Best Digital Board Game Apps for PC 2021

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Best Digital Board Game Apps for PC 2021
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The craze and beauty of Board Games are unbeatable. And while digital board games can’t compete with the charm, it is giving a strong competition to the cardboard form of board games. These apps will help you play the board games without the physical presence of the apparatus and pieces required.

The bigger the screen the better can be your gaming experience. There are now a huge number of board games available on the web, letting you try them all and work on the app that fits your interests. One of the benefits of online board games is that no matter where your friends are, you can still sit together and play the game with them. Distance is no longer a problem when playing online board games.

Some of the best digital board game apps for PC are :

  1. Scrabble GO
  2. Armello
  3. Tabletopia
  4. Scythe
  5. Race for the Galaxy

The list of these digital Board games will help you make the right choice. Every game has a different layout for playing games. You can read further to see how each of these games work. These apps require zero set-up time and can keep you well entertained. 

Best Digital Board Game Apps for PC

After constant checking and trying to find you the best suggestions, we have made for you this list of the best digital board games that you can play from your PC.

1. Scrabble GO

Digital Board game apps
Source: Google Play

Scrabble has been one of the most widely played games all over the world. People have connected and bonded over the game. Almost every family has had a scrabble night. Living up to the tradition, Scrabble is now available for you to download and play. The Scrabble Go app has recently been released, in early 2020 and is more colorful and fun than the basic scrabble that you might’ve played.


  • The app is colorful and vibrant.
  • It is more challenging due to the integration of timers, prizes, and certain in-app currency. 
  • It can be played in levels. Once you clear one level, you move forward.
  • It always has a lot of challenges happening.
  • You have to scrabble the letter tiles and form meaningful words.
  • This game can be played multiplayer.

2. Armello

Digital Board game apps
Source: YouTube

Armello is PC gaming’s most important board game. It is a digitized board game that is strategic. It is a strategy and RPG concept combined digital-only board game that will keep you entertained. The players in the game take on a character that has a special ability. The ultimate goal of the game is for a player to take on the throne of Armello. This game is easy to understand and play. The tutorial of the game is story-driven so it makes it all the more interesting to play the game and win it. 


  • The game is easy to understand and play but it takes a lot of practice to master it.
  • It is unpredictable. There are multiple challenges at every part of the way.
  • It is a fast-driven gaming app.
  • Use different strategies to win in the game.
  • You can make some in-app purchases to unlock extended features and more specialization. 
  • The soundtrack of the app has also garnered some fans.
  • The animated in-game cards are also beautiful to look at that further enhances the gaming experience.

3. Tabletopia

Digital Board game apps
Source: Tabletopia

Tabletopia is your one place destination for playing all board games online on a PC. You can find more than 1500 board games at your disposal. Some of the most common board games that you can find here are, Chess, Go, Backgammon, Tapestry, Wingspan, Lawyer Up, etc. These games can be played solo, local multiplayer, or you can even connect to anyone online and continue playing the game.


  • Lots of options to choose from.
  • Schedule games to play later as per your convenience.
  • Multi-player gaming is available here.
  • It has an amalgamation of classic and modern board games.
  • If you are the host, you might be required to buy the game before you start playing.
  • The subscription plans can be canceled anytime.

4. Scythe

Digital Board game apps
Source: Board Game

The app lets 7 people play at the same time. It is not a long time, but with a number as large as 7, it can take 2-3 hours for the game to finish. The plates in the game connect through a map that makes the game interesting. The end goal of the game is for a player to have the most amount of in-app game coins. The one having the maximum coins at the end of the game is declared the winner. These coins can be won by indulging in various activities throughout the game.


  • It is an action-selection game.
  • It is a well organized, strategic, synchronized game.
  • The app can be played between people sitting next to each other or online with strangers or friends.
  • It functions in pretty much the same way as a table-top.
  • The digital form of the game makes it easier for the player to keep a track of their progress.
  • Your actions from the beginning define the experiences and encounters you will get throughout the game.

5. Race for the Galaxy

Digital Board game apps
Source: Steam

Race for the galaxy is a sci-fiction based app that is very interesting for players to play. The setting of the galaxy is different and very well used by the game developers. It might take you some time to develop a liking for the game. It is a little complex to get in the first go, but after a certain point of time, you will be so in want of the game, that you wouldn’t want to stop playing it. It is a challenging, yet fun game to play. The fans of the board game say that the digitized version of the game is much like the table-top. 


  • The app has a unique setting.
  • You do not have to make a lot of changes after the game has started. At the onset, you are provided a set of cards that remains constant throughout the game.
  • The game has easy, medium, and hard AI opponents so you can choose who to go against according to your experience.
  • You can use the cloud- feature of the app to sync various devices.
  • The game can be played online or with people around you.

All the digital board game apps come with their good and bad. It is up to you to choose the game that attracts you the most. With the popularity of board games increasing, these apps being available online is all the easier. It was especially during the pandemic that board games got a renewed identity. Do try out these apps and let us know which one worked for you. 

Feature Image Credits: Digital Trends


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