22 Best Easter Hunt Ideas For an Eggcellent Easter 2022!

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Easter is a time to celebrate and spend some time with your family. The best way to do this is definitely playing games! Easter calls for Easter Egg games! What better than the Easter Hunt itself!? Easter Hunt ideas include the best thrilling activities. There are a lot of gaming levels or modes that can be covered while playing these activities.

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Easter hunt ideas are differentiated into 4 categories with unique rules. These ideas are very helpful for every person to feel great and comfortable while participating in any activity. The Easter hunt game can be played indoors just like we used to play it outdoor. The major role is to hide easter eggs from the players and the player who search them first is declared as WINNER.

Now, we are going to discuss some of the best easter hunt ideas that anyone can handle easily. Every description is unique and constant with new rules and instructions.

Best Easter Hunt Ideas!

Easter hunt ideas are so cool and amazingly define for every person whether it is a kid or an adult. In fact, each family member can participate in such activities just to keep up with their kids in their free time. Everyone is so excited to be a part of these activities as they provide you some fun elements too. This will make you feel so relaxed and energetic all the time.

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7 Best Easter Hunt Ideas For Kids!

Following are some cool and fancy ideas that your children can apply while playing this game

  • Easter Egg Hunt Relay Race:- It is similar to a traditional Relay race in which kids can participate very easily. But it involves eggs too. You just have to run with an egg in your basket. The team which collects eggs and puts them in their basket while jumping is declared as Winner.
  • Coin Egg Hunt:- You can teach your kids about the money sign with the help of this game. The gameplay is to fill every egg with different types of coins like- half dollars, pennies, and Nickels. Also, you can add some more points to this game to make it more challenging for your child. I think after playing this game everyone will definitely fall in love with its creation.
  • Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt:- You can create a new challenge by adding some new eggs in a dark room. The gameplay is that your child just needs to find out the maximum number of eggs that are placed in a dark room. The more they involve in this game, the more they feel excited and happy. 
Easter Hunt Ideas.
  • Easter Egg Hunt Clues:- A clue-based game is always on the top of the list as every single child happily participates. Every clue is different from the previous one which makes this game more interesting. Clues are very simple to understand and relatable to every round. 
  • Color Matching Easter Egg Hunt:- You all are full of new ideas and thoughts, right! Well, it’s time to implement those ideas. This color-matching activity is full of fun elements and interesting facts. You can make egg-shaped balls and paint them as per your preferences. Then, let your child play with egg balls and match them with the same colored basket.
  • Easter Egg Hunt Signs:- Sign games are always impressive and played by millions of people. This game is full of new hunting ideas with some given signs at each level. The signs are- Follow Me, This Way, and That Way. It is a very simple and reliable game to play with your family members too.
  • Easter Egg Tag:- Kids always want to play that type of game through which they feel so energetic without losing the participation quality. A tag game is where you just need to Stitch some eggs on your t-shirt. At last, the winner is declared on the basis of his/her t-shirt design and formation.

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5 Best Easter Hunt Ideas For Friends!

Following are some exciting and funny ideas that you all can apply while playing this game.

  • Paint Filled Eggs:- You just need to fill the eggs with paint and then let them dry for some moments. Cover them with a glue layer so that the color lasts longer. At last, you have some beautiful colored eggs that you can use to decorate your home or room.
  • Emoji Easter Egg:- There are many activities that you can perform, but the emoji easter egg is dang from the rest. You can make any face with the help of some tools and usable things. You just need boiled eggs and some paint like- black, blue, yellow, and many more. 
Easter Hunt Ideas
  • Egg Hunter Maker:- This activity is similar to a hunting game with some clues and tracing signs. You just need to find out the hidden treasure by using these clues and helping signs. 
  • Activity Egg Hunt:- There are several activities that you can perform using filled eggs or empty eggs. Tell your friends to jump from one small distance to another to win the round and have these easter eggs as a prize.
  • Rainbow Egg Hunt:- Just paint your eggs in different colors like a rainbow. Instruct your friend to place them according to a rainbow sign. The one that comes first is declared the winner of the game.

5 Best Easter Hunt Ideas For Adults!

Following are some interesting and amazing ideas that any adult can apply while playing this game.

  • Raffle Ticket Egg Hunt:- Same rules and instructions for raffle tickets are used to play this game. For adult ones, we do some changes so that they get an appropriate winning prize at last.
  • Crafty Easter Egg Hunt:- Crafting and creativity is the basic role that you all are going to perform in this activity. Make some new shapes, designs, and structures to fill your garden or home, or room in a very decent and cool manner.
  • Boozy Jelly Beans:- Fill your eggs with jelly in different colors. Those colors are the bean flavors like- beer, green apple, mojito, and champagne. These boozy jellies are non-alcoholic for every individual and it gives a fun twist to the party.
  • Easter Beauty Hunt:- It is simply a beauty game just for girls and the item that we used in this activity is the big twist. Items that a girl can win are- perfume, cream, foundations, lipsticks, and many more. This game will automatically find a way to take a lead from the rest(other activities).
  • Easter Pinata:- What if somebody used your stuff within the game just to make it more interesting? Come on guys, no one is so stupid to spoil your stuff, but yes they used them just to make the game more vulnerable for the contestants.

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5 Best Easter Hunt Ideas For Family!

Following are some impressive and astounding ideas that you can apply while playing this game with your family members.

  • DIY Galaxy Easter Eggs:- Whenever we hear the galaxy name, a space vision is automatically created in our mind. In this activity, you need to make some galaxy shapes and designs on the eggs. You can use some glitters, nail polishes, and a few shiny products to make those eggs more attractive and impressive.
  • DIY Yarn Eggs:- To create a new look and use that creativity while doing some crafting will give you goosebumps. Yarn eggs are like wrapping an egg with a ribbon and hang it on a tree or some other place at your home.
Easter Hunt Ideas
  • Egg Counting And Number Game:- To determine the ratio, counting, and number identifications of easter eggs makes this game very challenging for kids as well as the whole family. You just need to collect the maximum number of eggs and count them accordingly to make the last number. The person that did it fast is declared as the winner of the game.
  • Magic Easter Egg Hunt:- Fill your easter eggs with lots and lots of candy and I am damn sure guys it won’t be a disappointment to anybody. This type of game will provide you fun factors and excitement after every round.
  • Giant Easter Egg Hunt:- Very huge-sized eggs are included in this activity. And you need to draw some pictures or designs on them as per your choice. Crafting and creativity are also involved in this game to keep your ideas and thoughts alive.

Wrapping Up

At last, I just want to say that these easter hunt ideas are best for every family, kid, adult, and teen. You can spend some time with your loved ones. Every easter egg hunt idea or activity is unique and impressive from each angle.

I hope now you guys know some virtual facts about these activities. Do comment in the below-mentioned box and share your views with me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hunt is usually done at Easter?

The Easter hunt idea involves egg hunting activity and is usually done at Easter.

How do you do the Easter scavenger hunt?

You just need to take out a print of your stuff and put it on the egg with some unique design and colors.

Why do we celebrate Easter with eggs?

As per the Bible statement, Easter eggs represent Jesus Christ’s emergence from all sorts of resurrection. On this day, Romans give a false narrative and declare death for him as well.


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