Best Chinese Food YouTube Channels You All Need To Know

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Want to cook Chinese food at home without facing any difficulty? Then, I suggest you watch some famous food YouTubers or Bloggers. As they provide you an accurate way of cooking with proper instructions. At last, you just need to check which food Youtuber’s recipe is better as per their unique and indulging flavors.  

I know sometimes it’s difficult to arrange the exact ingredients to make a dish especially when it comes to a Chinese one. No need to worry about this matter too as there are some other ingredients which you can use instead of that particular one. Those ingredients are easily available for you in the market and can add more flavors to your food.

If we are talking about proper ingredients and recipes, then the following Chinese food YouTube channels are the best to watch. 

YouTube ChannelsSubscribers
Garden Time Homemade Cuisine530K
Ms Yeah Official Channel9.82 Million
Liziqi15 Million
The Food Ranger5.06 Million
Xiaoying Cuisine2.84 Million
Mama Cheung498K
Dianxi Xiaoge7.24 Million
Taste Show2.58 Million

Now, I can say with some proper guidance, anyone can make delicious food at home very easily. No matter how much time it takes, if it tastes good, then it will automatically increase its value.

List Of The Best Chinese Food YouTube Channels

Below-mentioned is the topmost food bloggers with high reviews, subscriptions, and channel ratings. So, let’s jump straight to our discussion.

Best Chinese Food Youtube Channels You All Need To Know

Garden Time Homemade Cuisine

This Homemade cuisine Chinese food channel is commonly known due to its traditional food recipes. A beautiful combination of Chinese & Authentic recipes is included with proper instructions and recipes. 

This amazing food channel started on November 13, 2011, with some simple and sober recipes and food ingredients. 

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Source: YouTube
Channel Link 
Total Videos921
Total Views117, 395, 447

Mama Cheung

Mama Cheung shares a few secrets and marvelous recipes with you guys every Thursday. Her food channel was first started on September 14, 2014. She includes some basic ingredients, spices, and delicious homemade recipes in her YouTube channel.

Most of the time, she uses her mother’s recipe with the best cooking technique. With this technique, every single person wants to cook like her and enjoy their day with happy eating.

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Source: YouTube
Channel Link 
Total Videos336
Total Views84, 548, 553

The Food Ranger

The Food ranger YouTube Channel started on March 13, 2013. The channel handler’s name is Trevor James. This amazing Chinese food channel involves street and local area foods with its recipe tricks. 

He usually travels from one place to another where he explores the whole damn city and its amazing food recipes as well. China, Chengdu, and Malaysia are his favorite countries to explore. Some most famous upload of his channel is-

  • Street Food in Malaysia
  • Giant Alien Lobster
  • Biggest and Cheapest Street Noodles
  • Ultimate Giant Seafood Boil
  • And many more. 

BasicaHisel is filled with lots and lots of street foods with amazing recipes as well which you can cook at your home very easily. One of his most popular YouTube videos is about a giant rainbow lobster. You will get to see how to kill a lobster and make an absolutely delicious meal out of it.

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Channel Link 
Total Videos307
Total Views751, 230, 118
Subscribers5.06 Million

Ms Yeah Official Channel

Ms Yeah is one of the most famous Chinese Food Youtubers who started her first food channel on February 15, 2017. Her channel videos are full of exciting and delicious food with amazing ingredients added to them. 

No one can say she did a job in the creative sector. There she and her colleague cook together and make some beautiful dishes for every employee of the company. 

Her recipes involved- healthy food, daily used cooking utensils, ingredients, and proper instructions on how to cook food without hesitation. Following are some famous uploads of her food channel-

  • The Most Convenient and Nutritious Food
  • Making of Sausages in the Office
  • Rice Noodles With a Cup in the Office
  • And many more. 
Source: YouTube
Channel Link 
Total Videos190
Total Views2, 443, 963, 970
Subscribers9.83 Million

Xiaoying Cuisine

Chinese food and Cuisine are so good in taste and anyone can make them with a proper recipe list and instructions. Her channel involves healthy and best food with appropriate ingredients. 

She started her food channel on March 14, 2019, with a few ingredients and a simple recipe. Her channel grows day by day through cool and effective food video content with loads of fun activities. 

Her food YouTube channel involves some famous uploads like-

  • Fried rice with eggs
  • Stir-fried eggplant
  • Lazy breakfast routine
  • Beat 3 eggs in the Vermicelli
  • And many more. 

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Source: YouTube
Channel Link 
Total Videos762
Total Views794, 338, 585
Subscribers2.84 Million


Her channel is full of mainland Chinese food and recipes with exotic flavors and twists. She started her food YouTube channel on August 22, 2017. Also, she broke the Guinness World Record for the highest subscribers on YouTube

Every single video on her channel involves- natural ingredients, real-time recipes, full-day cooking activity, making of new dishes, and so on. 

Uploads on her channel are-

  • Chinese New Year’s food recipe
  • The Life of Taro
  • The life of Roses
  • Dragon Boat Zongzi
  • And many more. 
Source: YouTube
Channel Link 
Total Videos125
Total Views2, 286, 181, 480
Subscribers15 Million
LocationSouthwest China

Dianxi Xiaoge

This amazing Chinese food YouTube channel first started on July 25, 2018, and the channel handler’s name is- Dianxi Xiaoge

She includes her family members and beautiful living of her personal life in her videos. Most of the time she used seasonal ingredients, local products, unique recipes, and defined cooking methods in her food videos. 

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Few uploads from her channel are-

  • Ox Skin Feasts
  • Cooper Pot Beef
  • Ox Tripe
  • Fungus- Favorite ingredient
  • And many more. 
Source: YouTube
Channel Link 
Total Videos219
Total Views1, 922, 651, 531
Subscribers7.24 Million
LocationSouthwest China

Taste Show

Are you a foodie? If yes, then Taste Show is the best food channel where every single recipe is defined with proper guidance and instructions.

This channel is filled with traditional cooking methods, authentic recipes, and delicious ingredients too. On March 29, 2017 Taste Show joined YouTube. 

The handler of this amazing food channel is a famous Chef who uploads food videos on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. 

Some highly-viewed uploads are-

  • The Tastiest Chicken Teriyaki
  • Easy Chicken Soup
  • Easy Salty and Pepper Crispy Pork
  • Easy BBQ Roast Pork
  • And many more. 
Channel Link 
Total Videos212
Total Views405, 662, 562
Subscribers2.58 Million
LocationUnited States

Frequently Asked Questions

What are traditional foods in China?

1. Tea Eggs
2. Peking Duck
3. Congee
4. Chinese Hamburger
5. Scallion Pancakes, etc.

What do Chinese eat for dinner?

Soup, various meat recipes, vegetables, and rice.

What is China Favorite food?

Pecking Duck is the most favorite food of China.

Final Verdict

I believe that all the above-mentioned Chinese food YouTube channels are sufficient to make your cooking better and easy for every single day. So, without wasting your precious time and energy, go have a look at these food channels and give your best in the kitchen. 

Do share your experience with me in the comment box. 

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