What is The Best Controller Settings In NBA 2K23 | Customize For Best Experience

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Are you having trouble searching for Best Controller Settings In NBA 2K23? No worries, we have the solution. The famous basketball game! NBA has come up with new exciting features, some upgrades, any return of many amazing old features with minor tweaks. But to enjoy these interesting features, you need to have the best Controller settings. So, let’s select the best controller setting in NBA 2K23 for gaming.

NBA has now included the true-to-life gameplay principles in their 2023 version, along with all-new WNBA teams. This means you can now have the chance to Play with all your new favorites. In contrast to previous years, this year’s game is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Gaming Consoles and includes many new features and additions.

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Once you choose the best controller setting in NBA, your gameplay will enhance to the best. So take a look at these best controller settings for NBA 2K23 (current generation).

What is The Best Controller Settings in NBA 2K23?

Best Controller Settings In NBA 2K23

We suggest spending some time in training mode in NBA 2K23 and experimenting with the settings until you find the ones most comfortable with your controller. You can also take help from the below-mentioned best controller settings in the NBA 2K23 to enhance your gaming experience.

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1. Adjust Your Camera for Best Controller settings in NBA 2K23

Best Controller Settings In NBA 2K23

You can play with many different camera setups in NBA 2K23, but in our opinion, nothing beats the tried-and-true 2K option. Like in Madden NFL, this positions you behind the offensive team so you can thoroughly read the field and identify wide-open teammates or lanes that will be controlled by these best controller settings in NBA 2K23.

2. Find Your Perfect Shot Timing Release Time

Best Controller Settings In NBA 2K23

This viewpoint, in our opinion, is also ideal for defense because it gives you a complete view of the player you are defending and any activity around you. You can adjust the zoom and height if you prefer a lower viewpoint. You can also reduce motion blur in the settings if it interferes with timing. You can Find Your Perfect Shot Timing Release Time For the Best controller settings in NBA 2K23.

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3. Tone Down Defensive Assist Strength

Best Controller Settings In NBA 2K23

If you have enabled the new feature, NBA 2K23 lets you control how quickly or slowly the shot meter shows. Very Early, Late, Late, and Very Late are the four permutations available in the Controller Settings. Adjusting this won’t change the animations of your jump shots, but it will slow down how quickly the meter displays.

You can Tone Down Defensive Assist Strength For the Best controller settings in NBA 2K23. We favor it strongly since it allows you a few extra milliseconds to time your release after pressing the button. However, if you’re consistently undercooking your shots, you might prefer Very Late or anywhere in the middle. Practice with some of your favorite 2KU players to find out what works best for you.

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4. Select Your Preferred Pass Target Profile

Best Controller Settings In NBA 2K23

Nothing in NBA 2K23 is more annoying than watching a teammate who is open and accidentally passing the ball to the wrong person. Fortunately, you may modify the Pass Target Profile in the Controller Settings. Pass Target Direction, Pass Target Distance, and Pass Target Openness are the three main data points that are weighted in this calculation. Although you can experiment further and find what works flawlessly for you, we feel that the profile that weights passing a tick more towards openness than the default setting is the best option. If you choose Full Receiver Control in the Receiver Control option, you can manually place your partner while holding Circle, which allows you to lead them into free space.

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5. Other Customised Controller Settings In NBA 2K23 For Best Experience

Best Controller Settings In NBA 2K23
  • Vibration: On
  • Shot Meter: On
  • Shot Timing: Shots only
  • Shot Timing Release Time: Early
  • Perfect Release: Flame
  • Perfect Release SFX: Catch fire
  • Shot Meter Type: Curved Bar (Mini)
  • Player Indicator: Basketball
  • Player Indicator Color: Blue
  • Free Throw Timing: User Timing
  • Pro Stick Function: Default
  • Pro Stick Orientation: Absolute
  • Off-Ball Offense Mode: Absolute
  • Double Team Reaction: Auto
  • Help Defense button Function: Double Team
  • Call For Pick And Roll Vs. Fade: Manual
  • Player Icons: On
  • Skip Pass: Enabled
  • Icon Lead Passing: On
  • Pro Stick Pass Type: Normal
  • Icon Passing: Default
  • Receiver Control: Receiver Get Open
  • Pro Stick Defense: Absolute
  • Shading Indicator: On
  • Who To Guard: On
  • Defensive Assist Strength: 50
  • Boxout Assist Strength: 50
  • Pass Target Profile: Default
  • Pass Target Direction: 44
  • Pass Target Distance: 50
  • Pass Target Openness: 6

Watch Best Controller Settings In NBA 2K23

Wrapping Up

So that’s all there is to know about the best controller settings in NBA 2K23. Let’s choose the most satisfactory controller settings so that we can win the game and enjoy ourselves. I hope this information was helpful and that you are ready to rock the game with the best controller settings in NBA 2K23. You can ask any questions about anything related to your gaming queries at Path of EX!

Cheers to gaming!


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