11 Best Enticing Discord Themes of 2022 You Cannot Let Go Of | Make your Pick!

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Srishti Thukral
Srishti Thukral
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How are you doing, People? Binging on Discord? Well, who wouldn’t? Discord is talk of the town these days. Texting, voice calling, video calling while playing a game makes Discord an essential part of our gamer life, isn’t it?. However, owning a default discord theme can be a lot more boring than it seems to. So, to spice it up- Further are the 11 Best & Enticing Discord Themes that you need to try on right now!

Having a fun yet soothing Discord Theme can really work on the mood of a gamer majorly. However, installing and downloading Discord Themes can be a hard grind to follow. Check out our other article on How to install Discord Themes for assistance on the same. This will allow the user to have an amazing experience with Discord

Quirky? Wild? Soothing? Which kind of Discord theme are you looking for? Well, whatever it is, we have your back like always. Below are the 11 Best Discord Themes for you which serves your purpose very well. Read out Loud!

Top 11 Discord Themes: Pick & Play 

No matter what your mood is, further are the top 11 Discord Themes as per your current state of mind. Read along and make your own better Discord. 

11. The Calm and Clean Streets Theme

Firstly, the most relaxing theme out of all the top Discord themes is this one. As the name speaks for its quality, the Calm and Clean Streets Theme is a pleasant, soothing, and calming theme with peaceful streets and pretty-quiet scenery. It relaxes the mind and allows the user to have a deeper concentration 

Best & Enticing Discord Themes

This theme was originated by ShadowDevilsAvenged which surely deserves a round of appreciation.

10. Basic Background Theme

If a user really wishes to update the Discord background image without sacrificing the basic layout of Discord, Basic Background Theme is your option. The Basic Background Theme allows the user to put any image on the background according to his desire. With the tools present, a user can also update opacity levels of the background, work on accent and font colors of the image. 

Best & Enticing Discord Themes

9. Frosted Glass Theme

Confession Time: I am in complete awe of the Frosted Glass Theme out of all the Discord Themes available

Frosted Glass Theme is a user-friendly, pleasant for the eyes and a dim-colored theme with an image of a deer present in the jungle through the frosted glass lens. It gives a tint of floating window appearance. Also, a user can manage the image, brightness, blur capacity, and the overall facade of the theme by updating the CSS file.  

Best & Enticing Discord Themes

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8. Pyrite Theme

Another amazing Discord Theme is Pyrite Theme. Aesthetic colors and a clear vision is not just known for its gorgeousness but it is actually a vibe. The Pyrite theme is inspired by a basic, simple background and some nice shades.  

Best & Enticing Discord Themes

7. Black Hole Theme

Night Owls: This is for You!

No matter how attractive the sunny backgrounds look, space images do own some attractive elements which pull us closer. Their simplicity, peaceful, sparkling, and attractive sceneries always beats any beauty in this world. 

Best & Enticing Discord Themes

6. The WildBerry Theme

Owning a wild, purplish, berry like theme really sets the mood on. This unique colored theme was developed by Daggy in 2021, inspired by the Pop-Tart flavor. And Surprisingly, the fan-base of this theme is beyond expectations. It has gotten nearly 40K downloads till now, tagging it as the most reliable Discord theme.  

11 Best Enticing Discord Themes of 2022 You Cannot Let Go Of | Make your Pick!

5. The Slate Theme

A highly customized theme to benefit the user with the best of experience with Discord is ‘The Slate Better Discord Theme’. This is a very nice, systematic, clean, and a mordened Discord theme with a bundle of some useful technical features.

A user can own the inbox, pin, and help options placed on the top left side of the screen. All of the amazing features of Slate Theme make this one of the best Discord Themes. 

11 Best Enticing Discord Themes of 2022 You Cannot Let Go Of | Make your Pick!

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4. The Clear Vision Theme

With approximately over 937K downloads of Clear Vision Theme, this is the 6th best Discord theme in the list. Translucent themed background with a tint of aesthetic and pleasing vibe can never bore the user. It allows the user to stick around the Discord endlessly without losing the temper. 

The manageable tools to operate the color scheme, image, and opacity is a win-win for the user with Clear Vision Theme.

Best & Enticing Discord Themes

3. The NotAnotherAnime Theme   

Anime Graphics in Discord is a WOW Theme surely. It has an illusion of a person walking along the blossoming field with the sky filled with shooting stars and huge gray-lined clouds. Although, it can be customized well as per the desire of users. The image can be changed, colors can be selected, and brightness can be updated well. 

Best & Enticing Discord Themes

2. The Translucence Theme   

Second Last amazing Discord Theme of the day is the Translucence Theme. The Translucence Theme makes the best work from the frosted glass design. The background is somewhat blurred in this theme. All a user can observe from this theme is that some pretty rays are reflecting from the sky over the mountains. 

Best & Enticing Discord Themes

The colors of this theme are multi-shades of greens by default. 

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1. The Reborn Theme

Last for the day is ‘The Reborn Theme’ inspired by a scenery where the sky filled with clouds is painted well using oil paints. Its basic yet rich and classy outlook makes this a very catchy theme for Discord. It is not very bright and this is what makes it a handy theme for discord users. 

Best & Enticing Discord Themes

Wrapping Up

So, What did you pick today? My favorite one is the ‘Frosted Glass theme’. Write down below your kind of Discord Theme with a rating out of 5. This will help the other Discord users to choose wisely. You can also share this masterpiece with your friends and family as a kind gesture. 

Anyways, any suggestion or feedback is warmly welcomed by Path of EX. You can drop your queries down and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Till then,

See Ya!


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