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Suvarcha Pawar
Suvarcha Pawar
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If you live in San Diego and want to study in best business schools of the area, then here are few options for you: 

School of Business – University of San Diego 

Business Schools in San Diego for Undergrads | University of San Diego School of Business
Source: Poets&Quants For Undergrads

School of Business is the business school of San Diego University. The University provides a wide variety of practicums, internships, and study abroad programs to the students so as to push the boundaries of business studies for quick learners. 

The University of San Diego is ranked amongst the most beautiful campuses in the U.S. 

They believe in providing the best education to the students and make them excel in every aspect of life. 

The Business School of the University of San Diego is inspired by faith and moral values that are nurtured in its warm, community environment. It strives hard to empower students with the confidence, innovation, and critical thinking qualities that can make positive impacts on society and the lives of future business leaders. 

The highly professional faculty and staff from all over the world are committed to providing students with unique opportunities to understand and learn new things. The Business School of San Diego focuses not only on classroom studies but also provides the students with the opportunities to research in the fields they have interest in.  

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They lay a great emphasis on the studies which are useful in the real world and can be applied in reality. They do not believe in making their students learn the theories just for the sake of it but focuses on executing those theories into real-world business challenges to find new solutions to the already existing as well as for the new problems in the world. 

This Business School is home to more than 9,000 students and around 950 Part-time and Full-time faculty members who are determined to change the future of business, keeping the ethics intact.  

The School of Business, University of San Diego offers various Graduate programs to the students including: 

  • MBA 
  • MS Accountancy 
  • MS Business Analytics 
  • MS Executive Leadership 
  • MS Finance 
  • MS Global Leadership 
  • MS Real Estate 
  • MS Supply Chain Management 
  • MS Taxation 
  • MBA Dual Degree Programs 
  • Ph.D. Programs and many others. 

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Fowler College of Business – San Diego State University 

Established in 1955, Fowler College of Business is the business school of San Diego State University that offers graduate and undergraduate degrees to the students. 

San Diego State University, Fowler College of Business |Business Schools in San Diego

Fowler College of Business is committed to provide the students with a certain set of qualities, mainly including teamwork, analytical skills, leadership, and good communication skills which are direly needed in today’s ever-changing world. 

They aim at empowering the students so as to make them successful business leaders of tomorrow. They believe in delivering education that is not only effective but should also exhibit the diverse character of their region and from all over the world. 

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The college is committed to providing the best education in the state, having well-qualified staff and faculty who work hard to enlighten students with their expertise and knowledge in the business field.  Since 1959, when the college was accredited by the AACSB, it has become the most prestigious and top-ranked college of Southern California in business studies.  

It provides various Graduate Programs such as: 


MBA Business Schools in San Diego
Source:MBA Insights

MS in Accountancy, Cybersecurity Management, Financial & Tax​ Planning, Global Business Development, Information Systems. Advanced Certificates in Data Analytics, Executive Financial Planner, ​ Taxation, etc.  

The Fowler College of Business claims to provide hands-on learning experiences and environment to the students so as to flourish their skills and knowledge and paving way for them to become the business leaders of tomorrow. 

 Students can choose from these flexible and wide range of courses offered at the Fowler Business School. The curriculum designed in this business school gives ample choices to the students to choose a course that fits the best to them, according to their aspirants and requirements. 

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Getting through any business school in the world is not as easy as you think. Similarly, the business schools in San Diego or in any part of the world require good scores, knowledge, determination, and the will power to study business and be the leaders who shape the business of the future world, thereby serving the best interests of the whole society. 


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