The Best Budgeting Apps for Android 2021

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Not everyone is good at maintaining finances on their own. In such a condition you might need the help of some Budgeting apps for Android. We bring to you a list of the best budgeting apps for Android. 

When the expenditure gets out of hand and you are unable to keep a track of your money, budgeting apps can help you. The Google play store has a lot of apps for you to choose from. Depending on your requirements we will help you choose the right app.

Budgeting apps help you take care of all your personal finance needs. Investing in mutual funds, regulating the money used, everything can be done with merely a click. These budgeting apps for Android take a rough approximation of your earnings and help you manage your finances. The best Budgeting apps that you can go for if using an android device are :

  1. YNAB – Budget, Personal Finance
  2. Wally
  3. Mvelopes Budget App
  4. Goodbudget: Budget and Finance
  5. Mint by Invest well 

The list doesn’t end here. The number of budgeting apps for Androids that you will find on your Google Play store will be far more in number. We are here to help you navigate through all the options and choose the right Finance app.

The Best Budgeting Apps for Android

The internet is a huge world offering a variety of options. When looking for the best Budgeting apps, you can rely on us to offer you the best solutions. Here is a list of budgeting apps for Android you can make use of depending on your requirements. 

1. YNAB – Budget, Personal Finance

The Best Budgeting Apps for Android 2021
Source: DollarSprouts

YNAB helps you keep a check on the salary and spend it carefully. This app regulates your spendings and helps you gain control over your money. This app takes care of your money without you thinking so much about it. 

Features – 

  • The app easily connects all your bank accounts giving you an exact idea about the money spent.
  • This app imports transactions but also lets you edit them so your transactions sheet is up-to-date at all times.
  • The app also offers Goal tracking. Set a goal for yourself and calculate how much time it’ll take to reach it.


  • Real-time Money expenditure – You do not need multiple apps for different financial needs, YNAB takes care of everything in one app.
  • The app records the activity of each dollar.
  • The app lets you plan. Set a goal for yourself and you will get reminded of how far you are.
  • You can adjust the budget according to your needs. The budget meter is not fixed. Increase or decrease it as necessary. 


  • The app does not let you make investments.
  • The iOS app is more frequently updated than the android version.
  • The app is a paid app.

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2. Wally

The Best Budgeting Apps for Android 2021
Source: TechRadar

Wally is a user-friendly app that helps you with all the budgeting needs. This app is most preferred by the students, who need to keep a track of the money and do not have to pay for the budgeting app.


  • The app comes with multiple categories letting you navigate and choose properly.
  • Wally helps you create groups on the app where you can collaborate with your friends.


  • Wally helps you split expenses and share them with your friends. 
  • The app has an in-built camera so you can attach the picture of a bill to your expenses.
  • This app is free of cost and hence pocket-friendly.


  • The app does not work well for recurring expenses.
  • There is no bank linking so you need to enter the details on your own. 

3. Mvelopes Budget App

The Best Budgeting Apps for Android 2021
Source: Reviewened

Mvelopes come in the form of envelope budgeting. The Mvelope app puts your budget in the form of envelopes for different categories of spendings. Once your envelope is empty, it means that your budget for the category is finished.

Features – 

  • Mvelopes comes with envelope budgeting that helps you sort your expenses into categories.
  • Set your budget for each category 
  • The app lets you know if your budget for the month is exhausted and prevents you from overspending.


  • Mvelopes offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • You can track your transactions and put them in specific folders.


  • The app does not come with free lifetime usage.
  • Mvelopes sometimes record double transactions so the expenses can get mixed up.

4. Goodbudget: Budget and Finance

The Best Budgeting Apps for Android 2021
Source: Google Play

Goodbudget is similar to Envelop Budgeting where you can put your expenditure into categories. This app is mostly preferred by Couples letting them split bills and take care of their finances together. 

Features – 

  • The most ideal app for home budget planning.
  • Goodbudget does real-time tracking of the money and helps you take care of your budget.


  • The app comes with a future planning envelope so you can save a specified amount of money.
  • Goodbudget can be synced on multiple devices.


  • The budgeting app does not auto-fill the envelopes.
  • The app requires you to input the salary manually.
  • It is not connected to your bank accounts. 

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5. Mint by Invest Well

The Best Budgeting Apps for Android 2021
Source: Money Check

Mint by Investwell is a budgeting app most useful for investors. This app lets you invest in mutual shares, track your progress, and help keep track of your money. This is one app with multiple financing needs.

Features –

  • Mint provides information about all the mutual funds in one place.
  • It leads the investor to create their portfolio online for free and interact using it.

Pros – 

  • The app comes with an in-built financial calculator.
  • Fact sheets for mutual funds are available on the app.
  • Mint compares the performance of schemes for you to help you choose better. 

While budgeting can be a task for some, with the help of the above-mentioned apps, you can easily take care of your expenditure. These apps help you track your money and stop you from overspending.

Feature Image Credits: GoBankingRates


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