The Best Christmas Wines to Serve in 2020

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Still not sure about the Christmas Wines for this year? Don’t worry, we got you! Christmas is on the way and we can’t help but just be more and more excited every passing day. This is the season to have fun with family and eat amazing food and drink the best festive wine all night. No matter how busy you are, your liquor cabinet cannot be empty. For this, we will make sure to give you the best Christmas wines list for this season.

This Christmas you should not take the easy way by simply hosting a cocktail with loads of food. This Christmas, wine should be your food. Also, make sure to have a cab service on your speed dial because we don’t want to get into any trouble. We have listed a few must-have wines for this festive season and you have all the reason to add at the top of the liquor cabinet.

Christmas Wines With Lightings in the Bcakground
Source: Today

If you hosting a party this Christmas, you definitely want to serve the top best Christmas wines and if you just going to attend a party this year, then these wines would make the best holiday present.

For the sake of all the drunken hilarious stories and nostalgia, we have a list of best Christmas wines for 2020

Sparkling Wines

14 Hands Brut

Price: $15.00

best Christmas Wines: 14 Hands Brut
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The 14 Hands has flavors of apples and citrus. These flavors increase the acidity of the wine which perfectly blends with entrees. You can have this wine with mac ‘n’ cheese, stuffed mushrooms, fish tacos, onion tart, scallops in ice-cream. This wine is perfect for after-dinner activities when the whole family is gathered around the bonfire. This wine also comes in cans which makes the extra work much easier.

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Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad Cava

Price: $18.99

The Best Christmas Wines to Serve in 2020
Source: Winestyleonline

All fruity wine with Smokey flavor is the best kind of Christmas vibe. This wine is made in Cava, Spain. Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad has the aroma of biscuits and bread with a hint of honey and all fruity with flower petals. This Christmas wine will give you the best brunch sense of abundance. This wine blends perfectly with truffle oil drizzled pasta, cooked or cured hams, Mediterranean Casseroles, soft white cheese like brie or camembert, and meat dishes.

White Wines

Alta Mora Bianco

Price: €14,40

Best Christmas Wines
Source: Weintrinken

Alta Mora Bianco is made in Italy. It is a type of White wine with fruity flavors. It has a beautiful straw yellow color. It also has a citrus grove taste, which feels fresh and firm with good persistence. This type of wine is ideal as an aperitif. You can serve this wine with rich fish appetizers, vegetarian dishes and couscous.

Bruno Giacosa Roero Arneis

This wine is made by one of the best winemakers in the world, Bruno Giacosa, the third generation of the family. The wine has the aroma of pear, pineapple, and apricot with exotic floral hints. You can serve this wine with pasta, shellfish, mature and hard cheese, lean fish, cured meat.

Gaia Santorini Wild Ferment Assyrtiko

Price: £28.73

Best Christmas Wine
Source: Lokiwine

this wine is made in Greece. This is one of the highly complex wines. It has the aroma of citrus notes with floral hints like vanilla, toasty oak, acacia wood, and a touch of smoke. Gaia Santori Wild Ferment Assyrtiko is a very unique wine and it demands to be in your liquor cabinet at Christmas.

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Red Wine

Erath Pinot Noir

Price: $13.97

Best Christmas Wines
Source: Liquorama

This wine is made in Willamette Valley, Oregon. It is a type of Red wine. A fresh and lively wine with exotic and subtle floral notes. You can serve this wine with medium cheeses and different poultry flavors and pasta dishes. This is a must-have Christmas Wine for this season but be super careful because we don’t you to stain your clothes with that tasty red wine.

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