then you must try skype.

Skype is a full-fledged calling app that is able to HD video calls. It’s a clutter-free app that makes you focus on your conversation more than the connection. You can enjoy seamless calls with 50 people at a time.

Not only the video calls, but you can also enjoy voice calls, send instant messages, or SMS. Also, you can share photos, videos, gifs, stickers, and emoticons and save them as well to your camera roll.

One interesting feature about skype is that it allows Cross-platform. It means that you can call using your phone, but it’s not necessary that the other person has to do it likewise. They can connect to you from the phone, laptop, desktop, and smartwatch.

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  • You can video call with 50 people at a time.
  • It can send SMS, instant message, photos, videos, emoticons, gifs to people.
  • It is a cross platform and you can share the screen as well.
  • The app uses fewer data.
  • The app is good for conference calls.

Google Play Rating: 4.3*

Price: It’s a free app.

Download: You can download this app directly from the Google play store or enjoy it online from


editor's choice apps for androids 2021
Source: uxdesign

Do you also think that work load and too much pressure are making you stressed?

Are you not able to sleep properly at night because of anxiety?

If yes, then Headspace is the ultimate app for you. It is one of the best editor’s choice apps for androids 2021 for medication.

This helps you to focus, breathe, perform at your best, stay calm and get most out of your day. The trainers guide you to learn classic meditation and relaxation techniques. You can visibly see your personal growth by increasing self-esteem, kindness and happiness. Now leave your daily life stress and transform yourself.

Its notifications will remind you to inhale and exhale to feel calm and improve your focus. It’s good for improving your mood on a rough day and helps you to sleep well with its sleep sound. This app is an essential these days.


  • This app helps you to train mind and body for a stress-free life with simple exercises and meditation.
  • You can improve your focus and see visible results in fewer days.
  • Sends a notification to breathe
  • Its sound sleep helps you to have better sleep.
  • Personal trainers and coaches to guide you at each step.

Google Play Rating: 4.3*

Price: It is a free app and has in-app purchases. The purchases can cost $6.49 – $119.99 per item.

Download: You can download this app directly from the Google play store or enjoy it online.


Snapseed: best photo editing apps for androids 2021
Source: YouTube

The app that made up the list of the best editor’s choice apps for android 2021 for photo editing is Snapseed.

Snapseed is a complete photo editing tool. It offers you to edit pictures professionally with 29 different tools, filters, brush, healing, and lot more options. You can save any look and use them later on others.

Usually, editing Apps offer to edit as a whole while this app has an extremely exclusive feature of a brush. With its brush option, your work will be precise and will cover each of the single detail.

Snapseed allows jpg or raw files. You can crop, flip, and rotate pictures as per your demand. It can bring a stunning look to your images by creating the effect of multiple exposures. You can use its white balance to adjust the colors in the picture to make them look more natural.

This app has a lot of classics as well as modern fonts to add to the image. Apart from this, Snapseed can enhance the face and adjust its face pose with guidance because of the prerecorded dummies.

After editing, you can save and share your edited pictures with other friends or on any social media.


  • You can use RAW files and export them in JPG.
  • Its fine editing allows you to tune the image with exposure, color, sharpness, and other important aspects of editing.
  • It allows you to crop and rotate.
  • It also has a white balance and HDR balance to give an extra spice to your image.
  • The double exposure blends two photos, choosing from blend modes that are inspired by shooting on film and by digital image processing.
  • You can add frames with adjustable size.
  • Add text to your images with 200+ fonts.

Google Play Rating: 4.5*

Price: It’s a free app.

Download: You can download this app directly from the Google play store or enjoy it online from

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Best editor's choice apps for androids 2021
Source: Android community

Quik is the best video editing app & the best editor’s choice apps for android 2021.

If are not a pro at editing, don’t worry, Quik is here to the rescue.

Quik is a fun and easy editing app for people who wants to edit videos on the go. Just Capture the video, edit them with your fingertips and share where ever you want. This app requires low efforts but delivers high impact results.

Its automatic mode does its magic. Quik finds the best moments, edit them of their own with amazing transitions into the loved momentary video. While the manual one allows you to do wonders according to your personal choice.


Quik has got several surprising features that make your common videos look professional

  • You can edit videos using up to 75 videos or photos from your device, Go pro cloud, Google photos, Dropbox, etc.
  • It even accepts motion pictures in different formats.
  • The app has 23+ themes with lots of transitions and pre-defined graphics to add quality to the videos.
  • You can customize your video with the options like a recorder, trim, and rotate photos.
  • You can make your time-lapse and fast videos by adjusting the duration of the video slides.
  • It has 100+ free songs in the library.
  • You can import any song of your choice in the MP3, M4A, MOV, AAC, FLAC, AIFF &WAV format.
  • It automatically finds the best pictures of 24hrs and creates a flashback for you to relive the moment.
  • You can save and share videos in HD with 1080p/ 720p at 60fps.

Google play store rating: 4.7*

Price: It’s a free app.

Download: You can download this app directly from the Google play store.

Feature Image Credits: TV Insider


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