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Dying Light 2, a new emerging apocalyptic game has successfully claimed its rank among the Best FPP action games. Its wide range of Combat Skills and Parkour Skills have impressed fans all over the world. But there are some Best Combat Skills that have stolen the show with their advanced features and benefits.

Combat skill is one of the most important skills when it comes to Dying Light 2. All the speed and special moves are essential to fight the Zombies in this post-apocalyptic world. Dying Light 2 game offers many perks and abilities that a player can upgrade over his journey and shape Aiden as per his wishes. Interesting? Right!

After knowing about Dying Light 2’s extraordinary leveling system, you must be curious about What are the Best Combat Skills in Dying Light 2? Or Which Dying Light 2 Combat skills you should get? Don’t worry we have got you sorted. Here’s a list of top Best Dying Light 2 Combat skills that you should achieve and upgrade.

Leveling Up in Dying Light 2

Leveling up in Dying Light 2 is an essential concept if you want to have a better gameplay experience. Initially, the character Aiden is at a basic level with no advanced skills. But if you want to acquire special moves and skills past the basic Vault Kick and High Jump attributes, you need to upgrade your Character.

Dying Light 2 Best Combat skills

The Game Dying Light 2 offers up-gradation or leveling up in 2 different experiences points. 

1. Combat XP

You can claim Combat XP by Bashing the zombie skulls with blunt weapons and tearing their limbs apart via sharp weapons.

2. Parkour XP

While on the other hand, you can acquire Parkour XP by jumping from building to building, climbing poles, and hustling through the rooftops of Viledor.

Both of these have are special powers and have their own unique advantages. With GHE inhibitors you can improve and bpost your Aiden’s overall HP, Immunity, or Stamina. Increasing HP unlocks more combat-focused skills, while Stamina unlocks parkour skills. There are different ways by which you can achieve Parkour and Combat skills faster.

Now, let’s explore what are the Dying Light 2’s best Combat skills that you should focus your attention to-

Top 10 Combat Skills to unlock in Dying Light 2

Though acquiring Combat skills is always a plus factor. But not all the Combat Skils deserve your time and coins. Let’s see the 10 Best Combat skills you should unlock in Dying Light 2.

10. Smash 

Time to smash up your opponents! We all know who it gets during a Zombie Chase. With so many opponents you don’t have time to tackle the zombies one by one. This is when Smash Combat Skill of dying Light 2 comes to your aid. 

Dying Light 2 Best Combat skills

With Smash Combat Skil you can smash all the opponents that are beneath you. With this best Combat Skill of dying Light 2, takedowns actually benefit Aiden rather than doing the damage they previously used to cause.

Also, for the players who like to pounce on their enemies while jumping rooftops, Smash Combat Skill of dying Light 2 gives them an upper edge.

9. Block Projectiles

Feeling attacked by the enemies? No worries, claim Block Projectiles that will allow Aiden to stare at a ranged enemy with his block up and deflect any incoming ammunition.

Dying Light 2 Best Combat skills

This best Dying light Combat skill comes in handy when enemies make some snide remark before throwing a dagger or shooting a bow at you. Using Block Projectile will help you keep your Health bars intact.

8. Perfect Dodge

We all know, how the defense is equally important to attack. If we have to survive the whole mission and keep our Combat XP points to ourselves, then Perfect Doge is the best combat skill you need to acquire. 

Dying Light 2 Best Combat skills

Another advantage of Perfect Doge Combat skill in Dying Light is that is protects Aiden’s Weapons from taking damage. Just by dodging you could defeat your opponent and escape till you are fully recovered.

7. Head Stomp

It’s a fast-paced world. Either you are the hunter or else you will get hunted. There is no time to waste that is why you must need this best Combat Skill in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Best Combat skills

Where usually it takes four or five swings with a machete to kill a completely downed and defenseless opponent, with Head Stomp Combat skill you can kill the enemy just in a Single Swing! Thereby killing the Zombies faster and keeping Aiden’s weapon safe.

6. Dropkick

One of the Best Combat Skills you should acquire in Dying Light 2 is Dropkick. While running toward your opponent- Jump and double-tap L1 to unleash a WWE-style dropkick

Dying Light 2 Best Combat skills

This special move will send Aiden’s enemy flying off to rooftops with just a kick. This Combat skill is effective when you are running towards a single enemy because this will cause greater damage and avail you many Combat XP points. However, keep in mind two cases when you should not make use of Dropkick Combat skill-

Firstly, when the enemy is large as this might not prove to be that effective. And secondly, when you are faced with a  crown of enemies. In such cases, while dropping a Dropkick, Aiden himself can take damage.

5. Stab

Any fight is incomplete without a Stab in the Back. While you may have smashed your enemies with Smash Combat Skill and stomped them with Head Stomps but what will you use, when you need to silently sneak up to your enemy.

Dying Light 2 Best Combat skills

This fascinating Stab Combat skill of Dying Light 2 lets you have an unlimited Stab takedown that you can use on your enemies while sneaking behind them. Just get your hand on a Knife and you are good to go. 

P.s- don’t forget to remain silent!

4. Precise Aiming

Well, trust me, This is the Combat skill your Aiden needs. In the beginning, Aiden is just a novice who has no prior aiming focus. BUt with Precise Aiming Combat Skill upgrade, Aiden can easily achieve the bulls-eye vision and become a master in sniper shootouts.

Dying Light 2 Best Combat skills

With this, you can easily remove the danger from a distance, without even setting a foot in the Danger Area.

Isn’t this the combat skill you were looking for Aiden?

3. Power Shots

Power is exactly what you need if you have to upgrade your Game level. Instead of giving any 1 particular move, This Combat Skill Upgradation provides you larger benefit in Dying Light 2. 

Dying Light 2 Best Combat skills

It damages the ever-ranged shot and allows it to easily pierce targets. By giving your shots a power boost, it makes them more lethal and effective. As they say, one arrow kills 2 targets ( in this case- 3 or even more)

Also, this Dying Light combat skill rewards you with more bonus Combat XP Points.

2. Serial Shot

While Sniper could be your favorite weapon in killing your enemies. Its biggest disadvantage is that you can target only 1 enemy at a time creates a problem. But no worries, Dying Light 2’s Combal Skill Serial Shot has solved your problem. Now, you can target 3 enemies by firing 3 shots consecutively. 

Dying Light 2 Best Combat skills

With this Combat Skill, you can handle multiple targets without taking any damage to yourself. 

1. Windmill

If you love action, you must have come across movie scenes when the hero takes on a group of opponents simultaneously. With his heroic Combat skills, he not only defeats them but emerges victorious with stylish special moves. 

Dying Light 2 Best Combat skills

This is exactly what Aiden needs- a special Power Move- Windmill.  It’s a powerful attack that will hit everything in a circle around Aiden. When you are in a serious situation, only Windmill Combat Skill provides you with the rescue path you need.

These are some of the best Combat Skills in dying Light 2, which you must give a try. 

Wrapping Up

Dying Light 2 was released on February 4th, 2022, and is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can play and have an unlimited session of action fun. The Combat skill provided by Dying Light 2 gives you a wide range of skills to experiment and try. 

So, what are you still doing here, go try your hand on all these amazing Dying Light Combat skills and pick your favorite one!

I hope you received all the information you needed. Keep visiting Path of EX for such insight and do share your views in the comment section below.



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