5 Best Digital Board Game Apps for Android in 2022

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If you are getting bored at home, we have the best way for you to get over it. We have specially made for you a list of the best digital board game apps for Android that you can use. These games can be played alone or with someone as a competition.

Performing a board game can be tough for you should always have the game apparatus handy. With digital board games, it becomes easier. You just need to have your phone and from there you can automatically play the board games of your choice with as many people you wish to play with.

The digital board game developers have been constantly trying to give their users the best experience. Some new widgets have been introduced making it easier for people to connect with the app and play without any struggles. Henceforth in the article, we will be talking about some of the best digital board game apps for Android.

Best Digital Board Game Apps for Android

There is a world of board games and its introduction with technology has made things easier for the lovers of board games. After looking through a lot of digital board games, we have made for you an elongated list of the best board game apps for Android.

1. Card Thief

5 Best Digital Board Game Apps for Android in 2022

Card Thief is a fantasy heist game. It is a solitary card game that makes it easier for you to play it on Android. This app has unique interactions that make the board game even more interesting to play on any android device. The app is free of cost except for some in-app purchases that you have the option to buy or not buy. The paid version comes with no ads and offline playing.

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  1. The Card Thief is somewhere in the middle of a puzzle and a game.
  2. The game can be played one-handed.
  3. It is difficult to beat levels, so you can play the game wherever and whenever.
  4. Even though this is just a card game, you can play it as if you are in a fantasy setting.
  5. Card Thief comes with four different settings each at a different castle in the game.
  6. You can earn rewards to unlock more in-game elements.
  7. The app comes with no ads.
  8. Some new challenges are updated daily.
  9. The game has great strategic depth.
  10. It is not a multiplayer game.

2. Castles of Mad King Ludwig

5 Best Digital Board Game Apps for Android in 2022

The game is based on the actual Castle that King Ludwig had built over his time. It is an original time-matching board game that will surely keep you gripped and entertained. You are required to build the castle following the instructions of the royal patron. The tikes available are varied-sized rooms. Every room that is built has to cover the cost of some gold and will also ask for some points to be given away. Completing one room will lead you to unlock a different hallway. 

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  1. There are various bonuses available in the game. 
  2. The complexity of the game depends on the orders that the mad king gives. 
  3. It is extremely unpredictable. Sometimes the most completed rooms get a bonus, and at other times least finished rooms get the bonus.
  4. The game begins with secret cards so the game can surprise you at any time.
  5. The android version of the app is very similar to the offline version.
  6. The app is tricky and not easy to master.
  7. It can be a little complex to understand the game due to the clustered outlook of the app.

3. Miracle Merchant

5 Best Digital Board Game Apps for Android in 2022

It is a solitary fantasy game that has been people’s favorite. The app is easy to understand and the user interface makes it stand out. The game is a strategic solo card game that will keep you hooked throughout. With a unique and colorful appearance, it has been covered as one of the best digital board games for Android. The game has the setting of an apothecary. 

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  1. For Android users, the app is free of cost but contains several ads.
  2. You don’t need an internet connection to play the game. 
  3. You can compete with your friends offline or with strangers online.
  4. The character designs in the game are very interesting for the players.
  5. Color is the main element at play in the game.
  6. The game begins with four decks of 13 cards each having colors like Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green.
  7. All the decks are differently themed to match the outlook of the app.

4. AI Factory Limited Games

5 Best Digital Board Game Apps for Android in 2022

AI Factory Limited is an app developer who is renowned for developing the best digital board games for Android devices. You can find multiple board games from the developer. Play Chess, sudoku, go checkers, tic-tac-toe, and backgammon on it. These apps are available for free on the Google Play store and so everyone can play them at their convenience. 

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  1. The app has been in the editor’s choice multiple times on Google Play Store.
  2. The app is free of cost.
  3. Play multiple games by the same developer.
  4. You can play chess, spades, cards, etc. in one place.
  5. It functions very well and does not lag.
  6. Multi players profiles are allowed
  7. The app user-interface has attracted a lot of customers.
  8. It is not difficult to understand the game and so does not require a lot of strategies. 

5. Ticket to Ride

5 Best Digital Board Game Apps for Android in 2022

Ticket to ride works on a concept that requires you to build a railroad in a very fun way. Users all over the world can compete with each other and compare their road-building skills. The app is fast to use and does not create a lot of havoc for the gamers. You have to build roads to connect various cities to get points and move forward in the game. The bigger the road, the more points you are most likely to get in the same.

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  1. You get a lot of changes in the app to gain multiple points.
  2. A generic game app, easy to understand and score in.
  3. The app does not allow local multiplayer.
  4. The design of the app is a little crowded and hard to decipher.

Wrapping Up

No matter what board game interests you, the Google Play Store takes care of it all. While some board games are hard to understand and play, others come easy. In Our list mentioned above, we have made a list of all the generic and non-generic apps that you can play your digital board games with.  


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