7 Best Drinking Games in 2021 (Go Beyond Beer Pong Next Time)

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7 Best Drinking Games in 2021 (Go Beyond Beer Pong Next Time)
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Drinking Games are just a mere excuse to get yourself and everyone around tipsy. I am sure that in your college days you used Beer Pong as an excuse for drinking. But not anymore, we are really bored of that silly-old pong. Keeping that in mind, we have brought you the Best Drinking Games in 2021, which are more fun and exciting!  

Be it a young adult or someone in their 30s, everybody gets bored of drinking that same old Whisky or Vodka at parties. Even get-togethers at home can be massively boring. So spare yourself some fun, bring some glasses and gather all your friends. You are going to love these Best Drinking Games, for they will bring laughter and booze altogether. 

A lot of drinking games are known but what would be the perfect one for couples and friends. This list of 7 Best Drinking Games for Grown-Ups in 2021 has the best choices for all-

  1. Never Have I Ever
  2. Paranoia Drinking Game
  3. Drunk Jenga (aka Drunga)
  4. Shot Roulette
  5. Flip, Sip, or Strip
  6. Go Fish
  7. Most Likely

Now that you have checked out the list of best Drinking Games, see how to play them. Some of them are even made for couples. Let’s check them out. 

7 Best Drinking Games for Every Friend Group in 2021

Every once in a while you were out on a night, to a friends’ place, and drinking all night long with your friends. Lockdowns and quarantine might have been a restriction but not anymore. You can still connect with your buddies over screens and drink with these best drinking games. You won’t even know how quick the night goes. 

1. Never Have I Ever

What You Need: Drinks, Cups 

Never Have I Ever stalked my ex! This is the customary drinking game that has got this entire generation tipsy for nights. You know the best part is, this game isn’t even complex, everybody already knows the rules. Yep, drink and drink!

How to Play?

It’s pretty simple than other best drinking games. You simply say something you have never done, and anybody from the group that has done this thing will take a sip. That’s it. 

What I like most about Never Have I Ever drinking game is that it is infinite, it won’t end until you are drowning in drinks. You probably have tried it already, but in quarantine, you might be missing these drinking quirks.

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Don’t worry, you can Facetime your friends and enjoy this one of the oldest best drinking games. And you don’t even have to use any card games for playing it. 

2. Paranoia Drinking Game

7 Best Drinking Games in 2021
Source: Freepik

What You Need: Drinks

Paranoia can be a little controversial, but you want things spicy. Right? Who likes to go over the same old/boring drinking games? Get the vibe a little risky and play Paranoia. The most dangerous one out of all the Best Drinking Games. 

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How to Play?  

Gather your group, make a circle. You will whisper a question to the friend sitting beside you, the answer to that question should be someone from the group. Your friend simply points to the person. If s/he wants to know what the question was, why is that finger being pointed to them, then they have to drink. As Simple As That!

7 Best Drinking Games in 2021 (Go Beyond Beer Pong Next Time)

I suggest don’t play this game if you don’t know the group well. Cause obviously nobody will be polite in asking questions or even bother pointing the finger towards you. 

3. Drunk Jenga (aka Drunga)

What You Need: Drinks, Jenga

Drunk Jenga is a drinking game for all. No one can deny it, no matter they are 18, 25, or 40. Besides this, Jenga is already adored by everyone so bringing it with alcohol only makes it better. 

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How to Play?

Easy, you already know the rules of Jenga. Try writing funny tasks on each block. Like “Strip”, “Buy Everyone Drinks ”, “Kiss Your Crush from this group”. You know you can get as creative as you like. Whoever pulls a block out, has to do the task. If not then Drink! Aren’t these Best Drinking Games amazing? 

4. Shot Roulette: Water or Vodka

What You Need: Transparent Drinks like Vodka, Transparent Glasses and Water

You will love Shot Roulette if you are a fan of the Best Casino Games. Why? Because it is also kinda based on luck. But it is definitely more fun than Casino Games

How to Play? 

Gather your group around a table. Go to the kitchen (or a corner) and fill some glasses with Vodka (any clear drink) and others with Water. Bring all of these glasses to the table. No one knows who has what in their glass. Everybody drinks at the same time, and the person who flinches or changes expression gets caught. And has to drink more. 

The only rule here would be not to smell the shots. Clear enough? I’m sure once you try this one you will be addicted to this one from our list of best drinking games. 

5. Flip, Sip, or Strip

What You Need: Drinks and A Coin

Flip, Sip, or Strip is a new one in the scene, but it can get you tipsier than the rest of the best drinking games. Let’s see how.

How to Play?

You will flip a coin, and while it is in the air you will call “heads or tails”. If you have the right guess then, the coin will be passed to your right. The next person will do the same. If your guess is wrong, then you will pass the coin to your left and either sip or strip your clothes. 

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One way or another, this drinking game is going to get you without any clothes. If you know what I mean.  

6. Go Fish: More Than A Card Game

7 Best Drinking Games in 2021 (Go Beyond Beer Pong Next Time)
Source: The Chuggernauts

What You Need: Drinks, Cards

Your favourite card game just got upgraded to its next level. If you want to get everyone drunk like hell in your group, then this drinking game will make sure of it. That is because it is largely based on guesses that most people aren’t good at, not even your friends. 

How to Play?

Get your cards, and distribute 5 to each of the group members. Now ask each of them whether they have a card of your choice (a random guess). E.g King of Diamonds. Now, if your guess is right you don’t get to drink but if your guess is wrong, you will drink a sip. Now repeat the process with other members. 

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This will be, undoubtedly, one of your best drinking games. Because it will not spare even a sip in your bottles for the next time. Don’t believe me? Just try yourselves. 

7. Most Likely

What You Need: Drinks only

Most Likely can be played by couples or a bunch of people together. That’s why it is my first choice from this list of Best Drinking Games.  It is actually pretty simple to play.

How to Play?

For Couples in a Group- A Couple sits back to back holding their drinks. A person from your group asks questions like “Who’s most likely to through a tantrum? ” or “Who’s the funny one?”. If either of them thinks the questions go for them, then they drink. If nobody drinks then, it is customary for both of them to drink. And even if both of think the question is for them, then again both from this couple has to drink. 

So you see, the intention is only to get as much drunk as anyone can get, but with a lot more fun.  

For Group of Friends- Sit in a circle, and hold your glasses filled with drinks. Anyone can ask a question like “Who’s most likely to Cheat on his partner” or something less controversial. You know what I mean. Then everybody points their fingers at the person they think will do this or fits perfectly to the question. If fingers are pointed towards you, then the number of fingers will be the number of sips you are going to drink. 

Wasn’t this just the most amazing one from the Best Drinking Games?

Wrapping Up

You know how much you miss those drunk nights and gossips, secrets revealed and laughs were all over. If you are missing your friends just as I am then do them a favour and share this article. They will know you are thinking about them. Hope these Best Drinking Games were helpful to get you boozed. Stay Home! Stay Safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun drinking games?

1. Never Have I Ever
2. Ring of Fire 
3. Shot Roulette
4. Beer Pong
5. The Flip Cup 
6. Mr and Mrs Drinking Game

How do you have fun drinking with one person?

1. Solo Power Hour
2. Quarters for One
3. Edward 40 Hand
4. Beer Pong Against the Wall
5. Never Have I Ever With Facebook

Who most likely to Questions dirty?

Most likely to have a one night stand?
Most likely to get caught hooking up with someone in public?
Most likely to date two guys at once?
Most likely to forget the name of a person they hooked up with?
Most likely to sleep with someone on the first date?

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