Best Calendar Apps for Android 2021

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Best Calendar Apps for Android 2021
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Are you searching for calendar apps for your android devices? If this is right, then the internet has made you reach the right place. This post is all about the best calendar apps for android 2021.

This is right that your calendar isn’t the most exciting thing on your phone, but it is one of the most useful apps. Though most smartphones these days have in-built calendars, yet they are not enough as they do not offer additional features. And that is why the internet has got a lot of calendar apps, but not all can be considered as the best.

According to the user’s review and the internet’s saying, the best calendar apps for android 2021 are aCalendar,, and Business Calendar 2. But among the plenty of Calendar apps available on the internet, why only these are the best apps? 

What features these have? What is the size? Are these compatible with your Android device? Are these available on Google Play Store? How much do these apps cost? Wait… you will get to know about all these below in this post.

Best Calendar Apps for Android 2021

Have a look at the important features of all these apps to have a clear comparison among them. And go with the one that has got more benefits for you.


aCalendar: Best Calendar Apps for Android 2021
Source: Google Play

Why aCalendar is one of the best Calendar apps for Android 2021? 

aCalendar is an app that has an interactive interface with easy yet effective functioning.

This app is developed with the idea of navigating without difficulty between days, weeks, months, and even for agenda view. It has a lot of designs and views customization options to make your calendar look how you want it to be.

It allows you to flexibly manage the important events and the birthday of your contacts, without syncing them with the app. It automatically tells you about the public and the national holidays, festivals, and other important dates according to the country.

And talking about the working, it is seamless. All you need to do is swipe vertically to switch between the dates and months, to go forward and backward. And swipe horizontally to switch between the calendar view.

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This app also has a pro-paid version that has got additional features, without ads. You will get to see more color options to customize the interface with the colors of your choice. With the introduction of the tasks manager and the business features, it has taken credibility to another level.


  • You can navigate between the date, weeks, and months with a vertical swipe in a forward and backward direction.
  • This has got seven powerful widgets.
  • You can enjoy the complete year view.
  • It allows you to add the birthdays of your contacts by syncing the contacts.
  • Also, long-press to add a new calendar event
  • It has got Google Calendar management
  • You will enjoy its various modes. The moon phases are one among them.
  • You can enjoy a mini month or graphical week overview in day and week view. just long-press on mini-month to go to today or jump to date.
  • You can configurable actions on a 3-finger-tap, tap on the title, or the volume buttons.

Size: 10 MB

Compatibility: Requires Android 5.0 and up.

Price: It is a free app but offers in-app purchases. It costs $0.99 – $5.99 per item.

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.0* with 10,000,000+ downloads.

Calendar App by Best Calendar Apps for Android 2021
Source: YouTube

Why Calendar App by is one of the best calendar apps for Android 2021? 

For a person who always misses out on important events, Calendar App by is the real lifesaver.


Calendar App by is a simple yet creative calendar app that supports daily, 3-day, weekly, agenda views on your phone. You can easily sync this app with your phone’s calendar, google calendar, Facebook events, outlook calendar, or any other calendar. Sync it all so that you don’t forget an important event like before.

This is not only a basic calendar app, instead, but it has got quite other features as well that will make your work in a much better way. You can review your events and task list together. That means a 2-in-1 app or it can 3 as it reminds you about the tasks assigned. Thus, a reminder as well.

One line for this app is that it is a to-do list, a calendar, an inbox, a notepad, a checklist, a task list, a board for post its or sticky notes, a project management tool, a reminders app, a daily planner, a family organizer app.

What an amazing deal? Right?


  • Calendar! To-do-list!
  • Supports daily calendar view, 3-day, Calendar view, Weekly calendar view & agenda view, with built-in Reminders.
  • Connect to your phone’s calendar, google calendar, Facebook events, outlook calendar, or any other calendar.
  • It has a TO-DO LIST so that you can review your events and tsk all together at the same time.
  • It has a Calendar Widget.
  • You can switch between the modes. It has a dark mode as well.
  • You will get reminders to let you know the important dates and tasks.
  • You can work together with other apps and effectively manage staff.
  • You can share the tasks and assign the respective tasks with your family and friends.

Size: 41 MB

Compatibility: Requires Android 5.0 and up.

Price: It is a free app but offers in-app purchases. It costs $1.19 – $83.88 per item.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.1* with 100,000+ till now.

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Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2: Best Calendar Apps for Android 2021
Source: NibbleNG

Why Business Calendar 2 is one of the best Calendar apps for Android 2021? 

This is another calendar app that aims to increase productivity and has got the features of the Calendar, Planner, Organizer.

It has got everything that a calendar app should app. And in addition to this, it has got a lot more other features.

Now, you will not be needing any secondary app to schedule or organize the tasks, this can do all of these for you. It can personalize your work and quickly schedule your daily, monthly, yearly tasks. You will enjoy using it as it has got six designed main views and this includes month, week, day, agenda, year and tasks.

You can sync it with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, etc. Also, get your task done by sharing your calendars with colleagues, friends, and family.

Doesn’t it look similar to the previous app?

Nahhh… It is not.

As it has got smart suggestions for a title, location, and attendees based on previous entries. Also, this supports a powerful voice input feature to add your appointments without any typing. Cool!!!!

To make it fun and interesting to use, It has got more than 600 emoticons for your events. Also, it allows you to easily invite attendees and answer meeting invitations. Do you know that it also has a heat map in year view to find free time slots quickly? And how about the countdown? It has got an optional ongoing notification with an event countdown.

Still not enough?

Then try its premium features.


  • It has 6 designed main views: month, week, day, agenda, year, and tasks.
  • The flexible daily and weekly planner lets you quickly adjust between 1 to 14 days.
  • It has got 7 professional calendar widgets along with the agenda, month, week, day, tasks, and icon widget.
  • You can customize the widgets as per your needs.
  • Get it synced with the other apps including the Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, etc. by using the Android calendar synchronization.
  • You can easily invite attendees and answer meeting invitations.
  • Enjoy the live search in all views and share your events easily.
  • Add important events and give emotions to them with more than 600 emoticons.
  • You will never miss any essential event with its snooze reminders.
  • You can show a map, write an email to attendees or check tasks directly from the notification.
  • The premium features include attaching files & photos, integrated weather reports, repeating alarms, astonishing 22+ themes, and a lot more additional benefits.

Size: 17MB

Compatibility: Varies with the device.

Price: It is a free app but offers in-app purchases. It costs $1.22 – $6.99 per item.

Google Play Store Rating: 4.7* with 5,000,000+ till now.

Final Verdict

So these are the Best Calendar Apps for Android 2021. All these apps are available on the Google Play store and are loved by users with 4.0 stars and above.

If you are looking for an app that will make everything easy for you, then you should go for Business Calendar 2. It has got Calendar, Planner, Organizer all in a single app. it is convenient to use because of its reminder and the notification features. And its premium version has got lot more surprises for you.

But this doesn’t mean that the rest apps are not good. So, it’s your turn to install Best Calendar Apps for Android 2021, try them once, and go with the best according to your demands and make your daily work feel easier.


Feature Image Credits: Zaiper


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