Your Supervisor Is The Best Dissertation Help UK You Can Find In Your Final Year

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When you get to the point of writing your dissertation this means that you are near to completing your degree. The goal of this paper is to display skills and the ability to conduct research in your selected course and present the results through a piece of original content that will deliver value for the scientific and academic community. 

However, a student needs a supervisor for their dissertation to complete their degree. Indeed the supervisor is the best dissertation help UK for the student in their final year. Because only an experienced and educated person of the same field knows the problem of the student’s final year dissertation. University makes students compulsory to select their project supervisor so they can interact with each other on problems that occur in final year dissertation. 

How to take help from a supervisor

Working with a supervisor on the dissertation has a very different relationship from the student and teacher that you might know about and be more comfortable with.(2021) The relationship between supervisor and students is more dependent on understanding and clarity but they only are developed by academic and interpersonal skills. 

Below are the tips on how you can get most of the help from your supervisor. 

1. Choose right supervisor 

If you are an undergraduate or in a Master’s degree you are instructed to select a supervisor on the basis of your dissertation topic. One of the most important things a Ph.D. and Master’s student has to do before making a dissertation is to choose a dissertation supervisor. The earlier you make this decision the better you get the direction on your research and can shape your dissertation easily and efficiently. Following are some questions you may ask yourself or your potential supervisor in order to ensure whether or not you will get the most from your supervisor. 

  1. Is the supervisor familiar with sub-fields?
  2. Is your supervisor agreeable to the decision you will take?
  3. Do the supervisor’s working method and expectations match with you?
  4. How many supervisors are there?

2. Working with supervisor 

It is important to have a sound relationship based on mutual understanding and trust between each other. This all depends on both of your working patterns and the field you both are working on(Smith, 2019). Here are some useful points you want to consider.

3. Work together instead of for your supervisor 

No doubt that you are used to taking courses at university or institute and completing your assignments and tasks in order to pass the course. You are habitual of this certain approach, your teacher gives you instructions and directions and you follow that to complete this task. Although it is easy for the undergraduate to follow this pattern while working on a dissertation with a supervisor. However, the dissertation you are working on has to meet lots of assessments that were set by your department. So you shouldn’t have to think or follow your dissertation supervisor every time because you have to listen to that tutor for whom you are completing the work. Think of your dissertation supervisor as a teammate with whom you are working in order to reach the goal. 

4. Engage supervisor early

Lots of dissertation supervisors insist on meeting with them frequently on stages of the project, especially in the writing stage of the dissertation. But if your supervisor is opposite to it and doesn’t seem to meet you on early meeting then it’s your job to do so. It is important to involve the supervisor in the planning stage of the dissertation. By doing so, it will help you to eliminate errors as they take a great deal of time to fix them.

Simply write a dissertation that your supervisor dislikes, this way your supervisor recommends some changes. Moreover, your supervisor will recommend you readings for literature review and help you make a well-grounded methodology. If you both have good harmony about the methodology of the research project then any disagreements are considered to be productive rather than destructive. 

5. Frequently meet with your supervisor to show them progress

A devastating thing is delivering a 5000-word chapter to the supervisor and you are being told to rewrite the whole chapter. It is better to develop a habit of meeting with your supervisor in order to show every little progress. Moreover, discuss the next plan with your dissertation supervisor. And if you are stuck on something your supervisor will help you on time by making an argument from one to another. Although, your dissertation supervisor will also recommend to you the sources from which you can take help in order to make the argument that you are trying to make. 

6. Disagree but don’t lose productivity 

This is not the case that you both have to agree on everything, the university is the opportunity for creative disagreement and lively discussion. It is obvious that your supervisor will disagree on plenty of statements whether they are the interpretation from liable sources or it is your entire conclusion. It’s true that tutors can be high-handed, and if it becomes obvious that your supervisor is dominant then there is a problem between your relationships. 

If you think your argument is still strong as compared to your supervisor’s reasoning, fit that reasoning in your argument and explain why you believe your interpretation is better. Moreover, if you are still in doubt then simply ask your supervisor,” Am I wrong here or do I need to convince you more?”.

7. If all of this fails

If an event occurs that goes wrong or you realize too late that your supervisor wants you to write a totally different dissertation or you find your supervisor’s feedback is demoralizing or your supervisor is busy and unable to meet with you, then it’s time to switch your supervisor. Firstly talk to your dissertation supervisor and then go to the head of the department. 


Definitely, there are lots of other ways from which you can take help on your dissertation without going to your supervisor. If there is another student in your class who knows what’s going on then seek them for help if they can help you. Furthermore, you can also look for online platforms. Therefore, don’t put it off by asking, write my dissertation UK.


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