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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Being put off with the vanilla debit card design, especially when we have a luxuriously designed wallet and an attractive personality is quite natural. The banking system is evolving day by day. Whether it is about expanding its ways in digital or providing them with hi-tech services in regard to their convenience and flexibility, banks are being user-friendly in every possible way. However, providing them with a suitable debit card design that aligns with their age and aura is a prerequisite today.

Designing an eco-friendly card to nature that goes with your client’s style surely considers multiple factors, which can be the limit of the user, the purpose, age, sexual orientation, beliefs, and much more. A creative debit card is one that signifies its true usage and is also easily understandable in an obvious way.

Either plastic or metal, the U.S. has made its way to curating debit cards that are kind to nature and also hold a meaningful message. Last year at the start of 2021, the U.S. launched two eco-friendly cards: Diving Turtle and Serene Beach. These cards were inspired by their love for the ocean and the fact that sea turtles can live in the ocean for more than 100 years and so can plastic waste. 

However, in this article below, we are going to drop some innovative yet pleasing debit card designs for you that can be your inspiration in this dynamic world.

Best Debit And Credit Card Designs For Your Customers 

1. Multi-Shaded Card

Best Debit And Credit Card Design

Playing with colors can be an innovative approach that defines the message by either performing with different tones of shades or similar ones. It can be made colorful, red-bold, yellow-vibrant, blue-cool, or even mint green, depending upon the word that a bank is trying to spread by its every swipe. 

LGBTQ+-inspired debit card by the U.S. bank was launched in April 2020. It was designed with an intention to let the nation know that every life matters, despite their gender or sexual identity.

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The Wells Fargo (horses in motion) logo is widely famous as it has always been used in every debit or credit design of Wells Fargo. This debit card design of Wells Fargo has a beautifully defined color scheme.

2. The Quirky Card

Best Debit And Credit Card Design

A unique and quirky debit card design adds a high-profile element to the whole makeover of the client. It accessorizes the whole persona of an individual and gives a completely defined look to them. 

Depicting the dark history of the United States, the One United Bank crafted a credit card design with a picture of Black Wall Street.   

DBS Bank’s UnionPay Platinum Debit Card is designed with a Disney theme and Singapore’s futuristic skyline that makes it simple, quirky, and has a touch of minimalism. 

3. Vertical Card Art

Best Debit And Credit Card Design

Carrying a horizontal card seems to be basic and outdated for obvious reasons. It has been into this payment technology for ages and now banks are holding on to every opportunity to play with some art in vertical cards. 

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4. Wave-it-up Classy Design 

Best Debit And Credit Card Design

A black or grey card with a tint of colored waves leaves an extreme grace and luxurious appearance to the overall look. It mostly suits corporate people or adults over 25. In this template below, a wave of blue, green, teal, or red looks extremely decent, classy, and pleasing to the eyes. 

Banks may also customize it according to their clients with a different color of wave that will differentiate them from others. 

5. Out of the Ordinary Design 

Best Debit And Credit Card Design

Out-of-the-ordinary card designs curated by Card-Skin company Carbon, Venmo, Sync, TreeCard, Up are indeed jaw-dropping. Knockout design by carbon, scannable personal QR code imprinted on the card by Venmo, as bright as day-glow green card by Sync (makes it a bright one in the sea), Neobank’s TreeCard (made of cherry wood) becomes a suitable one for people with a less-glitzy statement, and UP’s digital card is surely making its bold move into the new trend of debit/credit cards design. 

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Wrapping Up

Flashy or Minimalistic – What do you choose? 

Well, be it any of them, every theme or design represents the whole persona of the user and also the purpose of its usage. While choosing a design for the same, one must always keep the various credentials like who will use it, why it is going to be used, or when it will be used; and craft it accordingly.

All of the listed cards can be your inspiration for any and every design you are planning to make.

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